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  • Yesterday looking through my french magazine I found an old article which draw my attention. It had happened short after Tom Cruise's baby Suri was born. I don't know if you have heard of this story but I think I can't withhold this event to the blogworld.

    The first weeks after his daughter's birth, proof that he was able to ..., Tom Cruise still hadn't allowed to publish a picture of his freshly baked baby. But he allowed artist Daniel Edwards, to make a sculpture in bronze of the first (?!) poop Suri has put in this world. This masterpiece was exposed in New York at Capla Kesting's gallery in Brooklyn and had been sold by eBay to the benefit of children in need.

    Suri Cruises First Poop August 18, 2006

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    I hope that it brought a lot of money if this was the case, then every mean is good for me even a bronzified poop to help children in need.

    I also think that good old Tom was absolutely right ! Why not taking benifit from peoples voyeurism if its for a good reason ?

    I should have bought it ! With such a masterpiece in my living room, all my friends would have gotten green of jalousy ! Maybe even our mayor would have asked me to lend it for the next sculpture exposition in Waterloo ? I saw myself elegantly dressed up, walking through the vernissage holding a glass of champaign in my hand and just telling everybody with a shy look at my shoes, that I only bought it for a good purpose. So wonderful thoughts !

    And suddenly I had the idea of the day ! As I gave up sculpturing I could paint my cat's poops ! Now I am very happy and inspirated ! I will run down to the basement right away and have a look in the litterbox ! Where is my drawing book ?

    If nothing is published here tomorrow, then I am painting cat poops !

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    Melli said...

    Oh NO you DIDN'T!!!

    Gattina... what are we going to DO with you??? LOL! Honestly... have YOU ever seen a babies FIRST POOP that looked like that? Looks like the DOGS poop to me!

    Chateau said...

    Oh my! A poop-y kind of architecture! And thanks for sharing your amusing thoughts too. My photo is up, not as funny as yours though :D

    TNChick said...

    Hahaha. Poop!!

    That's great!

    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    Looks like it's too big for a baby poop and more solid.
    Sorry to disappoint you about my architecture photos but I have no available photos of our own architectural structures. There are lots I can pick up from the internet search but since we have to be original I didn't. Maybe sometime in my T13 I'll be putting it up. Thanks for the comment.

    Lisa Renee said...

    Now that was totally awesome! Thank you for the laugh.


    Ma said...

    That sure don't look like a baby's first poop. What ever will these celebrities do to get attention. Even if it's for a good cause. If I was a famous person, I could never bronze my child's poop and sell it. that's out right nasty! That's so funny!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Lazy Daisy said...

    Wow, that was a stretch for arhitecture! Ha!

    Smalltown RN said...

    wow...now I would not have thought of that for architecture...all in the eye of the beholder...

    my photo is up!

    RennyBA said...

    hahhaah I had a good laugh reading this shit LoL
    Lovely cartoon pic too - don't you have a smoke detector in your bathroom?

    Maribeth said...

    Wonderful, Gattina, simply wonderful!! LOL

    Sarge Charlie said...

    Small town RN has it right, in the eye of the beholder....... This made me laugh out loud..........

    Pamela said...

    I doubted the authenticity of Suri's first poop.
    We all know breast fed babies don't have any poo shape until they get on solids.

    I think they're pulling our legs.

    Still, I think you should paint your kitty's.
    Afterall, you can bake a cat poop cake (it looks like cat box litter, and toodles, but is really cake and pudding)

    So, please... paint and then show us your masterpiece. I'm looking forward to it.

    Talk to the Bronze Shoe Guy said...

    Darn. This could put me right out of business...NOT! :(


    The original baby shoe (and not poop) bronzing company.

    Talk to the Bronze Shoe Guy said...

    Darn. This could put me right out of business...NOT! :(


    The original baby shoe (and not poop) bronzing company.

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    Ha ha ha! What a shitty thing!

    So now I'm expecting to see some excellent poop paintings of yours, more artistic ones than this CRAP!!!

    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    Is s/he for real that Tomkat?

    I think the poop is too big myself to be from a wee baby.

    But you may be on to something. You know how all those artists make statues and sculptures out of human body parts etc.?

    Maybe you should go on a poop collecting crusade and get them bronzed and make a display of different types of poopies. It would be a great attraction! Well at least you know that Lifecruiser and I would go. (ROFL)

    I will save my next long skinny poop for you. Should I send it fedex or UPS?

    sarala said...

    I am not a TC fan--are you sure that isn't a self-portrait?

    Deana said...

    How do people even think of doing such things like bronzing poop? I find that pretty gross. I love that kitty cartoon...too funny!