TUESDAY LAUGHS ? What is your Blog worth ?

Easter is approaching !
My blog is worth $508,086.00. How much is your blog worth?
Doing my morning duty and walking through Blogville, (followed by cat Arthur of course) I found these interesting questionary on Irish Church Lady's Blog. Although it was meant for Monday and here it's already Tuesday, I thought in some places of the world it's still Monday. Anyway, when you don't know what to write then take a Questionary just like for buying on credit and answer. That's easy.

How does your blog benefit you?
It makes my imagination and creativity work. That's the positive side. It doesn't bring any money but this is not the question.

Does it make you happy?
Oh yes, every morning reading the comments of my blogger friends I jump to the ceiling and make my cats disappearing in all directions

Does it earn you friends and admirers?
That I don't know, most of my "alive" friends don't even understand what I am doing and I gave up to explain. 

Does it improve your writing?
For sure, before I was illiterate

Does it keep you up-to-date on news and technology? 
 Oh yes ! at least I know now when a door window is cleaned in Australia, that seats in a movie theatre in the Phillipines have to be renewed or that somebody dropped dishes on a kitchen floor in the States !
Technology wise I learned how to use a computer.

How does your blog benefit others?
How should I know ? I haven't seen any ameloration in their writing !

Does it provide valuable information for free?
Of course ! Now everybody knows that I have four cats and an Italian husband and when the weather is bad.

Does it speak for the speechless?
Through a blog it's difficult to hear people speaking and I don't know if they are speechless, at least they are not writingless.

Does it make people think?
I hope not !
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Questions stolen from 2k Bloggers asks "What's Your Blog Worth?"



My blog has been holding at a little over 260 thousand for a long time. If I were offered this in real life, I would not sell it. I would miss my blog if I were not able to write on it.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Gattina. Hope you'll have a meaningful Easter. Cute photo of your cat looking intently on that easter egg.

I enjoyed reading your answers. I love your sense of humor. I wonder what you meant about the movie seats being renewed.

I also feel happy whenever I see new comments on my blog. It takes so little to make me happy. :)

Take care!

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina. Pookie guarding her easter treat . the look on her face says dont touch its mine.Had a laugh at the Cartoon Hahaha

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Wow! Over half a million! I'm impressed!!

I am so impressed all that you have learned about the computer and internet in just a short year, Gattina!

I think it's wonderful~

I really enjoy meeting people like yourself and sharing information about our countries and pets and families and funny stories!

Captain Crazy Lifecruiser said...

Ooops... I hope I haven't sold our car too since I'm having this big TITS sale... *giggles*

Great post. As usual. I love your humor.

BTW: I 've posted your prize for the crazy hat parade to you today :-)

TopChamp said...

I like your blog too - and it benefits us by entertaining us and lifting our mood often.