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No baloon in there either !
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blow blown blew blowing
that is the question !

Thinking over these words and finding a story to knit around is quite hard. At least for me, maybe others have children to describe who blow up a baloon or terrorists to blow up a building, the hat that had been blown away, or the wind who is still blowing.

There are also other meanings but they are more for X or XX blogs and not for a brave, innocent family friendly blog like this, entertained by a brave, innocent, honest, correct, clean, retired ex working mum, faithful wife, mother and housewife.

Finally I remembered something which happened when I was a child, so it's clean enough to read. (I mean for this blog).

I was in the bedroom of my parents and found a baloon on the bedside table. The color was not that exciting for a child, not even red, blue or green no it looked quite transparent and boring. But nevertheless I took one and tried to blow it up. I blew and blew and blew but it was very hard to get blown up !

My cheaks got thick and thicker, my head red and redder and suddenly somebody stormed in the room snatched the still not blown up baloon out of my mouth and hands and screemed in horror ! I didn't understand the world anymore, it was my mother ! Why was she so upset that I had taken a baloon on her night table ? There were enough left !

Later on I understood. And I thought if she wouldn't have made such a mess I would never had kept this event in my memories.

So keep this in mind : whenever your child finds a "balloon" or a X-Video in your home, don't forget it has not (yet) such a dirty mind as you !

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 Why do you always buy baloons for Dad and never for me ?


katherine. said...

Gattina - This was such a funny story...Thanks for the laugh!

(and yes you can have coffee first - smile)

Pamela said...

now that story just snuck right in on us ... like a trojan horse. ha ha ha ha ha

Travis said...

I love that story. Very cute!

I think you're right - you may never have remembered that if your mom had let you finish blowing it up and then let you play with it.

Great job with the theme!

mar said...

LOL, great story! and great advice. That, or keep your adult toys out of children's reach :)
happy monday!

Lizza said...

Hahaha! That's a funny story. Childhood memories can be such fun. Glad you shared this balloon tale with us. :-)

Imma ( Alice) said...

ROFL... great story! It sounds like quite a hard JOB to BLOW up that balloon, haha. I guess your mom overreacted because she was trying to protect you and keep you SAFE. heehee

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great story! My children have gotten into my bedside table more times than I care to count...and you're right. Don't make a big deal out of it. Then they WANT to go back. *LOL* Great twist on BLOW!

lisa said...

LOL! Gattina, too funny. Nice take on the word blow.

Jamie said...

reminds me of the time a friend asked everyone to make "ornaments" for her tree. The one that got the biggest laugh were three of your "balloons" inside each other and unrolled to different lengths to create a "bell".

Helena said...

Pooky is so beautiful. I had a cat who looked just like that once, called Sam.

My cats turn 14 on March 23rd. What is that in human years?

Maribeth said...

That is so funny. A similar thing happened to me as a kid. LOL

Lexa Roséan said...

you are one funny lady
thanks for visiting my blog
The Witch Dr is IN

Desert Songbird said...

Bwahahaha! That is a great, great story! As a parent of young kids, I'll have to remember just what I tell my kids so that I don't "scar" them for life.

debalious said...

too funny - I will look at balloons in a whole new light

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

That's great advice Gattina - I know I always tend to overreact about stuff like that!!!! Great MM :)

Helena, in answer to your question, "DEAD"!!!

Cassie said...

ROFL, what a great story!

Did you ever read Betty Smith's A Tree Grows In Brooklyn? In that book there is a hilarious scene where the 2 children, very young at the time, find a box of their dad's balloons, fill them up with water and hang them from their Brooklyn apartment window. I laughed and laughed until I cried.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about Lost and Prison Break. I hear that Prison Break is a good show but I can only be addicted to one show at a time, lol, because I have too many other things going on.

Claire said...

You innocent?lol!
Did this really happen? i would be horrified the day it dawned on me what those balloons actually where!

Neila said...

That is an AWESOME story!! Isn't so traumatic when we find out that our parents actually have . . . well, you know! Ugh! Still not a visual I want in my head.

Great post for the word blow.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Gattina. Thanks for sharing that funny story. I could imagine the reaction on your mom's face. I agree, perhaps, it wouldn't have remained in your memory if she didn't make a fuss about it. At least, you can look back and laugh about the incident.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ha ha... Still blowing balloons? *lol*

Only memory I have is of my former dog, he loved to play with balloons since he knew that they could go bang any second for him. He did bite in them but carefully and very quickly retiring IF they should explode.

He could really play ball with it, bouncing it on his nose up in the air for a long time before ut would finally explode when he took a bite. He had balloon skills as a preofessional ball player.

He got so excited every time he got a balloon that we almost thought he should get an heart attack! (Just like we've heard of men doing when using the balloons ;-)