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Pookie expects a phone call

Yesterday I had lunch with one of my friends. We just had taken the card to look at the menu, when her mobile rang. She fumbled in her handbag and got more and more angry because her bag was also a little transportable shop. She carried everything in there from tissues to mobile, which now had stopped ringing.

She pushed a deep sigh and told me that she had never wanted a mobile because at least when she is out of the house she doesn't want to be persecuted by her family. She is the director, manager, administrator, and cleaning woman of a big family. Now her daughter had offered her a new mobile and this gift poisoned her life. The one she had before was a mobile to call and receive phone calls and that was it. It was a mobile phone you could carry around everywhere even to the restroom.

The one she has got now does almost everything and has even a telephone function. But it is hard to find the right button. At least that what she told me.

She pushed again a loud sigh pulled out of her warehouse bag a manual and her glasses put them on her nose and started to read what her mobile could do.

Sharing photos, video clips and captured memories with family and friends on a large compatible TV screen. For that she said, we have a digital camera and a DVD recorder. Which unfortunately she doesn't know how to use, because husband and children take care of that.

Internet access for browsing, uploading content, and sending and receiving emails. What should I do with that ? she asked me, I never even touched a computer, only for dusting !

Browse the Web, watch TV, listen to stereo FM radio and a digital music player and can also easily rip CDs and transfer music collection to the phone. And in addition, she could store up to 1500 songs !

I whistled (inside only) impressed. I imagined watching a football (soccer) game on my mobile and would probably see a bunch of flees running behind a point. She gave me a desperate look, and asked me :

What is browse, internet, web, email and what for a content could she upload and where ? Not to speak about 1500 songs she would never have time to listen to all and why 1500 with 6 she would already have enough !

I thought of my other friends when I had tried to explain something so simple as my blog and that it would probably take a year or even more or maybe for ever to explain it to her and suggested to ask her daughter who had offered her this generous gift.

The only thing she complained, I would like to do with my mobile is to call my friends and open my garage door so I don't need to get out of the car ! That would be so nice especially when it rains. But this thing cannot even do that !

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Melli said...

I am with her! My cell does everything but tie my shoes -- and I don't use any of the functions! Opening the garage door WOULD be nice... IF we stored cars in the garage! I like a simple life you know... a computer that computes... A coffee maker that brews... a phone that rings... I don't want to be lost without my phone if my computer is in the shop!!!

vlado&toni said...

Hi Gattina, this reminds me of my phone too. Well guess what? I had to call 112 today because we had a mishap in our excursion with the kids today. Good thing we blogged about it yesterday so I took extra attention how to do it after your comment on my blog.
By the way, can I add your blog to my links (blog of friends) I've been meaning to ask it but I always forget. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for coming over to my place.

I enjoyed reading your kitty comments and your kitty pictures. I think they are adorable.
I think Cat people are more passionate about their babies than dog people are. Do I sound prejudice???

Sanni said...

LOL - I use (need) my mobile only for calls and sms... I guess I missed something so far... =)

Meins schnarcht aber tats├Ąchlich urch den Vibrationsalarm! =)))

Captain Lifecruiser said...

He he.... Yes, the wonder of technology... It's not always appreciated. Or needed!

I really like how quiet my mobile phone is :-)

TeaMouse said...

Technology friend or foe?

My daughter called me on my mobile on the way home to ask me how to spell flourescent...omg! I like to have it in case they really need to get a hold of me. There is nothing like scrambling into your purse finding everything but and it's a spelling question....lol!

Did you design this blog template?

Billy Donovan said...

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