100 % true weather forecast !

Living in a bilingual country can sometimes be very funny. The problems the politicians are creating from both sides, french and flemish(dutch) really diserve a big award in phantasy ! They could get an Oscar for creating problems between the population where usually there aren't.
They would fight for weeks in the parliament to decide if the name of a city has to be put on a sign in both languages or only in one and then they discuss like old bags on a market each party sitting on their principles. Unfortunately there are always (stupid) people who listen to them but the majority laughs, the Belgian fortunately has a lot of humor ! 

If you look for example at the official weatherforecast you sometimes find two different temperatures and two different weathers. The national french speaking TV for example announces 10° (50 F)and cloudy and on the flemish side you can see 11° (52 F)and sunshine or the other way around. Sometimes it rains in one part and in the other part it's only cloudy. When it comes to air polution on some days, the speed limit is only suggested, in the other part you get a fine if you exceed it. 

When your rich uncle dies in the flemish part you inherit more, because there are less inheritance tax then in the french speaking part . To profit from that you have to suggest to your uncle to quickly move to the flemish part and die there. 

Belgium is devided into 4 parts, the flemish, the french and the bilingual (Brussels) and a little corner of a German speaking part. This is a lot for a country which counts 10 million inhabitants and is very small compared to other countries. If you sit in the middle and you would drive 250 km (155 miles) to North, South, East or West you allways arrive at the border of another country. (France, Luxemburg, Germany and Holland) and not to forget to the sea or the tunnel to get to England. 

So sometimes I just watch the weatherforecast in flemish, because the announced weather seems better to me then in the french speaking part, or the other way around when it's better on the french's side. 

But to be completely sure if it will rain or not I have Pookie the cat ! She is the best weatherman in the country ! You can 100 % rely on her to know if you have to take an ombrella or not ! If she washs behind her ears then it's sure ! It will rain the next day or at the latest the day after ! I swear it's true ! 

Last time the flemish weatherforecast announced cloudy, the french sunny and Pookie washed behind her ears. Guess what weather we had the day after ? IT RAINED !

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Irish Church Lady :) said...

Wonderful sense of humour there Gattina!

In Quebec, the french province of Canada (more people speak French there than English), there are strict laws for all signs to be in French. I can't even remember if they are allowed to be in English anymore. I think they can but the French part must be bigger.

I get tired of it all, sometimes.

I'd rather focus on more important things like Pookie's weather forecasting. Now that's one smart Pookie!!

Melli said...

This is the problem with Americans! We only get ONE weather report! And it's always wrong! Do you suppose Pookie can forecast OUR weather too?

I can't wait to see the goodies you received for your beauuuuuutiful hat! Hurry! Hurry!!!

the night owl said...

Good Morning Gattina,
I always stop by to read and see all of your cats.I found a cat story you will love. Come to my blog. Baba

vlado&toni said...

Hi Gattina, i'm up and about and survived the opera :)
This is a nice story, I really should watch Baghira more maybe he can tell me also how the weather would be and hopefully he can be as reliable as Pookie.