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According to statistics (don't ask me who had made them) Christmas is an occasion for family fights.

On Christmas the family gets together and therefore Grandma and Grandpa are arriving in your home in order to celebrate a nice and harmonious Christmas.

When they arrive :

1. Grandma looks around and asks "when have you dusted the last time ?" and Grandpa asks, "why are the coats all hanging here, don't you have a wardrobe and all these shoes laying around ! At my time we had to put our shoes on a shelve !"

2. Grandma says "where are the children, are they gone again ?" (pointing out "again" as if they had to live in the streets) and Grandpa adds "at least when we are arriving they could be at home"!

3. They all argue about where to put the wrapped gifts. Each family member has a space under the tree. Grandpa wants to be on the right side, Grandma too, children on all places and you start to get desesperated.

4. Grandpa says " you bought an old tree" and Grandma adds " it's loosing its needles already !" and "why didn't you take the golden decoration from last year instead of this new ugly red one ?"

5. Looking at their gifts which finally found a place under the Christmas tree Children say "what ? is that all ?"

6. Parents roll eyes to heaven (nobody helps)

7. Grandpa states " the youth of today wants always more ! at my time (when was his time ???) we were happy with a few oranges and a wooden horse.

8. Child said "Pff, wooden horse, I prefer a real one"

9. Grandfather said " then learn at school and find a good job and then you can buy yourself a horse !" and with a disdainful look to parents adds "they ...cannot afford it"

10. Grandma found the turkey "isn't it a bit small ?" and Grandpa "how big is it ?" Parents tell "xxx" Grandma "what, thats too much" Grandpa said, "I don't want to eat turkey for a whole week, (a whole week ??? Help !) children say "we don't like turkey"

11.Grandma in the kitchen "let me do it, you cannot do it I saw it last year !" Grandpa said "No, she does it, after all we are the guests" "No I do !" "No she does" etc. Grandma runs crying out of the kitchen.

12. Parents run behind "Please come back, you can do it"

13. Grandpa shouts "every year the same, I wonder why we are coming here when we are not welcome !"

Probably it could go on for a while but my 13. points are finished !

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Anonymous said...

Hello Gattina,
Sorry - it's actually a bit early & I'll not be posting my TT for another hour or so but it's all written & ready to go!

Cheers for your nice comments about the tree - I hope you have a lovely holiday!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Uh oh. Family pressures to be perfect. You've captured it well.

happy and blue 2 said...

Ha,ha,ha..So true..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like every family Christmas when I was a kid.
The snowpeople cartoon is a stitch.
Gotta share that one.
Take care,

erica said...

LOL sounds like my grandparents... not cool! :\

mar said...

LOL, wonderful! because I am reading it and not being part of the "celebration"! we've been celebrating Xmas on our own without family since we moved to Spain 13 years ago and we love it! no arguments about the menu, the presents, the sitting down, etc!
Dec 6th is a holiday in Spain to celebrate the Constitution (after Franco's time) but I saw on tv Spanish people are joining the foreigners living in Spain who celebrate Nikolaustag in different communities. Give them a few years, people will forget the constitution and the shops will remember Nikolaus!
have a nice day
Pookie was born to be a blog star!

Anonymous said...

Haha, you paint the picture in a very funny way! I love the picture with Pookie!
My TT is about methods of divination.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. Pretty funny picture you painted there. :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! :D Thanks for the laughs. :) I have to agree with #8 though. ;) I real horse is much, much better than a wooden one!

As always, your Thursday Thirteens make me grin. :) Have a good day! :)

Anonymous said...

Very funny TT! That one really made me laugh. Grandma and Grandpa kind of sound like my in laws:)

Bob-kat said...

Good 13!

I always have happy memories of Christmas so I have no experience of this phenomena. It was the other way around in our family - we stopped fighting at Xmas!

Thanks for the invitation to join cats on Tuesday. I am honoured to be asked bu at the present I must deline as I cannot commit to posting every week. There is simply too much going on in my life at the moment that I am never sure when I can post! Thanks again though adn thanks for dropping by my blog.

Kukka-Maria said...

Hilarious, Gattina! Have you been eavesdropping at my house? This is all-too-familiar!

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Anonymous said...

Ok That was funny. Familiar and funny!

Mandy said...

Very Funny! Thanks for stopping by!

tiggerprr said...

lol so funny!