Pookie doesn't care she is in her fourties now in human age of course and still looks as when she was a young girl. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Some time ago I met a woman who complained bitterly that getting older is awful. Maybe for her it is right, but I don't think so. Life still can be very interesting even when you are very old ! It all depends on you. Some women are already born old and had never been "young" whatever that means.

And then I thought about all my friends I know since ages and have to admit that they don't have the same faces or bodies anymore as when I met them for the first time. Some of them didn't put on weight and still had the same silhouette, others doubled. They look "old" now, or more polite, you can see that they are not 30 anymore, me included of course.

And this a real problem for me. Usually I completely forget that I am "old" but it is written in my passport, and when somebody proposes me an excursion organized for "seniors" I first think they are crazy ! Me a senior ! Not because of vanity but I have the problem of sitting in an old shell and being still the same as when I were in my thirties. (with some experiences more of course).

There are a lot of things I would like to do, but don't because it would really look ridiculous and nothing is worse than an old cow playing "young". I can't hopping around on dancing floors as I used to do, or dancing a Rock 'n Roll and being thrown over a man's shoulder, or flirting around with young men. I don't wear a bikini any more because I think with an "old" face on even a good conserved body it's better to leave this for women who still have the adequate face. Faceliftings are not really a solution sometimes women look as if they had a stretched mask instead of a face and then I think you look much more attractive when you stand to your age.

Sometimes when I look in a mirror I am surprised that I don't see the face I used to see with 30 and have to remember that this was 30 years ago.

Some women, are always talking about the past that makes them going on, they don't look into the future and prefer to organize their funerals, because then the children wouldn't have to pay too much, they say, proud of how caring they are ! They talk all the time about "at my time" which gets very much on my nerves. What means "their time" ? They are still alive and when was this time ? When I ask them they look surprised, they don't even know.

Some women start complaining about wrinkles, loosing hair and thick veines etc the whole day long as if there were nothing more important in life. Besides going out in restaurants, movies shopping, hairdresser and beauty saloon, they do nothing ! Oh yes, they do something, they drink and a lot mostly wine. It's amazing how many women become alcoholics after they are retired or the children have left the house.

Fortunately most of my friends which I know since ages are dealing very well with getting older. They even don't realize. They have a lot of occupations such as photography, painting, or helping out in hospitals, they get never bored and most important they are full of humor, and enjoy life. They are happy to be able to do things they love but had never the time to do.

They can travel as they like they don't have to pay attention to school holidays, they can go to bed whenever they want they don't have to work or get up for the children, they can get up early or late, nobody cares (except the husband if they have one), in short they are free. . So a few wrinkles what does that matter ?

I always have a very good relationship with girls or boys in their 30 or younger probably because of my problem, feeling 30 and sitting in my old shell but with a very important advantage I can look back on 30 years of life and I have become wiser too.

And there is one woman in my life who is my example : my grandma. She was wonderful at any age and even took care of the bookkeeping of much younger women when she was already far in her 80. She was funny, active and witful until she felt off her armchair at 95 watching her favorite TV soap and died.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing your nice insights about growing older. I was looking at my recent photos and noticed lines forming near my eyes. Instead of calling them wrinkles, I would rather call them laugh lines. :)

Maribeth said...

I truly celebrate each passing year. Another year lived, more experiances and time. Yes, time. Many people do not appreciate what they have or the time they spend in their lives. It's all hurry, hurry, hurry, and then one day they look up and say, "Oh my God, I am old!"
Not me, I intend to enjoy each day, each year, each moment of my life!

Grammie said...

Good for you.....You have a great attitude about getting older! : )

I am getting more laugh lines every day from your funny cartoons!! Hysterical...

Take care!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

All I can say is I hate when my boobs get caught under the toilet seat!

Pamela said...

I don't like being older, but I don't like the alternative either. Lil Anna Nicole Smith will never grow old.

I think the farting in public is the most difficult aspect of it all.
ha ha ha ha ha h aha

Claire said...

I was born old and most of my mates are a lot older than me. i can wind them up when we are out by saying i am doing my bit for care in the community, they don't find that funny. I love your blog and your sense of humour is cool.

Leann said...

your only as old as you feel.I feel 27 and look 60.but I am late 50,s.but I go by my born again age 37.cause thats when My life really begain.God bless.

Melli said...

You are right! I'm not crazy about this new shell I'm living in -- although the MOST new it is I'm getting happier with! LOL! But... I don't see sitting around whining about it for long! I've got things to do! And I want to die falling out of a roller coaster when I'm 95! (or maybe 105!)

Helena said...

LOL I love that cartoon!

Well I turn 40 this so I'm starting to view age differently... maybe it's just the 40 thing but I'm looking back and feeling low, like I've done nothing with my life and "where did that go?!"
Haven't managed to look ahead instead yet.... still trying.

I have a 'friend' (!) that I knew would rib me about turning 40 this year (though she is only 9 months younger than me!) and I wondered, how long will it be till she mentions it? Answer? I saw her on new year's day- and she said it then!

Good grief!

And if I said anything like it to her next years, when SHE turns 40, she'll go off in a sulk!!!

Hey ho!!

Well I'm off for a cuppa, and to do a bit of my OU course, with my companion Bob T Bear beside me...



Mrs Lifecruiser said...

That's one of my favorite cartoons, it were on my top pic when it was "Pink for October". It's that good :-)

I guess it's all about attitude huh? We'll have to keep a good attitude towards aging overall in the society. Which isn't the fact today with all these advertising about anti-wrinkle cream, surgerys and all.

I see beauty in aging. I love to look at wrinkled people and imagine the life they've had. The wrinkles are life lines indeed. Really interesting ones. Gives a lot of character too.

My aging doesn't disturb me either, that's why I often joke about it. To make people realize that it isn't that bad. They're just fed with that strange idea that it's a bad thing. It's natural. Every age has it's own beauty.

What's real to me is sickness or pain, that's much more diffult to handle because it disurbs the peace, but it hasn't something to do with age in that matter of speaking.

The most important thing is to take care of each day - to LIVE it fully, no matter of age!