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Pookie thinks that News are every day the same.

Every morning I watch the news on Euronews to keep me up to date. Today as usual I did the same and here are 13 news out of a lot of others.

1. Father kidnapped baby and disappeard. Mother desperate asks for Baby return on local TV

2. Train derailed 56 people injured, 7 badly wounded. Five year old had put a stone on the rails

3. 36 years old man raped 28 women because he wanted to be a father

5. 28 women aborted

6. 3 Kamikaze exploded in the center of Letmelaughville

7. Priest married, he already had 3 children. Pope Benedict scandalized

8. 80 year old discovered the corpse of a stabbed woman in Middlepark and died of a heart attack

9. Women killed husband with a cake fork because of his snoring

10. Heavy fights in parliament. 5 politicians badly wounded

11. Research center for beauty products burnt down. Animals could escape, 5 researchers couldn't and died in the flames.

12. 25 year old raped 89 year old woman in hospital and stole her purse

13. 16 soldiers killed in Bagdad (only ? the other day it was much more)

Well informed and updated I can begin my day !

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Courtney said...

I know it's mean, but I just can't feel too bad about #10. In fact, injured politicians kind of gives me a happy felling. :/

Damozel said...

There's such a thing as being TOO well-informed, I think.

Mom of three said...

I think Pookie has a point. Sorry your news is no better than ours. Happy TT!

By the way, I am enjoying Cats On Tuesday!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Sounds like da same crappy stuff everywhere!

Rosemarie said...

11. Research center for beauty products burnt down. Animals could escape, 5 researchers couldn't and died in the flames.

It's a sign from Heaven!

TT #1 for me. http://ruhoffman.blogspot.com/
Thirteen Things About My Town In Arizona

Robin said...

What an awful news day, and sadly probably not different from the one before or after it :(.

Carmen said...

informed, and probably disturbed by the world.

Darla said...

Hmmm. A cake fork? Nah, that's too much trouble--have to go all the way downstairs for it--plus, there'd be blood and stuff. A pillow would be so much tidier, don't you think?

Melli said...

Letmelaughville??? Ohhhhhhh Gattina!
(you are sO bad!) ;-)

gabriella hewitt said...

Obviously the news in Europe is as disturbing as anywhere else in the world. If I were you I'd stick to the comics with my breakfast.

By the way, I love your hat in the post below. You certainly deserved first prize. Congratulations!

Happy TT day!

Callie Ann said...

sad when the high light of the news is all the bad things. sad good post though.

Denise Patrick said...

Sad commentary on our world today. Thanks for visiting my TT.

Raggedy said...

Time to find a new way to start you day?
The world has gone crazy!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
Huggles and Love,

Skittles said...

The news sure can be depressing at times..

JAM said...

I like to keep up with what's happening in the world and in my country, but then I end up wondering why I put myself through that. The US congress is filled with too many wimps who wouldn't actually, physically fight one another. Maybe they should. That would be more progress than what's coming out of congress right now.

TeaMouse said...

Depressing way to begin the day - but that is the News for you!

Very interesting list!

Joy Renee said...

why do they call it news only if someone is doing harm to someone or something?

I am an online news-aholic and i'm thinking maybe it's not the best prescription for someone with panic/anxiety disorder. Maybe if i went on the news wagon my heart would slow down and stop skipping beats and I could sleep for more than four hours without a nightmare waking me up.

but, then, i'm also a fret-aholic, aka worrywart. and there i go, fretting about being a fretter. what can one do?

My tt is 13 things I am NOT going to miss about the weekly walk to the library. It is 13 pics of the anoying to the horrifying.

I’m having fun with my new digital camera while offering an amusing and informative lesson on the vissisitudes of the visualy impaired.

Sanni said...

I agree with Pookie! Too bad it´s mostly bad news... weird world.

Vielleicht hat der Osterhase ja ein kleines Päckchen geliefert? Ins Bäuchlein... bei mir gibt´s auch noch nichts Neues. Keine zweite homepage in Sicht!

TorAa said...

Cats are wiser than most people.

btw. arrived at Nice Côte d'Azure airport - all luggage had to be left at OSL. What a story.

TeaMouse said...

I've added you to my 5 New Blogs I read from a link love I participated in. I really like your blog and I love your paintings. Feel free to participate in this link love next TT.

JennyMcB said...

Hey you changed your background, very pretty!

With all the bad news on tv and in the papers, that's why I stay from books with violence!

This is an interesting idea for a 13 list!