Pookie forgot to put flowers in her fur !

I like to look at test results of other people, but I don't really like it to do the test for myself. But this time I thought it would be fun to know what kind of girl I am (or if I am still a girl). To my surprise the result was "I am a Hippy" !

In some way it's true, I am a kind of hippy although I never lived in a community and I also know who is the father of my son.

The hippies came out of the student's revolution in the 60th against the establishment. They wanted to change the family rules and go back to nature. This was not so my styl. I still was for mariage and an only love at the time. I didn't want to live on the countryside although I love it. But sleeping together with cows, goats and dirty men was not really my style. I loved the idea of peace and love (pronounced in French like "Piss and laugh") and no war.

What I also liked very much was the Hippy fashion. I didn't wear any flowers in my hairs, but I liked the long skirts and the "wrinkle" look. I also had some trousers like the girl below with flowers on it. I remember a suede jacket with broderie on and goat fur which I loved to wear. I saw almost the same jacket not long ago in an American native exposition.

I also remember that at that time a lot of Belgian boys and girls escaped to Australia or to the Spanish Islands, where they lived in Hippy communities. They are probably today respectable fathers and mothers, with a house a garden grown up children and a cat and a dog. Gone the time of living in "nature".

There are still some hippies left on the Spanish Islands. I saw some, now my age, the men with long thin hair grey of course and the women with grey pigtails. They look a little out of time.

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Claudie said...

Bonjour Gattina! La journée commence bien! Nous avons un merveilleux soleil ce matin! You are an hippy! oh!oh! In the years 80, there was a little community in Savoie, lost in the mountains! They live in a old village deserted, and to access in it there was only a small foothpass! The man who looked to be the leader of the community was a german: Hans. They were reputed for their goat's cheese. And we, Pierre and me bought some. We could believe to be in middle age with the old stone's houses and the hippy who were with long dresses and long hairs and long beards! the plantations wouln't be very far!
Have a beautiful journey Mrs hippy!

Captain Lifecruiser said...

A hippy huh? I don't think I dare to take that test.... *lol*

That was just before my time i think. I grew up in the Disco time :-)

Think ABBAS clothes when they did sing Waterloo in the European song festival!

Meow said...

OMG, I wish I hadn't taken that test ... I scored as SLUT !!! I am so not one of those ... I am a happily married 42 year old !!
Fun quiz, though ... thanks.
Hope all is well in your world.
Take care, Meow

Rachelle Black said...

Ha-ha-ha!!! I scored as a slut...
Probably because of the question: Are you a virgin?
LOL, course I am 43 this year, married with kids, so course not!!

Well, seeing as how the pin up for slut was Lindsey Lohan I guess what genre they are going for.

LOL, but whenever I load your blog, it says "This website is probably a scam- proceed with caution" in a red bar at the top, so the worlds gone mad I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh, I scored as a loser! Thank goodness I don't tend to believe what those quizzes say, LOL! :-D

Melli said...

ROFL! You are tooooooo cute! I scored "Athletic Tomboy" - NO one would have called me that until the last couple of years ... but I guess it's pretty accurate now!

My next older sister was the one mostly into the "hippie" era! But she never has outgrown it... she is still anti-establishment -- it doesn't matter WHAT the establishment is recommending - she is against it! LOL! And she promotes "peace" in a most UNpeaceful manner!

Sanni said...

Uhm... I was scored as "Popular Bitch" - whatever that means =)

Ist das Wetter bei Euch auch so schön? Ich sitze momentan auf der Terrasse und geniesse die Sonne... und bekomme meinen Hintern nicht hoch. Darum habe ich auch am FR / SA nicht geposted. Meine Fotos sind noch nicht auf dem Laptop... Mein Tetergebnis hätte wohl eher "Faule Kuh" heissen müssen =)

vlado&toni said...

Hey I was also scored Popular Bitch, me and Sanni up there have something in common.. hmmm we both live in Germany?? In real life, I am a really, nice quiet low profile girl, entirely the opposite. I would love to see you though in that hippy pants.
Hey, I noticed you always have Pookie around, that means Pookie is your favorite among your other cats, are the others not jealous?