Pookie looks at The Sun, nice place to nap on !
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When I stayed in London at my son's house I took everyday the "tube" (subway) to go to the City Center. And each day the seats where covered by "The Sun" a newspaper which people had left behind. There were not a lot of people in the tube when I went to the city because I always tried to avoid the rush hours. 

So I could read "The Sun" in peace and found it very interesting !
For those who don't know, "The Sun" is a tabloid daily newspaper and is published in the UK and Ireland. It has the highest circulation of any daily English language newspaper in the world and publishes about 3.107.412 copies daily ! Their readership is just over 7.800.000 and it has more than twice as many readers as The Times. With me as reader now it makes 7.800.001. 

Thanks to The Sun you know everything about politics, celebrities, crimes, weather and global warming.
You can sleep without worry because Tom Cruises daughter has no diarrhea any more and eats well. You are informed how often Mrs. Bush goes to the beauty center, which she badly needed I agree. All marriage fights between Victoria and David Beckham are described in details, you even know the brand of the plate that she had thrown at him. 

Today I learned that Britney Spears prays for her Dad and that her hair is slowly growing, if she doesn't shave it off again. 

Prince William has at least one new girlfriend per day it depends on the edition time of The Sun. You will increase your general knowledge every day ! You now know that Hillary is using pink toilet paper (with white spots) and that Madonna will adopt a little chinese and not to forget that Elvis is still alive.
Titles such as : 

- Judge frees women who forced tots to fight
- Men bit his dog
- Bush boozed found in a bush
- Bratt and Angelina are they drug dealers ?
- Woman found in a deepfreeze
- George Clooney visits center for abandonned pigs
attract of course a lot of people, me included. If you put all the titles together you could make a bestseller ! If you wish to read more just go to The Sun !
(Note from the author : the Titles are invented !)


Meloncutter said...

It is amazing how they can come up with the stories they do. Even with the titles you made up, I would swear I have already read them. LOL

Good Post.

Later Y'all

Stine said...

I'm so happy that you were able to get on top of all these wildly interesting topics... Wonder why the papers are left behind?
Thanks for the visit!

Jamie said...

But were there any alien attacks this week? Good funny post.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

the sun! great take on the topic!

smiles, bee

mar said...

He, he, every country needs a newspaper like The Sun. Well, if it makes people read at least something!
We are enjoying wonderful spring weather but yes, it's too warm for the time of the year. The Sun should investigate asap, maybe it's all Antonio Bandera's fault...
Pls come over again to at least get a view of my rose, in case you don't get one today :)

Sanni said...

Great take on the sun-theme! Can´t believe your titles are invented... they sound so "real" - in perfect THE SUN manner =)

Oder wie die deutsche BILD-Zeitung:

"Wir sind Papst!"
"Schwarzwaldklinik: TV-Hund "Jerry" von Auto ├╝berfahren"
"Riesenaffe zerfleischt taubes Kind"
"Ein lustiger Musikant verlor die Frau"

Hootin'Anni said...

Now that was enjoyable!

Sounds to me that Hillary has a yeast infection ---that's what is making the white dots on the pink T P!!!

Now I gotta go find out what kind o' girl I am....being that you're hippy! LOL

the night owl said...

Good Morning ,.....thanks for coming to see my blog today.My Sun conure can laugh and it sounds like my voice.She likes to hide under her paper in her cage and Cluck..Cluck...
Have a wonderful week. Baba

Comedy + said...

Clever. I never thought of this either. Great how we all have a different take. Great job.

Mz Jackson said...

Thank God for publications like The Sun and our American version, The National Enquirer. How else would we know when there's an Elvis sighting or a baby is born with two heads?

Skittles said...

Those magazines sure come up with some strange stuff!

I have a very special MM today!

Danielle said...

It is a guilty pleasure reading the tabloids but nowadays I feel a little too guilty with supporting the paparazzi.

Happy MM
Be well and enjoy the day

TeaMouse said...

Just think of all the titles you could create! The potential is endless.

Captain Lifecruiser said...

Sounds like an interesting read :-) Butt I wonder if that women found in deepfreeze was me? We've had so cold weather over here lately.... *lol*

I hope it too change tomorrow already.

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Neila said...

Yay! I wish we could get The Sun here! Those Brits have the best tabloids! Great MM!

Melli said...

OY! We, of course, have tabloids too ... and sadly they probably ARE the best read newsprint in the country! I, however, REFUSE to give them ONE penny -- and after listening to my in-laws - who firmly BELIEVE every word in those blasted papers I won't even LOOK at them! I guess it's good though that you get such a great pleasure from them! And... you are SO well informed!!!