PC Pookie after I told her that I would write about some mad men, she as you can see put her head on her tail and sighed : Fortunately we don't have that amongst cats !

Indeed there are some men who like to terrorise women on the phone and are really happy when the woman screems and drops the phone like a hot potatoe or even stayes freezed with the phone at her ear and listens with wide open eyes and mouth. That of course for him is biggest satisfaction.

What I couldn't undertand was that women were afraid of such phone calls. The guy was probably far away and other then in words couldn't harm her.

And then one day my phone rang. As usual I picked it up and said "hello". First I didn't hear anything but deep breathing. Now I shouted "helloooo" and heard some groaning and moarning and thought, my godness there is somebody who needs help ! I said "may I help you ?" another silence then again the moarning and groaning followed by a deep drawn sigh. I looked inquiringly at the phone and said "are you suffering from asthma ? I can't help you through the phone you should see a doctor, or don't you have a spray ? That would help you at least for the moment !" There were a deep silence and me "hello, hello, hello ! Then I heard a noise as if somebody would spit out and wondered if he had spat in the phone which was quite disgusting and then again a silence.

I really hate when people are calling me for nothing and don't have any conversation and why did he call me just to make noises in the phone ? This was really ridiculous. I had other things to do. That's what I told him. I said, why do you call me just to moarn and groan in the phone don't you have nothing else to say ? I am not a health service, so if you want to tell me something, speak ! Long silence with heavy breathing. My god the guy was really sick. Just as I were thinking about hanging up or not the phone, I heard a loud terrible sound, followed by the word "bitch !" and a bang and then nothing any more. I looked surprised at my phone, he had treated me a bitch and I only wanted to help him. There are really ungrateful people in this world and on top of that he had hang off. Still holding the phone in front of my nose and looking at it as if it could answer me, I told myself "Great, now I had a sexual terrorist on the phone" ! But as being a terrorist is so fashionable nowadays, why not ? At least he didn't blow me up by phone.

And then I thought about that guy and how did it come that he needed to call a woman and try to frighten her ? I should analyse his childhood. Was he the victim of a pedophile ?

Stop said PC Pookie, opening an eye, that's none of your business

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The only thing to do !


john said...

i think some people are way sick . those who make obsence calls included. we can only 'laugh'at some of their actions i guess as the funny cartoon in your blog depicted .

That Cleaning Lady said...

Don't have caller ID huh? Or *69 available in Belgium? Since those things came to the US, I guess we don't get as many obscene calls. People can get their ra-rah's on the computer now. Sick-sick-sick!
Sorry about that, my friend, I hope you are ok, and won't be afraid to answer the phone.
If your terrorist calls again, blow a whistle really loud into the phone, or scream and hang up. Another thing is to have the man answer the phone so the caller knows you aren't alone.
It might be nice to know what makes a person do things like that, but Pookie is right, it only serves to upset YOU more!!

O Mama Mia said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Chaotic Mom said...

I'd have to put the phone down next to some preachy gospel music coming out of my speaker. This was a pretty funny, lighthearted take on a sad situation. LOVE the "flash" file playing at the end. ;)

Mama Duck said...

You need caller id and to screen your calls - or just hang up ;). Sorry!!

Ma said...

Just tell them that you have a traceron your phone, because you got tired of crank calls. I did that before and it worked. They never did it again.

That's a funny cartoon!

Froggie Mama said...

ha! ha! That was funny!! :)
Thanks for the laugh! I needed one today!!

Happy Wednesday!

mar said...

he, he, too funny!!! great ww :)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wordless but not breathless with other words... *lol*


Brony said...

Happy WW, although I think I both saw and read a lot of words.
It was very funny though, so thanks for the laugh.