Today was the Big Shopping Day before the cruise ball on Saturday the 14th. at Mrs. Lifecruiser.

Of course as always when you have such a big choice it's hard to decide what to wear !

While I sat comfortable in a golden seat with red plush I looked at the models who presented the dresses to me. Of course I only asked for famous designers ! Now I have to decide which one I will wear or if I still have to look for another ! Life is hard !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us This is the head with the hat you have to imagine instead of the model's head without hat.

misterious, OK ! but I don't like the doll I would prefer a cat and that's a big problem !

or feathers ? But maybe they would tickle me and I would caugh and sneeze the whole evening ?

This model is ideal ! Not only it would hide belly and other body imperfections, but also dirty hair !

and of this one I could make a lot of scarfs after the ball !

Tiger look, yes OK but stripes make me fat !

I will sleep this over and decide tomorrow !


Gattina said...


Melli said...

Oooooooo LOVELY choices Gattina! I sO wonder what you will finally wear to the ball! I tried to go with designer gowns too - but alas - nothing was quite right!

RennyBA said...

I do hope you'll get a good night sleep - I know it must be a tough decision - and can hardly wait to see what you decide for:-)

Captain shopoholic Lifecruiser said...

Aha, the last one is actually one I could think of wearing myself. For real. Awesome. I'd probably not fit well in it either, butt who cares? *giggles*

The choosing is a big problem for me. Phew. This must be the toughest cruise day so far.... Even tougher than the pirates ;-)

Pamela said...

find an outfit with a life jacket...
(after that Greek tragedy)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

But the tiger stripes are so fitting for you Cat Lady!