13 something WAYS TO GIVE A CAT A PILL

  • Here is FOTO PHERRET
  • Look at this innocent face ! PC Pookie would never react like that she told me (I am not so sure)

    Your vet has prescribed you medication for your cat. 2 pills a day.

    1. Pick up cat and held her on left arm like a baby, open cat's mouth with right hand and put pill in. Keep mouth closed for a while, then release mouth and cat. You just have time to see pill spit out and rolling on the floor.

    2. Pick up pill and cat and try it once more. Cat struggles and frees herself

    5. While looking for plaster and desinfection lotion you just see cat disappearing under bed

    6. Put leather gloves on, pull cat out, keep her firmly in your arm holding paws and repeat operation. Cat jumps from your arm, leaves a scratch on your neck, disappears in the garden and the pill in the sink.

    7. Take a new pill and call cat. After 2 h, you see a tail. Jump on cat, keep her between knees, and paws with both hands. Ignor cat's hissing and call husband.

    9. Husband opens cat's mouth wide put pill far in the throat and keeps it closed for 5 min. Cat protests. Sweat is over your whole body and you are breathless from effort. Cat bites husband, scratches you and disappeares somewhere.

    10. You call cat again, put bandages and plaster over your husband and yourself, look for disappeared pill. Clean carpet from blood stains. Cat is sitting in neighbour's garden on a tree. Call firemen. They pull ladder up to catch cat, cat jumps down runs through your legs in the house.

    13. You run behind and close the door. Husband explains to firemen. You are near a nervous brake down. You take a syringe, delete the new pill in water, put on a thick jacket and leather gloves and try to get cat out of behind wardrobe with special catnip.

    13 a You catch her held her on the floor with one arm and legs and shoot the liquid in her mouth.

    13 b Cat struggles, scratches, hisses and flees on the wardrobe. You collapse on your bed. Husband calls vet, tries to get cat from wardrobe with a ladder, falls down, breaks his arm.

    13 c You finally manage to get the cat in a cage, husband in the car, drive cat to vet for pill and husband to hospital for broken arm.

    13 d You rest in a dark room for 3 days. Cat is happy and healthy, purrs and enjoyes food.

    Difference between cat and dog : put the pill in meat, pill and meat gone in a second

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    Here are cat stories and about the frogstick from yesterday.


    Grammie said...

    I am laughing hysterically from your post today!!!
    I tried in vain to get pills down Gizmo's throat....then went to a new prescription that had me squirting the liquid into her mouth....finally gave up on these and now attempt to rub her new medicine (froma compounding pharmacy) inside her ear where it is absorbed into her bloodstream. She doesn't like it...but it sure beats the heck out of the pills and the syringe!
    So, as you can see, I could totally relate to your post today!

    Moobear said...

    I couldn't help but laugh too Ingrid, although I have a dog. Ain't much difference tho when it comes to medicine. Poor Scooter, we would put his pills in cheese as he dearly loved cheese, but soon he caught onto whatever we chose to use. I finally would crush them up and put into stew beef broth and rice and he would eat it fine. Cute post, thoroughly enjoyed it!

    God Bless!

    Sue said...

    Loved this post! This could so easily be my Vincent! (have you been peeking in the window)???

    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    Was amused with your cat post. It's good I don't have a cat. I can manage very easily with dogs but not cats.
    Thanks for passing by.

    DellaB said...

    HAHAHA - very funny, thanks Gattina.

    They do say, after you put the pill into the cat's mouth - if you blow gently straight into the cat's face it forces the cat to swallow... Voila!

    Jeanette said...

    Hi Gattina
    Funny post
    Ive had my daughters cat here I glad I didnt have to give her tablets,,

    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

    No way!!!! DID that all REALLY happen?!?! that is just hysterical and I feel really bad for you all!

    Anonymous said...

    LOL! :D Too funny! :D Fortunately, I only ever had to give our cats a pill once, and hiding it in some soft food (they normally ate only the crunchy, hard food) worked.

    Great photo of Pookie (love the expression on her face) and funny cartoon! :)

    Happy T13. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Great TT and sooooo true!
    My cat acts like I'm going to kill him when I give him medication :)
    Happy TT

    ribbiticus said...

    awww...she's so lucky to have you for her "mommy". thanks for stopping by! ;)

    The Mistress of the Dark said...

    That is so true. I had a cat that had minor surgery this year and she had antibotics to take for about 3 weeks afterwards. We looked like we needed surgery after we were done giving her the meds.

    Happy TT

    Mine are up.

    Anonymous said...

    *LOL* I have some experience with this from my work in the pet shelter, but at home I let my hubby do it! ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my TT and yes, Robbie Williams is as great as everyone says, even better!

    Debbie said...

    I have had many of these scars to prove exactly what you wrote. It is no easy thing to give a cat medication. When I had to deworm last year it was for 3 cats in 3 doses. Lets just say my cats and I were not on speaking terms for weeks after!

    Thanks for stopping by this morning. I don't play T13 anymore as it has gotten way too big. But I do like to read your blog so I thought I would come find out who brought in the frogstick!

    Have a great Thursday!

    Silver said...

    Awwww, kitties! *loves* Thanks for stopping by mine ;)

    Jane said...

    Great list, I would much rather give a pill to my dog than my cat!! Very funny.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog....and I was not in a bad mood. I just decided that would something I could write 13 things about!!!

    The Little Woman said...

    LOL I have cats...and that's about the way it works...reminds me of the time my husband decided to give FC22 a bath..

    Dane Bramage said...

    That is hilarious. My T13 is up. It is #17 The Book List Edition. Stop by if you get a chance

    Michelle said...

    ROFL! :-D

    ChupieandJ'smama said...

    VERY funny! Have a great day!

    That Cleaning Lady said...

    This is very funny, done this more than a few times. Buddy is the worst because he's so big and fights like a panther rather than take a pill. I got smart with him though. I sneak up behind him with a pill that has butter on it. Pry open his mouth and drop the pill way down his throat. It slides down before he realizes its there, and usually I only get a few scratches for my trouble!! Hope you heal soon, pooky looks pretty calm now, maybe you should sneak up on her while she's sleeping.

    That Cleaning Lady said...

    Oh, how many toes does she have on her front feet? Looks like she has 5 from this picture? Is she polydactyl? I have two cats that have extra toes on their front feet, both have kinks in their tails too!

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    Oh, this is one occasion that make me so glad I don't have a cat... or am a cat ;-)

    Even though it's hilarious to read....
    The most fun T13.

    Cat's are wise - I wouldn't either want to have a pill shovelled down my throat against my will :-O