Poockie, concerning cat men makes her show and then .... hisses and screems as if she would be killed ! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

13 KINDS OF WOMEN 1. The once who are at the first place, caring mothers, then good wifes, taking care of dear husband, washing his socks, shirts and underwear, prepare suits, shirts, socks and tie so that he doesn't run around like a clown, prepare healthy food and clean the house from top to bottom.

2. The once who are, see above, but on top of it have their jobs and work all day, which is not the case of a man (or not very often)

3. The once who are only mothers, nursing their children until they are 80 and forget completely that they have a husband who only serves as stock bull.

4. The once who only think about work and social position, keeping children and husband as a social must. They have a cook, nunny, a cleaning woman and a secretary so that they can show up (with husband of course) wherever they have to show up.

5. The once who have nanny, cook and cleaning woman. They have children just to show that they are able to produce a heir and the most important thing in their lives is to be a nice decoration to the always busy mostly older husband. So they have a lot to do between hairdresser, fitness club, shopping, shoes and fingernails. And of course preparing the best and biggest receptions for darling husband and do a big show.

6. The once who serve as doormat to their husband's mood, being beaten up, chased around and insulted all the time. They support everything and just suffer in silence.

7. The once who are exploited by pimps beaten up and often victim of human trade. And there is no way out because of the fear they have.

8. The once who exploit man for fun or revenge, arrose them, take money, house, wife etc. and then just drop him like a hot potatoe.

9. The once who only want a child and therefore need a man. (Now there are also other very expensive possibilities, a man is cheaper)

10. The once who need a man, just for natural necessities.

11. The once who just are not interested in men at all, for whatever reason.

12. The once who have a job, have children, have a husband and handle all this with love and engagement. They take good care of the children, and love them, spending precious and intensif time with them AND are loving wives.

13. The once I have forgotten.
Now I don't dare to ask the question : To which kind of woman do you belong ? I am not that indiscreet

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So, there is nothing left for our retirement ?


Melli said...

LOL! LOL! You FUNNY woman!!! Well... I am number 13! The one you have forgotten! BUT... I'm not revealing any more than that! LOL!
Actually... I think maybe I am a mix of about 6 of them!!!

Have a great day Gattina! (i don't do TT's! ... and as yet have not posted anything new...)

Sunflower said...

Interesting list!
It is not easy to be a woman:-)

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog.

I will Exercise for Comments!

sarala said...

That cartoon is just too bad. My TT isn't up yet. Later tomorrow probably.

amy said...

I am soooo odd. I cant decide which I am..I guess Im a bit of both

Layla said...

That is really a cool thirteen and I agree with you on each one too!

Darla said...

LOL! Love the cartoon. I guess I'm #13--I don't fit any of the other categories.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

You forgot me!!!!

I'm not a mother, have no work since my back is damaged, so I concentrate all my love for my hubby, family and blogging friends ;-)

And on top of that: Im crazy...

Caylynn said...

Cool list! I like the cartoon! I'm not on your list so I guess that make me #13 - I'm not a mother, but I am a loving wife as well as a student (and will have a career once I'm finished with my Masters degree.)

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day! :)

Tink said...

I don't think I fit in the first 12 categories! To which one do you belong?
My TT has 13 words to describe me.

Celfyddydau said...

Great list. I am in #13. :)

Maribeth said...

My husband says I am #1. He says I have been a good wife and mother all through time. I hope I have.

jj said...

I think I must be #13 as I don't really fit any of the other! :)

As I understand it, homeschooling is legal here in the UK, as long as there is some form of education going on of course, and as long as the child is not registered to attend a school, of course! :)
It was a wonderful experience for me

Angelo said...

Lol Gattina! I hope I've found a number 12! Happy T13 :)

Debbie said...

I fall into the take care of hubby, kids, house roll and soon with a job!

Great list and I love the funny at the end! Ha HA!

My 13 beads are up. Happy Thursday!

Heather Rae Scott said...

LOVED this list! I'd say I most resemble 12, however, I think I have a lot of the other tendencies--son't we all? There are certain days when I feel like my guy is a stock bull--haha!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Happy TT

Heart of Rachel said...

Interesting list you made. I think I'm a blend of some of those you mentioned.

Hilarious cartoon.

Cheryl said...

I try to be a #1 but I fail miserably!

Chris said...


Which were you? ;-)

Mikala said...

I am #13 too - I have been forgotten :0(

I haven't gotten married yet, therefore, I haven't had any kids yet, but I sincerely want both and I want to be the type that has a family and a career, but family comes first and then career.

Very cool and funny list - I love it.

Happy TT and I'm up!

Sweet Kitty said...

Well, I'm not sure, but must be one of #13, I can't see me in any other...

I'm up too. Please visit my blog and have fun.

Hugs and Happy TT,
I will excercise for comments!

PJ said...

Interesting list. I'm number 13, not fiting into any of the other categories.

Incog & Nito said...

Like the list - being a woman should be about doing what you want because you want to and not because you have to. Happy T13

Jill said...

I'm number 13, but it's just because I don't have a husband and children yet(I might turn up into a 12 then!!)
My tt are up!

Caryle said...

I'm not married, but still looking, so I must be #13. :) Thanks for stopping by earlier!

Deana said...

Well I would be a mix. I was independent. I believe women should know how to take care of themselves before they get married or have kids. Then I became a wife and I run the home with lots of love. I don't have children but I love my neice and nephews and spend lots of time with them. I'm a great wife....my husband would tell you that! But I also have things in my life that he supports that are just for me.

TopChamp said...

Can't tell which one I fit into... I was gonna post you a big sneeze but the cold's all gone now!

Happy TT Gattina. (and yes tax day is a rubbish day - I was just trying to make it feel like a fun day. It didn't really work.)

Lisa said...

Right now I defy categorization - I'm the single working mom without enough hours in a day! LOL At some point, I hope to fall in category #12, though.

Janet said...

I belong to #13 :-)

momtoanangel said...

Great TT!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and really glad you weren't too scared to read after you seen we were homeschoolers. Not all homeschoolers are bible thumpers, but I do tend to think that some folks tend to "over do it" on their blogs probably because they think it will make others think better of them. I can't pretend, I am who I am- like me or not, I don't need to announce my religious convictions to the entire world (or blogging world for the fact) just to prove what I believe in or make me appear to be a better person. Luckily for me- I live in an area that people respect each others convictions and religion isn't usually brought up either.

It's just nice to meet others who have similar interests or just cool lives! I don't know what kind of woman I would consider myself, I am kind of old fashioned but very modern too. I am a SAHM, I do homeschool, but I am far different than most people ever expect. I am unique in my own way- my house may be cluttered, my kids might have messy hair or wear the pj's for an entire day, but I guess I can't say I am one way or another- maybe a floater? LOL I have no idea. It is late, way past my bedtime, but had to stop and say hi!
Thanks again!

beth said...

Hey Gattina - I love your list and the cartoon. I think I've known every kind woman you mention in the list (haven't we all!).

I like to think I'm #12 - but more likely #2 on a good day.

Which are YOU? (I'm indiscreet! lol)

Dragonheart said...

Interesting list! I don't recognize my human mom in any of those, so I guess she's #13.


Sophisticated Writer said...

A very interesting post :) Hmmm... I hope I am/will be # 12. I have no kids yet but my husband tells me how caring I am.

Thanks for the comment ;)