PUBLIC AUTHORITY SERVICES what happens when you have been declared deceased ?

PC = Personal Cat
XXX I woke up this morning with PC Pookies tail over my face and sneezed. She purred and stretched (so did I) and we both went to the kitchen. And now I am sitting here at my usual little place watched as you can see by Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Yesterday my painting group has started after two month of "school holidays" and of course there were a lot to chat. It's always a source of learning things and yesterday I really learned something and that was about public authorities. I am sure that these government "services" are all the same in every country of the world as I knew of very amazing and strange stories !
One of my painting class mates told me about her girlfriend who reading the death notices in her local newspaper, saw her own name. She was quite surprised and thought how strange it was, seeing in a death notice the same name and the same birth date, even the place where she was born ! And what a coincidence ! She called her friend (my painting friend) and told her about that. They both laughed and found it very funny.
The first strange thing that this lady (I will call her Jane) noticed with surprise, was that suddenly she had no water and electricity any more. So she called first the electricity company and after having put through an amazing amount of employees, she finally found one who told her that he was very sorry but they had cut off the electricity because this person passed away. Poor Jane was shocked and told the guy that she was this person and she didn't lay in a coffin on a grave yard, but was happily alive and sitting in her living room. The guy doubted. He told her that this was impossible, because he had the mention "deceased" on his list and therefore she has to be dead, because the list is made by a computer and is never wrong. Jane insisted but there were nothing to do, the employee said, for him this person is dead and if she wanted to be alive she should come over with an official acknowledgment from the municipality proving that state. Unfortunately she got the same answer from the water and telephone company.
As it was the beginning of a new month, she also noticed that she hadn't got her pension and called this service. There she were informed that for a deceased person they are no pension paid any more and that she should be ashamed to pretend that she were still alive instead of being dead and she surely were a relative who wants to have the money. Now it got really serious. So she called the local paper and asked who had informed them about her decease and got told that it had been the municipality and they couldn't take the add out because she were dead.
So my friend and Jane decided to go to the municipality to get her revive. As she had no relatives or family any more she was afraid that a coffin also had already been ordered. Fortunately they both are very humorous women and laughing betook themselves to the municipality. There at the reception the girl didn't understand anything and wondered to which department the ladies should go, as one of them were dead and officially not alive. Finally she told them to go to the responsible service who handled deceases.
The woman there wearing thick horn framed glasses so thick that it looked like a magnifier made a doubtful face and stated : this is not possible ! Or you are dead or you are alive. Jane agreed and said to the horn glass lady that she still enjoyes life very much and she really had enough of this situation and she insisted to make her alive again. The horn glass lady told her that this was not going to be easy and what all services where involved and that they had to make researches to find out why Jane is still alive instead of being dead and not causing troubles to the decease department services.
Then, Jane insisting on her visible well being had to fill out a long questionary precising almost everything concerning her life and not her death. When this was done, horn glass lady gave her a doubtful look as if she were still not convinced that the person in front of her were a human in flesh and blood and not a goast, and she finally handled a receipt.
The official way to get alive again being done, they both went to the mayor. Fortunately Jane lives in a small town and not in a big city so it was possible. The mayor was first shocked and then they all laughed about that and he promised to do everything possible to get her alive again. But all this lay not in his .He could help her in getting back the electricity, water and phone, but for the pension that was another thing as it depended not on him but on the State. Fortunately as Jane was a good client of her bank she got her pension in advance until this story were settled by the officials.
It took exactly 6 month to get poor Jane alive again and she almost became famous, newspapers and television interviewed her as nobody had ever seen a dead alive person and anyway this story was so enormous that everybody could only but laugh. And this proves the efficiency of public services. PC Pookie looked up angryly and meauwed : and they had put me a knop in my furr !


Mousie said...

Jane is very lucky now she will have two birthdays...it means two cakes, two presents...two parties...
I'm joking, but it must have been very unpleasant...
a kiss to all

Mandy said...

Oh my, what an unusual event. I don't know if I'd like that. I can see the funny side of course but it's just eerie :=)

Glad they brought her back to life!


Stacie said...

What a funny story, though I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the time. Just goes to show, computers aren't always right! Stacie

eija said...

Oh, what a story! Pretty creepy, actually...

Thanks for stopping by my place again :)

That Cleaning Lady said...

How scary to be treated like a dead person! I'm so glad she was willing to go to all that trouble to be called alive again!!!