No jealousy between them !

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From time to time a drama takes place in this house ! Old cat Lisa decided to squat my bed and Pookie (who consideres herself as my personal cat) had to move out, because Lisa is convinced that she is the master of the house. I cannot interfere as I am supposed to love them both the same way. Of course I do, but each one in another way. Now they are jealous and hiss and snap at each other and I the poor subject of this jealousy is sitting here and got the inspiration of writing about jealousy ! Have I ever been jealous ?

Many women are jealous or even abnormaly jealous. When you talk about jealousy you automaticaly think it concerns a woman being jealous about another because she is afraid that the other one would snap away her man.

I don't think that I have ever been jealous of another woman because she would try to snap away my man. Not because there were no occasions there surely were but it isn't part of my nature. Anyway if the guy wants to look elsewhere and thinks that he would be more happy with somebody else, let him go, there are so many mothers having nice and handsome sons.

Sometimes when I hear "don't tell this or that to my wife, she is very jealous" just because I had seen him in a Café having a drink with a female collegue, I really pity him. Some women are standing every day in front of the office to pick up their partner not leaving him alone for a minute. That's not for me, I would feel like a prison warden and anyway if I cannot trust somebody he is not interesting for me.

Once I had a boyfriend who watched every step I did and called me several times a day to check if I was there, office or home. That made me feel like having a boa around my neck strangling me slowly until I could not breath anymore. So I had to say good bye to the guy, but he wouldn't give up for a year even when I was busy with my wedding preparations.

If you come to the point to borrow your friend's car put on a wig, black sunglasses and a raincoat and follow your partner to snap him with another women, then it is time to look for a psychiatrist.

But there are also other ways of jealousy. You can be jealous about the neigbor's bigger car, or the jewlery hanging on a woman like decoration on a Christmas tree, or because somebody has more money, travels a lot or has a better job.

These are things I am not jealous of, but I could be jealous when I hear that this or that friend had a family party with aunts, oncles, nephews, grandmas etc and I have none. When I do a family party we are just the four of us and the cats of course, I almost forgot ! Or I could be jealous when I hear that a mother has a very special relationship to her child, and I just had a fight with mine.

But I have very good friends and that compensates the lack of family. When I hear sometimes what happens in families between brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts so that I could write a whole book about family meetings, then I tell myself you can choose your friends but you inherit your family.

Are you jealous ?

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Jealous because he looks at another woman ?


Janna said...

Wow! You really wrote a lot for Manic Monday! Great job!
I liked your description of the cat-interactions... there's plenty of kitty jealousy going on at my house too. :)

Callie Ann said...

I love your post. Thank you for sharing your manic monday. Also thank you for stopping by and visiting. Well, I have looked at a lot of manic monday post and there is always a picture with no words. Okay so I never understand that. That is why I have a story with mine. Kinda of says why I picked this picture. Thanks for commenting. Callie Ann

Meloncutter said...


There I said it.


Good post

Later Y'all

Jamie said...

jealousy never made sense to me. Good post about a truly different meaning of snap.

Hootin'Anni said...

G'day Gattina!!
Me jealous? Are you kidding? No way....I think that jealousy is such a big waste of time in one's life.

I've heard at times that jealousy could be a way of flattery ---but, my life is mine...I'm happy with anything and everything that comes and goes.

Why waste precious time on wanting what's on the other side of the fence when I have more than enough to handle on my own side?

The cartoon is a hoot.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, what a great post. I am not the jealous type either. I know my man loves me and it never hurts to look.

I loved the comic strip! Too funny. :)

lisa said...

Great cartoon! No, I am not a jealous person. good post.

Morgen said...

Nope, I'm not the jealous type either, but I do love to see my kitties hissing and snapping at each other!

Comedy + said...

Great post on snap. I with you, the jealous stuff is way too much work. I couldn't stand it if someone followed me around like that old boyfriend of yours did. I would have kicked him to the curb too. Have a great MM :)

Danielle said...

Happy MM.
When my husband looks at other women I get angry not jealous. Why?, because of his reason... "I'm trying to figure out why their dressed that way." Yeah right.

Be well and enjoy the day

Melli said...

I am ONLY jealous when someone has a finer HAT that mine - and won't share it! As long as they share I'm okay!

And YES! I did IMMEDIATELY think of you when Pastor Paul mentioned the Battle of Waterloo! YOU were in church with me yesterday! ;)

Melli said...

Oh! And your cartoon? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Right?

TopChamp said...

Interesting post... I wouldn't like to be a jealous wife.... will bear this in mind should I ever be that way inclined.

Hope your easter egg (NOT) hunting was fun!!

Lizza said...

Oh, good post! I am a jealous person, not just when it comes to love...even when a friend is making another friend. Insecurity? Perhaps. Makes me want to grind my teeth and raise a bloody fuss, but otherwise, I'm really harmless. :-)

Happy MM!

Robinson K. said...

I'm not really a jealous person, and as I age, I find my mind too occupied, with questions of spirituality. Great post, and excellent question.

Melli said...

Gattina, my dear... you're fabulous MIND has earned you an award over on my blog! Please do stop by and pick it up!!!

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Gattinia, you have two Thinking Blogger awards! I handed you one this morning, too.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great read!

I'm not jealous of my spouse. I do have jealous thoughts about others that may have things that I would like to have and can't, but jealousy is envy and it's a sin so I quickly dissipate those thoughts!

Love your new background stripes, Gattina.

Travis said...

This is an excellent essay. And I love the cartoon!


Good one, Gattina! I love your stories...(running late this time around!)

Raggedy said...

Fabulous post!
We have family but they are miles and miles away.
When I was younger holidays were a big celebration and now they are just the four of us as well.
I am not jealous in fact I may even point them out if he misses them...
Huggles and Love,

Pamela said...

you think alot like me.
the only difference is I"m overweight and you are thin.
So, I'm jealous of you...
but I'll forgive you this time and feed you bon bons when and if we ever meet. That'll teach ya!!!


Captain TITS Lifecruiser said...

I've lived with an ex-man that were truly jealous, so I've seen it close up and what it can do with a relationship, so I'll stay out of it. At least when there isn't any clear reason to be jealous!

Nice rainbow you have over here :-D