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Pookie poses

13 things I heard this morning

1. Your eye is too narrow, make it bigger

2. Your tail is too short, it should lay around your legs

3. Your bottom is too far down, put it up

4. Your head is too big make it smaller

5. One of your breasts is bigger than the other

6. Make your hands bigger, your arm is too thick

7. Your feet seem too big make your legs longer or shorten the feet

8. Your belly button is not in the middle

9. Your eyes are too narrow and your nose too long

10. Your left lower leg is too thick compared to the right

11. Your pubis is not in the middle

12. Your arms are too long, they go under your knees

13. Your ears are too high, they have to be at eye level

Now guess where I have heard this ?

in my painting course

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Could happen in a drawing lesson too !

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Another "Ascott" hat that I am wearing on our cyber cruise ! Interested ?

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    Crystal said...


    Happy Thursday. :)

    Tink said...

    At the gym? The plastic surgeon? Modelling class? :-)
    My TT is about posts without comments.

    Darla said...

    LOL!! I was hoping it was an art class.

    Carmen said...

    I was thinking maybe in scuplting class or something. Cute hat!

    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    At first I thought it was thoughts coming from Pookie about you. LOL

    Good one!

    Tilly Greene said...

    What a wonderful way to start the morning...with a laugh! Thank you :-)

    Emma Wayne Porter said...

    LOL I was getting concerned there until I got to the end.

    Too funny.

    Have a good Thursday =)

    Hootin'Anni said...


    Ya, I know about the European and others over the big pond from America!! And when it comes time to post things for a certain day----I always THINK OF YOU bloggers!!

    ....and I post EARLY
    Just for that reason.

    Here, when I do a Wordless Wednesday, Saturday Photo Hunt....I post mine around 5 PM the DAY BEFORE....'cause I know you people are getting up and ready to face the day that hasn't come to our part of the world yet.

    So, don't fret dear lady...you'll have a day to remember---I'll have it up and published around 5 PM My Time, today[Thursday for us Americans]!!! Your time?---maybe like 2 a.m on Friday to coincide with my 5 PM.....I don't know the hour difference.

    Joy Renee said...

    i first thot it was pookie too, listing the ways you ask her to adjust her poses for the pictures. by about halfway thru the list tho i was thinking some kind of drawing class.

    i can always count on you for some giggles

    meanwhile, i'm still obsessed with the upcoming library closure here:
    my #26 is 13 of the items vying for my attention in the last nine days before our library’s doors close indefinitly. 4 NF books, 4 novels and 4 DVDS plus #13 which is a bit of a cheat. I can only hope to complete two novels, help me decide which one to commit to


    Anonymous said...

    I certainly hope it was an art class of some sort!! Very clever, thanks for making me laugh! (By the way, my Cats blogroll is up and I will see you next Tuesday!)

    whenn said...

    LOL! Very funny! :) I was a bit confused at first, but as I read along, I snapped! :)

    Ingela F. Hyatt said...

    Okay, I admit I was getting a bit worried there... I'm glad it was just your painting class... *grin*

    Tempest Knight said...

    OMG! Who told you all this? Hehehe!

    Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

    When people make those comments about your art, just tell them you are the next Picasso. Thanks for the giggle.

    JAM said...

    I'm hoping it's an art/drawing critique.

    Is Pookie the cat on the left or the cat on the right up there?

    That's a snappy lookin' brim you're wearing there too.

    Robin said...

    Phew, I'm glad it was in an art class.

    Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Melli said...

    Ahhhhhh... I'm guessing you were painting again! Or drawing... (from hint at the bottom)! At first I was very worried about HOW you would get your bottom up!

    ChupieandJ'smama said...

    I love the hat. It's very fetching. And I'm glad you clarified where you heard that. I was concerned :)

    Raggedy said...

    lol that was so funny!
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    Thank you for your visit.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

    Barbara H. said...

    I think I would hear a lot worse things than that if I tried a drawing class. :)

    Mama's Moon said...

    Ve-e-e-rrrry cute ascott! Love it! And your list was hilarious - at first I thought somebody was being really mean to you! How funny those phrases are when ya don't get the full context!

    Happy Thursday!

    Kuanyin said...

    ROFL! Your humor is zee best, dahling! Happy tt or is titty? :-)

    Denise Patrick said...

    I'd guessed you were talking about an art class about halfway through the list. Good fun!

    Anonymous said...

    LOLOLOL! Gattina, I started out reading your post and I was like... hmmm, huh, eh...? And then I started figuring out what you were talking about -- what a great TT!

    Have a happy Thursday and weekend, and scritches to your kitties!

    Angelo said...

    Whaaaa? Whatcha been up to Gattina! LOL! Happy T13!

    Angelo said...

    OH! I just saw the fine print! Whew! hehe :)

    JennyMcB said...

    How can you keep a straight face while working? I would spend the whole time giggling about my off centered body parts! Funny list.

    Ctina said...

    Haha! Awesome list!