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    First thing this morning, PC Pookie had to wash and when she is busy with that, nobody has the right to disturb her. So I let her wash herself and start with what I have to say today.

    Yesterday evening we were watching a reportage about Russia's new millionaires. Very interesting. The first time I met Russians abroad was in Egypt at the red sea and it was only a couple of men, covered with golden chains, expensive watches and looking like primates. We didn't see them very much and obviously they belonged to the russian Mafia.

    The second time I met them again at the red Sea and this time it were families with grandma and children. I never bother of a persons nationality, what is important to me is how they behave and if they are friendly or not. But here I almost became a racist until an educated russian woman from Moscow explained me the bad behaviour of these people.

    They overloaded their plates at the buffet and shuffled all the stuff down in a minute.With a spoon or with fingers. Looked really nice in a 5* hotel. They pushed everybody around to get quicker to the buffet. They got up at 6 am pulled the towels from the truck which brought them to the beach to get the best places. Men were completely drunken most of the time and slept during night on the beach. So everybody hated them, not because they were russians but because they behaved so badly.

    The explanation was, these poor people safed money the whole year by eating potatoes and onions, just to pay themselves one week holidays at the red sea. And queuing up for everything and pushing around to get something, they had experienced their whole life. If you consider that you had to wait for years to get a telphone (if you could afford it) or have the right relations.

    So I watched what was going on the Exposition Crocus which took place in Moscow on Oct. 27-30. With the afflux of petro dollars, Russia has become an Eldorado for Luxury Industry. And how !

    It's nothing to spend 1 mill $ for a house on the Canarian Islands, with 8 bedrooms , it is even cheap compared to the 8 mill. they would have to spend for a similar house in Moscow's suburbs. But very "chic" is to live in London near the british aristocrates and in Italy.

    To avoid traffic jams a little helicopter for only half a million $ is nothing. Time is Money.

    The summit of the exposition were these cell phones in gold, covered with diamonds created especially for Russians and for 1 mill Dollars only. But there were also cheaper models for 45.000. I think I should buy one, I see myself in a Supermarket calling my husband who is at the other end in the computer section and ask him " don't forget the cauliflowers !" That at least is really chic.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Aren 't they beautiful ?

    And as these new richs are ignoring everything about wine and alcohol, one bought on auction a bottle of whisky Glenfiddich 1937 for only one million $. (I have to admit I don't know this whisky).

    So I thought, there are a few they have everything and more and the rest of the population nothing, and I havent't heard that they give anything to those in need. Even our rich or very rich people are doing this maybe mostly because it's "chic" but some are also doing it by heart. And this comforts me.

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    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

    those cell phones are crazy!

    Moobear said...

    Good blog my friend. About the only thing I could relate to was the cell phones as mine is a wittle silver plated phone which I have absolutely no use for and of course the golf course. If we had courses like that, then I would take up golf!

    happy and blue 2 said...

    It's always good to know the background of people before we judge them.
    The hole is still to small for me to take up golf,ha,ha..

    Teresa said...

    I think I might be able to actually play golf on a course like that!

    Domestic Goddess said...

    I might actually be able to get the ball in the hole on that golf course. I would have to get to close though. I would be afraid to fall in.

    CyberCelt said...

    Other cultures do not follow the rules by which we abide. It is important to understand other cultures so that we do not offend them. They, in turn, should do the same.

    Here from the BC Carnival.

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    Polly said...

    I've been to Russia many times. It's crazy how expensive it is in Moscow and then just a few hours outside of Moscow is a great need for decent homes, jobs and hope. Be nice if the wealth was spread out beyond Moscow.
    I loved your pictures. They made me laugh. Thanks for the nice comments on Life is a Buffet.

    e-Mom said...

    My husband was in Moscow last year, and he was surprised by all the new wealth there. I'll have to show him this photo of the cell phones! Yikes!