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1. I was asked if we drove by car from Belgium to New York

2. Somebody in Arizona asked me what language was spoken in England. English and England didn't ring a bell.

3. When we visited the Empire State building the guide who had heard that we were coming from Belgium asked us if Belgium was a city of Brussels.

4. I also was asked if latin is still spoken in Rome

5. Coming back from Germany by train, I had forgotten my passport with my friends and I was arrested and escorted by two policemen to their office because they thought I had run away from home and I was still a minor. All passengers squeezed their noses against the windows to see what happened to this girl !

6. I was arrested and locked in a cell because I drove over the French border without a passport. I hadn't realized that I was already in France when I arrived at the border control. I had to wait there until they had contacted the German Embassy in Brussels. (Today there are no borders anymore !)

7. I was sommond by my son's school director, because he had bought a "Playboy" magazine which caused a scandal in his catholic school. Have to say my son was only 11 years old and had bought it for older friends. He himself found the magazine boring, because there were only girls in it.

8. I was called by the hospital (out of an important meeting) because my son had fallen on his head and claimed loud (very loud) for his "Hulk" (remember the green monster ?) otherwise he wouldn't calm down and sleep. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usHulk (don't ask me why he didn't prefer a plush animal to sleep with !)

9. I had locked my car, leaving the keys inside. I tried to get the door open with a long knitting needle, while a group of people watched me braking into a car in the middle of the Grand' Place in Brussels. Nobody called the police, they were to busy to see if I managed it. I did.

10. I was locked in a hotel, the entrance door was closed and I had to leave very early in the morning to drive to Italy. So I climbed out of an open window on the roof, jumped down, got in my car and drove away. But I had paid before !

11. I drove Mr. Gattino and his friend home from a party, while they were both vomiting out of the window. They had celebrated too much.

12. I had to get up at 3 am to wash my son's clothes because he had felt in a cesspit and the whole house smelled roses. He had taken a "shorter" way through a cow field.

13. I had to carry buckets and buckets of water to slack a fire on the field behind our house, while the neighbors called the firemen. My son had only wanted to do a little camp fire with his friend. Unfortunately it became a very big one ! He was 6 years old. (no worry he is now a nice man !)

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JohnH985 said...

Sounds like some wonderful memories. I just have to ask...how was the drive from Belgium to New York, j/k.

My 13 are up.

armywife said...

i understand the hulk thing (but don't watch the movie, it was horid). i have a hulk action figure on my desk. sometimes you just have to look at your coworkers and say 'punny human, hulk smash.' makes the day go better.

happy TT

Pamela said...

You might be kinda fun to hang around with for a few days. especially if you try to drive from NY to Belgiun.. Maybe we could get that underwater car from spy kids???

Raggedy said...

Your TT was fabulous!
You have some wonderful memories!
The funny thing about the antics our children pull is they can seem awful at the time but we can look back on them and laugh!
Your antics were quite thrilling as well.
I saw some great "Here's your sign" ones in there as well.

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š


I think you have led a very exciting life! Your son and mine would have been very good friends...
Your cartoon is SO funny!!! I quit in '86 but all this makes me want to start again...

mar said...

You haven't lived a boring life, Gattina!!! I locked myself out of my car once, should have known you could have helped me out! had to call the Renault guys from the local garage (I am missing the right English word for it, but you get the idea !) They were helpful but not handsome :)
happy thirteening!

mar said...

and the cartoon is soooo funny and soooooo true!!!

whenn said...

ROFL! Great list of memories! Sooo funny. You've had some really cool experiences in your life!

Tink said...

Funny list! Some are hilarious! I can understand why you'll remember these alawys.
Thanks for visiting my cat quotes TT!

Darla said...

I can so relate to the misconceptions people have about other countries. I've had Americans ask me about driving on the left side of the road in Germany, and Germans ask me about keeping your appliances outside on the porch in America. *shaking my head* You can only laugh. :)

Caylynn said...

LOL! :D Especially on #1 and 2. Of course, I've had Americans ask if we all live up in igloos in Canada! Umm, no, there is a large portion of Canada that is more southerly than the northern parts of the U.S.!

Some funny memories of your soon too! Glad to hear he's grown up to be a nice man! :)

Have a great day! :)

scooper said...

There sure are a lot of dumb people in the world.

palmtreefanatic said...

what axpeiences...great list happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Amazing, some of this. Latin in Rome? That's a good one. Heck, they ALL are.

Makes you scared for the future of humanity, doesn't it?

Happy TT. Thanks for visiting West of Mars!

Wylie Kinson said...

Hilarious list. Absolutely hilarious!!

JennyMcB said...

Your 13 made me smile, what a fun life you have had. Sounds like an adventure. Love the playboy one, so innocent...LOL.

Robin said...

I love your first two - stories like that crack me up!

For years now people have been asking my husband and I what language we speak with each other, despite knowing full well that we're both native English speakers! Umm, no, actually we speak Latvian to each other ;-).

Celfyddydau said...

That is a great TT. Love the joke as well.

Kai said...

What fun experiences you've had!

LOL @ #12 - I bet your son never took that shortcut again! :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm not a TT participant but I enjoyed your entry. Thanks for sharing those funny and unforgettable experiences.

Funny what some people have asked you in the past. Oh my, you got locked up in a cell because you forgot your passport. That must have been a scary experience.

The Playboy magazine reminded me of my younger brother. My uncle gave him a "magic pen" when he was in 4th grade. When you peek inside the pen, there were photos of half naked women. My younger brother brought it to school and it caused quite a scene. My mom was called by the principal. It was funny and it all gave us a good laugh after but my mom was not amuzed at that time.

Thanks for sharing.

Gene Bach said...

That cartoon at the end is VERY funny! Great list.

Anni said...

Your son sounds like a hoot!

My TT is up too.

Melli said...

ROFL! Sounds like your son and my eldest son are verrrrrrry much alike! LOL! Mathew started the fire in OUR backyard on the day he graduated from kindergarten! He, too, is now a nice adult male... but still full of mischief!

Those are quite the memories Gattina! I'll have to see if I can come up with a few of these one day!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I'm sure he is quite a terrorist - in laughing - inherited it from his mother ;-)

Ah life is exciting! *lol*

Joy Renee said...

wow. you have material for a dozen novels in your life!

my TT is 13 research projects impacted by the impending library closure. its part 1 of a projected three part series. yeah there really are that many. a writer needs a library more than caffine don't you think?

Vader's Mom said...

What a fun list! Lots of good laughs :)

Vader's Mom said...

What a fun list! Lots of good laughs :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great rememberances Gattina..Some funny and some not so funny!--The vomiting one...Help! (lol) And I love that cartoon at the very end. Perfect.

BTW: IAll my settings are exactly as they should be so I cannot figure out why people cannot get on to my profile///Blogger sure doesn't make things easy, does it??!