13 things I hear in the changing room of my fitness club :

1. A just freshly married women complained that she hasn't got any flowers or been taken to the restaurant or mouvies last weekend, and complained bitterly that he had to work. The older once just turned their eyes to the ceiling and sighed.

2. A longer married one complained about her husband who stayed home during 2 full days meddling into children education, food, house or other things which during the week she handles alone.

3. A retired woman married since 40 years complained about having her husband around for 24 h a day and dreamed of the times where both were working.

4. Another said : Since my husband is retired, he suddenly asks me why I peel the potatoes so thick and that I would cut half of the potatoe away, waisting .... Sombody suggested : Why don't you give him the bowl with the potatoes and ask him to show you how he does it so that you could learn. And of course wait until the last potatoe is peeled to agree with him that his peeling is better. But the poor man didn't know how to do it.

5. Another complained : since he stays at home he is in my way all the time he even checks if the vaccuum cleaner is emptied or asks me why I put everything in the dishwasher instead of just washing up everything immediately.

6. All of the women with retired husbands agreed that he suddenly had discovered that a letter box has to be emptied every day, the garbidge been put out and that he has to look up the date when bottles or cartons are been taken.

7. That he is quite asthonished that dirty socks, shirts, shorts etc. have to be put in the dirty laundry basket, that the washing machine turns such a long time and is consuming electricity, that he has to go shopping otherwise there is no food on the table and that a breakfast has to be prepared.

8. A very young just married woman complained that her husband controls how the bed is made, the towles are folded and put in the closet, if there is dust in the corners and no clothes laying around.

9. Suddenly they talked about the delicate subject "snoring" The freshly married women had nothing to say about that. The longer married once had some complaints, but nothing serious.

10. One elderly lady said : he snores like a motor saw laying on the back with the mouth wide open so that you can see through his whole body the other side and he makes strange noises like gulping for air.

11. It came out that in spite the fact that all concerned women hit, shaked, slapped the poor snoring husband or whistled to him every 15 min they couldn't sleep any more and killer instincts came up.

12. Solutions were found. Taking a knife and stab him ? No, too much blood and then blood stains are difficult to remove. A kitchen roll, smashing on his head that he would stop, or taking the pillow and asphyxiate him ? Some honest women dared to say that they have now seperated bedrooms and that this way it's much better.

13. I learn every day.

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