Pookie also had to laugh !
My son's best buddy was a little American boy who also was in his Kindergarten, they both were 3 or 4. The boy's grandpa was an american officer who worked at the NATO here in Brussels.
Little Patrick was the souvenir of Spanish holidays his mother had brought back, hidden in her belly. So his grandpa was his Dad. Patrick really looked like a mini Torreador, black curly hairs, burning black eyes and a temper like a volcano. I think it must have been hard for her to have this living souvenir running around in the house. I didn't have a lot of contact to her, she was a rather mousy person, completely overwhelmed by her very temperamental mother and the little son. Anne, my friend (the grandma) had married her American officer just after the liberation of France. She was french and came from Normandy.
Anne's house was open to everybody and very often looked like a dovecote. It was very big, and the main room where everybody popped in was the kitchen. It was huge ! At the big table at least 14 people could sit easily. Despite the bigness, the kitchen was a very cosy place.
One day we were invited to a little feast, because the eldest son who was also in the army but in Frankfurt (Germany) had brought a big ham from there. It was almost the whole pig leg ! As Mr. Gattino was working I went there with my little son.
I had a nice (very) short dress with the skirt full of flounces and high over the knees boots. That was very fashionable at the time. Grandpa stand in the kitchen and cut big slices of ham and everybody took its plate put a slice on and then sat in the very big living room with a nice open fire lit.
At one moment I had to go for little girls (which means the toilet). When I came back, keeping myself very straight and very proud of my new dress, people started to laugh behind me, so I turned around to see why they were laughing so hard. But when I had turned other people started to laugh too and again behind me. I really wondered what I had missed. And while I turned and turned to get at least one of these apparently so funny conversations, Anne still laughing came over to me and told me that my (short) skirt was jammed in my pants. The view they all had must have been quite special with my high boots ! I quickly pulled it out and had to laugh too what should I do else anyway.
Mr. Gattino who meanwhile had arrived looked just bored and informed the guests that things like that could only happen to his dear wife. Little son wondered why people laughed so much, he was used to worse.
In the past it looked a little better !


mar said...

He, he, another cute story. Love the cartoon :)

Jeanette said...

pookies also laughing at the story and cartoon

Melli said...

LOL! I think I have had a similar experience - but it was in school when I was a teenager! I did NOT laugh! I was FAR to embarrassed! After that it was pants ONLY for me! No more dresses to school!

Mother of Invention said...

You have such an amazing blog life! How do you ever keep up 5 blogs? I don't even know which one I was on before when you shared about your eye surgery since I'm on a different computer!
I love Pooky! She/he looks just like my Mooky!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Gattina. That's funny! Cute how Pookie seems to be squirming in laughter. :)

Hope you find a way to get your sidebar back.

Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ A good story, but surely one friend could have told you quietly, rather than laugh. No harm
done, I guess. Thanks for your visit and I have never really considered
stopping blogging - must have been someone else. Hope you are keeping well. Take care, Love, Merle.

Pamela said...

reminds me of when I was about 18.. and girdles were still what REAL WOMEN wore.

I went to church (sat about 2000 people) with my sis. It was built on a slant so the three ailes were long and everybody in the back could see everybody in front of them. Kind of like a modified stadium)

Anyway, I was in the back rows, and turned to see a woman with her dress tucked in to her girdle... entire undergarments exposed-- she walked all the way down the aisle to the front.

I often wonder about her.

claudie said...

Bonsoir Gattina
Encore une succulente histoire, remplie d'humour! J'imagine mon embarras dans une telle situation. La seule façon de ne pas perdre la face est de se mettre à rire avec les gens et rester le plus détendu possible!

Anonymous said...
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