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I found this Quizz "Which religion is the right one for you?" on a blog (of course where else) and as I always wanted to know the answer to this question I tried it. I swear I gave an honnest answer to all questions.

And what came out ?? Something really awful which I didn't know and which probably has slept in me for a long while, I am a satanist ! It cleary said that I belong to 78 % to Satanism ! Would you ever have believed that ?? I was in shock ! To be sure what it is exactly meaning I asked Wikipedia and learned amongst other explanations that there is even a church and that people such as Jayne Mansfield, Kenneth
 Anger, Sammy Davis Jr., King were or are members.

Before I change my make up to this
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to be Satans little (why little ?) helper, I did another test to know if I am really that evil ! It was nice of me to do that, because now I can be completely reassured I am not evil ! I can send the devil to hell where he belongs to.

How evil are you?

With my inner demons I can live, they are not sooo demoniac or did I ever send you spams ? (Anonymous of course).
As there is no group on tuesdays who gives me a menu, a wordless day, or just one word, I invented a group for myself. "Tuesday laughs". That day I can write something to laugh or to laugh about. Somebody interested to join ? So far my group has one member, me !
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To show this cartoon must be suggested by my inner demons
I don't dare to label this post with satanism, I am afraid that I attract the whole comunity.


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Ha ha, my dear Gattina or should I say evil Gattina (LOL), I would love to join your Tuesday laughs but I don't even have time to keep up with the other memes I already participate in.

You know me, I'm only a fair weather participant on CATS on Tuesday, and that is the reason.

But I will still frequent your blog to read all the funny stuff and if I have anything to contribute some week I will.

Have a good day!!!

mar said...

LOL, you know the "demons" and "devil" labels will attract many new readers to your blog, you should check out your stats :)
I'm having a blah-tuesday myself until I played a little scrabble on my blog :)
And one of the books sitting on one table I have
yet to read is Andre Comte-Sponville's "L'esprit de l'atheism", but I have the Spanish version of course!

LadyBugCrossing said...

LOL!! I've got to do that quiz!
Thanks for dropping by today!

Melli said...

LOL! I would be afraid of the riff-raff that you've ALREADY invited with this topic! (but then again - you let ME in!) I'm not buying for a minute that you are THAT bad! Energetic? Yes. Spunky? YES! Mischievous? DEFINITELY!!! Satanic? Not even!!!

So... I took your tests! The first one says I am a Christian. The second one says I am ANGELIC - the exact opposite of anything evil! There! We counter-balance each other! We'll just have to stick together!

TorAa said...

The cartoon is a very good example of alternative energy. Simply brilliant.


TorAa said...

OK then, I checked myself. I'm hopeless:

I dare not tell the cats:)

Pamela said...

If you post it they will come.
Oh. wrong movie. That was field of dreams, wasn't it.