to all of you !

Since I am blogging, I have changed. Now, I spend much more time at home and are not running around anymore after myself or buying stupid stuff that I don't need. Now, when I run around it's for taking photos for my photoblog. Now when I am visiting a city or another country it's for my travel blog. Not only for that of course, I love travelling. But it's nice to make about 200 photos for a reason and to be able to share them with others then making them put them somewhere or delete them after I while.

I also stated that I have got the feeling to live in two worlds now. My Blogger world and my Waterloo world.

When I am busy to read blogs and to see what people are writing and the phone rings it pulls me out into another world where people are of blood and flesh have faces and a voice. So I have a kind of switch to reality and try to listen to my newspaper neighbor (the one who knows everything in the street) who informes me about the last happenings around here. For example that the cousin of another neighbors sister has died or that the women three houses farer wears a wig or that the other neighbor washs his car with a tooth brush. In fact all very interesting things to know and you couldn't live without them. Or my friend calls and askes me to lunch with her and then I think should I go or not ? Two or three hours lost in blogging ? But I am not a slave to my computer !

So I kicked myself somewhere, switched off my window to the world, made myself presentable and went out for lunch.

Lunch was nice but the trouble was I had absolutely nothing to say about such simple things like what did you do yesterday ? What I did, nothing in her eyes, because she doesn't know what a blog is.

And when I explained to her that I put that and that picture and text on a blog in Internet, she looked at me like a cow (she doesn't look like a cow) seeing a train for the first time.

So after lunch, I with a dry mouth from explaining, she with two question marks in her eyes, I took here home and showed her my computer. When my friend saw my face on the screen and all the stuff around and my text, she asked me how the hell did I do that and how could I get on the screen ? I tried to explain but it didn't help it just didn't get in. I got the impression that she thought I had slipped in some secret way, maybe shrinking myself to a little goast, through tubes and wires on the screen. MySpace Layouts

Finally she sighed that she didn't understand at all about what I were talking, that computers are far to complicated to use, to which I protested and told her that even her 6 year old grandchild is using it. Yes, she said but I am too old for that.

When my friend was gone I grumbled, too old !! (we have the same age) and I said it to Pookie because nobody else was in the house to complain to, can you believe that ?

I think you are never too old to learn something when you like it or when it is useful. I learned it too ! But some people are just afraid to "go with the time", they refuse everything which didn't exist when they were young. Yes, said Pookie, yawning in need of more sleep, but then you can think at least you are young ! (I don't know if she really said that)

And it would be such a good thing for especially older people who complain that they are alone, they wouldn't be alone anymore ! And it's also a great occupation for somebody retired who doesn't know what to do with all the time he/she has now !

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TopChamp said...

One of my favourite things about blogging is the complete mixture of ages, nationalities etc of people I read about. But it's not for everyone. My sister would find it incredibly boring to do - and isn't in the least bit interested in the idea. She's only 23.

Takes all sorts x

(p.s. - I'd be glad to do your grass... Don't think the extension lead for the mower would reach Belgium though)

Melli said...

AAAAAA-MEN! And darling... I LOVE your Easter Bonnet! You are just getting not ONLY so good with the blogging - but also so good with decorating photographs!

Sadly, it is true that too many older people are AFRAID of computers -- because I have known sO many people who are shut-ins who have had a whole world opened up to them by making friends in on-line communities! HOWEVER... when you are NOT a shut-in -- and you are NOT Ms. Gattina -- you DO need to still go out and about in the world DAILY so that you DO have things to talk about with your "real life" friends. What makes ME sad is that I go out and experience life, and then all my friends want to talk about is TELEVISION! Who's getting voted of this "reality" show or THAT "reality" show! Oooooo... I tell them "you need to give up the 'reality' tv and LIVE some reality!!!" EVERYTHING in moderation! Right?

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

You're never lonely with a Bear!

Happy Easter!

Bob :@}

Pamela said...

Your comment: she looked at me like a cow (she doesn't look like a cow) seeing a train for the first time.

Translation: Deer in the headlights.

I know exactly what you are saying about blogging and time, and not doing anything else. I think I need to be de-blogged or something.

I need to shop for food, clean my house, work in the garden, dust. No... never... I hate to dust.

Crazy hat and cat.... You're a hoot,.

Captain Love Lifecruiser said...

So you don't think I've exaggerated my blogging then? I'm having blog spring feelings today! *giggles*

I really agree to what you're writing though. I've heard many persons shut off the internet and blog world like that - and people that would get very much out of it since they're so lonely.

WHY are they doing it? It must be that they are so afraid of learning something new. They think it looks so difficult and that they never can do it, so they deny it instead because they can't stand the thought of feeling dumb. And THAT is indeed very dumb ;-)

They also seem to think that it's all a game of some kind. Nothing important to learn. But we know how wrong that impression are, don't we? I've learned so many things from the internet that I'd never had heard of in real life. Plus very useful medical information that the doctors failed to give me! Thats crucial!!!!

I love your Easter bunny hat today, you look so stunning :-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great post Gattina!

Yes blogging has certainly cured my needless shopping habit I agree with you there!

Tell your friend, if you can read you can use the computer! LOL

I think typing skills are helpful too though. I think my Dad has trouble with that. He goes on the computer and reads things but he doesn't send too many emails because he's a slow typer. Just to his friends in England and the states which I think is marvelous!

It does open up a lot of interesting information about the world and exchange of ideas which I enjoy very much as well.

I also enjoy playing with all the fun tools like you do, neat pictures and making funny hats!! lmao

Oh and I canceled our newspaper as well. I never have time to read it and it's a lot of rubbish and advertising as well!

Have a good day with your family! We are going to my sisters for dinner.

Oh well, better go and get another load of laundry in then!


This Eclectic Life said...

Gattina, I've told you before how much I love your posts. I really do. And, I'm nominating you for a Thinking blogger Award. Check my post tomorrow to see.