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Pookie suffers from severe spring fatigue the whole year !

On March 20 spring began officially and lasts until end of May, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. Our Australian friends now instead settle down for their winter sleep.

But what happens so special in spring ? We all wake up or should at least and realize that the days are longer the sun comes out and the nature gets crazy !

Some humans are feeling depressed and retire in their deep black hole and call it (spring) seasonal depression others are coming out of their holes because their's is finished (automn-winter depressions). Some others are suffering from strong spring fatigue and feel weak, tired and without any energy.

Floodings, hails and thunderstorms happen in spring.

But then trees get leaves and the flowers come out, nature begins to take color.

Boys begin to look even more as usual at girls and men discover that there are other women to look at in streets and parks than their own one.

Girls do the same but more discreet. That's called sexual equality.

Cats are laying in the sunshine and sing operas during nights looking at the moonshine

Dogs try to climb over the fences to find a partner especially when she smells so good. Dog owners are doing skateboard on the street pulled by their dogs running behind a nice looking (and smelling) dog girl.

Horses forget that they have a human to carry and ran after a horse lady, while the human gathers his limbs and gets slowly up. (mostly swearing)

Cows are laying in the grass and leak each other tenderly until a bull springs over the fence

Windows are cleaned and you suddenly realize that a new neighbor has moved in. Curtains are washed and the room looks much brighter. Housewives get crazy and clean from morning till evening the home from top to bottom.

Men suddenly discover that their car has to be cleaned from the winter dirt and salt. They cut everything available in the garden and dig holes for flowers and plants. Women too of course again equality.

Shops and boutiques are full of the new spring collections and women look for new feathers and claws.

Birds are arriving from far and settle down to built their nests. The once which stayed here do the same.

Early mornings you wake up and spring (or fall) out of your bed because of the bird's singing. In town of course less, but there is the traffic noise coming through the open window.

Hairs are cut and shaved off the whole body.

Babies are created Couples get married (not necessarily in this order) Spring feelings are in the air !

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    Imma ( Alice) said...

    Good writing for Manic Monday, Gattina. Hope you are having a wonderful spring into the new season.

    Crazy Working Mom said...

    Spring has sprung! :)
    I love it. What a great post. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Happy Monday!!

    Maribeth said...

    I love the new skin! Wonderful!
    I am also starting to get spring restless. I want to take down curtains and clean them, wash rugs and get the house smelling fresh!!!

    Jamie said...

    Hilarious and well deserved cartoon.

    Skittles said...

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I loved every single word. :)

    Comedy + said...

    Wow, you really with all out here. I really got a kick out of the cartoon, but then I would! Great job.

    Heather in Beautiful BC said...

    Hey Gattina - you really nailed it!!! I loved the 'hairs are cut and shaved...'

    Great post - and the cartoon - funny, funny, funny. Hope you don't mind me borrowing it?

    Have a lovely Monday :)

    Natalie said...

    I thought about shaving this morning. But then put tights on.

    Sanni said...

    Love your spring-post, Gattina! And the cartoon - thanks for the good laugh!

    Ha! Das ist wahrscheinlich mehr Info als Du Dir erhofft hättest, aber ich habe mir heute früh die Beine rasiert! =)

    Raggedy said...

    It sounds as if spring has sprung.
    I love the cartoon.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

    Melli said...

    WOW! You about covered it all! I don't think I can add a thing to it! Oh ... except maybe that I'm digging my shorts out of the closet!!! :)

    I'm sorry to have worried you today dear... I'm not sick... just very VERY busy --- and then there was that whole incident on board this morning!

    lisa said...

    Happy Spring! and where do you find those hysterical cartoons? :-)