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Mobile is necessary !

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Don’t miss our cruise today it stops in Berlin at Sanni. Then follows Alaska (!), US, Italy, Dominican Republic, Australia and other mystery destinations!

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    Celeste said...

    The last picture. Is that a cellphoe? Love the cat!

    eph2810 said...

    Did you crop the first picture, or was the bird brave enough :)

    Is the second one an art-piece?

    What a strange hair-do :)

    Happy Wednesday.

    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    She's so cute in glasses. The 2nd photo, who is that?
    Mine is up too.

    anyhowblogs said...

    I love that open concept in pic 2!

    Wordless Wednesday's Guess-It is up. Go on and take a guess!

    mar said...

    I see the second pic often when they decide it's time for a new building around here, love it!!!
    Love Pookie's hat! happy ww :)

    vlado&toni said...

    Love that second photo, do you think they would mind if i use the toilet there :)
    Hey Frauchen, tell Pookie that smoking is hazardous to his health :)

    Hootin'Anni said...

    LOL---I especially like your caption for the cell-phone user! That just struck me as funny.

    Jeanette said...

    Hello Gattina \
    love Pookie in her hat and glasses
    Is the second pic a building getting torn down.
    Gattina If you can get into Hootin anni would you please pass this message on.

    hootin Anni if you read this I /we cant get on to your blog and i no others are having the same problem keeps saying unavailable I have been getting you on my side bar and haven't altered it ..

    Rebecca said...

    Would love to borrow the purple body paint for eyeshadow...I have a pair of shoe that would match it perfectly. ;)

    Donna said...

    I like the top picture best.

    Brian said...

    Love the first one. :) LOL

    tennessee mom said...

    I love the 2nd picture, its great!

    Beckie said...

    HA HA HA What a great bunch of pics. The second one is a riot. Did you take it?

    Thanks for coming by.

    Rachelle Black said...

    Ha!! The pruple guy's hair looks like mine in the morning! A big ol knot in the top :))

    Rachelle Black said...

    oops... I meant 'purple'
    Too much pain meds woo-hoo!!!

    Deb said...

    Are those toilets on the outside of that building?? Too funny!!

    Hootin'Anni said...

    Thanks for letting me know. I hope I now have it fixed for IE and my blog.

    I use Firefox and never thought of testing it with IE until you posted the comment with Jeanette's email to you about my blog timing out.

    *keeping my fingers crossed that it will work now for IE users.*

    You're a doll for letting me know, and I appreciate it so much.

    FelineFrisky said...

    Pookie is such a model! LOL LOVE it! D :)

    DK & The Fluffies said...

    Now that is an interesting collection of photos!

    Melli said...

    LOL! You had fun with the cat this morning didn't you?! Pookie is just SO cooperative! ;)

    I'm confused on the 2nd one... I hope this is a painting... otherwise I'm completely bewildered!

    The bottom one is just funny!

    Karen said...

    The cat photo is so funny!

    The photo of man is very ineteresting; what different cultures we have. Awesome.

    Have a great day and happy WW!

    Comedy + said...

    Ah...Nothing like a smoke after ..., with the bird? Funny!

    Loved the wall of plumbing. Art or tragedy?

    Everyone knows that a tribesman must have a cell phone!!!

    TorAa said...

    What a mess, the pirates stole my batteries. My cellphone is dead - but I have more than one hat:))

    PS. This week I have one on both my 2 blogs

    Sanni said...

    *LOL* Can´t believe these pictures, but they remain as I saw them BEFORE it put in my lenses =)

    Schön, dass Dir die Berlin Tour gefallen hat. Ich freu mich! Es wartet noch ein kleiner Berliner Teddy Bär in meinem Blog =)