The first time I put my feet on Belgian ground it was Easter, and I was very disappointed because I couldn't see a single Easter Bunny, there was nothing. In the shop windows I saw chocolate fishes and choclate bells and living little yellow chicken (that was the only thing I found cute, but later I thought different about it) So it seemed to me that they didn't celebrate Easter in this country ! Later I learned that the bells represented the bells of Rome, the church bells. The story said that as they ring every day of the year, they stop on thursday until saturday evening. During these days they go to Rome and rest from the whole year's work. Then on Easter sunday they come back with a lot of eggs which they drop in parcs or gardens or also in flats and houses.

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For all children Easter egg huntings are organized in parks by the city and colored eggs and chocolate eggs are hidden in the bushes or behind trees.

In the past the chocolate shops were full of chocolate bells, wrapped in golden foil and yellow ribbons. But slowly slowly the Easter Bunny replaced them although children still believe that the eggs and bunnies are brought by the bells of rome.

In the 50th you didn't see one single Easter bunny in the shop windows. There were chocolate fishes symbolizing Good Friday and eggs. Unfortunately also little living yellow chickens, some of them survived but most of them died. Beginning 60th it was not allowed anymore and they were replaced by fluffy false chicken.

With the arriving of the EU (Commun Market at that time) the Easter Bunny arrived too and today you will see everywhere Easter Bunnies and eggs and only sometimes bells in chocolate.




Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Wir wünschen Euch von Herzen Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter to you and yours, Gattina - let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits!


Anonymous said...

How fun with that Easter egg hunt! Lovely idea. We had that kind of hunts earlier here too butt in the homes.

Now, it's not fair, you said you have 17°C - we have only barely 5°C and icing cold winds! Brrrr!

We're waiting for someone to come and have a look at our lamps we want to sell and after that we're going in to the city to have dinner and a movie with my sister and her son and Mr Lifecruisers daughter. Indoors activities as you notice...

Have a nice time with your son and girlfriend :-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Funny how the bells tradition has now turned to bunnies!

Maybe it's because bells are often associated with Christmas time too!

Happy Easter Gattina!

RennyBA said...

This was a very educating and readable Easter Tradition post Gattina - thanks for sharing!
It's interesting to compare and it seams quite a bit like the bunny egg hunt in the forest as we do it in Norway (from my post last year).

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Gattina
Thanks for this very interesting post about easter! Easter egg hunting organised for children in parks! hoo, I think it's a super idea! I don't hear about such activities in France. Perhaps in the north but not in south.
If you visit my space, i speak about "l'agneau Pascal". have you the same traditional food in Waterloo for easter?
With my little pupils we have done eggs in papier mâché wich they have vaporized with colorate enks.
But now, it's fast monday and the easter fest continues!!! Have a wonderfull lundi de Pâques with your family!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Gattina. I've read it earlier on 192 countries and left a comment.

Just wanted to wish you a Belated Happy Easter. Sorry wasn't able to drop by yesterday 'coz I was out with my family. My son had a fabulous Easter... he went Easter Egg Hunting 3 times. :) I'll share more about it on my blog soon.

Take care!