@#!$# I QUIT !

This is Pookie my support, helping actively to solve my problems !

You have probably noticed that I am without sidebar. Not me, but my blog. It's not even hanging down, it just has disappeared. The worst is, that it has disappeared in my blog insides too, there is nothing in "add elements" besides "about me" and there is nothing to add, or "archives".

I wrote to Bloogle Glogger help group. Nothing happened. All these savant men apparently were also stumped. Finally I wrote a mail to Rat who is quite a specialist and for once he couldn't help me either and suggested to write to Blogger itself. That's what I did and very polite, although it itched in my fingers to write "repair my @<%¨§@ page elements and before yesterday &@#% !!

What happened ? Nothing ! Not even a standard Robot answer which you probably know so well too :

"Thanks for contacting Blogger Support. Since we cannot always respond personally to every message we get, we encourage you to check Blogger Help, where you can find answers to many common questions. Here are some of the top articles which could help you out:"

Addresses of the top articles in question? None of them spoke about missing "page elements". As usual I must be an exception and the first "strange" case in ex Blogger Beta.

Now I have sent already 5 mails with the same message always pointing out that I tried everything : cleared cash, rebooted, switched from IE to Firefox, republished, locked in again (doesn't work with IE anymore on none of my blogs)I even tried to change the template without any result, the HTML Java script button is still missing.

Deadly silence so far. I already had once a similar problem with my sidebar but only hanging down. As a complete newbee I had also asked Blogger for help and wrote this post :

"I have sent a mail to Blogger Help . Now answer. Without any patience as usual 2 h later I sent again a message to Blogger' highness submitting again my problem. 5 min later I GOT A MESSAGE ! I red it : see above.

Same text. I got angry and told Pookie my personal cat who slept on my bed, war is declared now ! Pookie opened an eye and agreed. That's nice she always agrees with me. I think it's much better complaining to a cat then talking to walls, that looks kind of stupid. So I autoreplied too with the same text and suggested on my mail to wake up because it's already late afternoon. Nothing happened.

I wrote to Blogger god again, adding that I would NOW really like an answer ! and .... I got it! 5 min later ! and from his highness himself, amazing ! I opened the mail and ..... see above.

I informed Pookie that they use a computer robot always with the same text. I mean at least they could change a little bit i.e. instead of "encourage you" "suggest you" that would already make a difference, no ? Pookie agreed, this time without opening an eye, just a movement of her tailtop. I decided to be amused. I sent a reply again, this time in red with bold and font 20 and suggested to switch off the Robot and answer personally. No answer. I filled in again the email form of Blogger support and suggested them a staff increase. And oh yes ! I got an answer : see above.

I asked Pookie what to do now. Pookie agreed. So every hour I filled in Bloggers support mail form and thought about the face the Blogger guy would make when finally he had to check the mails, because one day they will have to clean it I suppose. This will be my revenge ! and then maybe I will get an answer ! Never give up hope ! Meanwhile I continue. It became a habit. Each time I am at my computer I send a message. I prepared several texts ! Naaa. I said to Pookie still on my bed, I will do this until I get an answer ! She probably said, yes, do so, but I couldn't see it well.

This morning when I looked again for help in Google Blogger help group, amongst hundreds of complaints and requests, I noticed one. It was a priest who blogged and even HE had a problem. That was a sign from heaven, I informed Pookie, still on my bed. I opened his blog and read :

"You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.12. All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities."

This was a sign!! It WAS help !!! But as a protestant I don't have any rosary. Where could I get one from ? but then ? I don't know how to use it. I asked Pookie, she didn't know either. My catholic husband send me to hell. So maybe during the day I will ask my neighbor for one, she surely has one she is catholic as all belgians. As a protestant I am rather considered as a "Jehova witness". Only I don't go from door to door in flat shoes, long skirts and ombrella looking grey. It happens to me to go from door to door looking for my cat Arthur, yes, that I do. But I surely don't look grey.

In my despair for any help I just looked at "next blog", and there it was .....!! another sign ! It was a black blog and the text all in little squares. I tried to read it, but it was chinese. So maybe I should write to Blogger in little squares ? Then the robot wouldn't catch the message and a human has to reply ! That is an idea. I asked Pookie, she agreed ! "

Today is my 250 post ! and therefore I close. I can live without love but not without sidebar. I made a new blog. Just the same, I only dropped the "s" in Writer and of course had to change the link into : http://gattinawritercramps.blogspot. com/ Isn't that clever ? Now at least I have a sidebar and can sleep peacefully again. And Blogger and his Bloogle Glogger help group can all go to hell and be cooked by the devil himself ! @ۤ#% !!


claudie said...

Bonjour Gattina. Je vois que tu n'as pas pu résoudre ton problème. Oui, le mieux c'est d'en créer un autre. Mais c'est bien si tu peux récupérer tes articles et les transférer. Heureusement que Pookie
est là pour aider sa maîtresse à rester ZEN! Bon dimanche quand même! Ici c'est l'été et aujourd'hui on fête les 1 an de la petite fille de ma soeur; Encore un bon repas en perspective! Je me demande quand je vais pouvoir perdre les quelques kilos en trop!

mar said...

I was getting scared until I got to the last part and heard you are moving!
Gotta visit you right away.
My parents got a little cat, does it mean I am a feline relative now??

mar said...

Gattina, I cannot access your new blog since it is "per invitation only"...I promise to behave and watch my language :)
just drop me an invitation,pls, or better yet: change it to the whole wide world.

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina.I see Pookie not much help Caught in the act of another catnap. Hope you get blogger sorted out soon.
Btw. I have know trouble getting into your blogg,

Pamela said...

I tried your link - and it said it was a private blog and open to invitees only

claudie said...

Bonsoir Gattina; Là je n'aperçois pas ta nouvelle adresse.N'oublie pas de ma la donner. Pour répondre à ta question au sujet de la vente de ma maison: c'est une maison de famille et on est dans un beau quartier dans la campagne, mais nous avons pas mal de terrain 3600m2, qu'il faut entretenir et pierre n'aime pas trop le jardinage. Moi, j'aime bien mais là ça fait quand même beaucoup et en plus j'habite juste à côté de ma soeur que j'adore mais c'est vrai que j'ai besoin d'un peu d'autonomie; notre mère étant décédée elle joue un peu le rôle protecteur alors je crois qu'un peu de séparation nous fera du bien.Tu vois le sud c'est ça aussi, c'est pas la Sicile mais on est très famille!
J'ai hâte de voir ton nouveau blog!
Bonne soirée!

Melli said...

LOL! Well... that's showin' 'em!!! You are one smart cookie Gattina! If you can't beat them, push them out of the way and get on with your life! I guess I best add the new blog to my reader! ... I'm off to do that!

Gledwood said...

I have had terrible troubles with sorting out the simplest thing with computers... and, like you say, Blogger and the other online companies are impossible to get hold of when you really need them. I think they reason their product is free to us and so we ought to be grateful for what we DO get out of it ...

Many thanks for yesterday's comment. You were right about Europeans. Half the people who log on to me come from the USA. When I went online "live" the other night I had to calculate what time to do it from an American perspective ...

Moi je suis soi-disant francophone ... does that make any sense?-??

Your name is definitely familiar from times past I remember seeing "Gattina and her Cats" in some links somewhere... but where?? I don't know ...

Do you know what - most English people honestly believe Waterloo is a railway station in south-central London!

My friend Ruth (red flower in my comments) http://ruthjen.blogspot.com her gardening blog is well worth seeing) has Google translate on her's. She's emailed me the code, so later on I will install it and see how much better it rates ...

I just thought it would be nice if people from all over could read me in their own language - but it doesn't seem to be working out. As you said: machines ... I've been emailed something in German I'm meant to tidy up and make it presentable. The computer translated "seals" as in things that keep things closed as "seals" that hang out on the ice in vast numbers among walruses and polar bears..!!

Take care - give your Pookie a sardine from me!!