Pookie as a perfect English lady (she comes from London) prepares herself for the next cruise

Yesterday I tried to explain to my friend that I am doing a Cyber Cruise.

Of course she asked what that was. I have to say that my friend has no idea of internet, computer or whatsoever concerning the modern world today. Even a mobile or a remote control is a mistery to her and a computer for her is like a TV. Except of course my laptop, and she cannot understand that this small thing is a computer and not a briefcase to carry around

I told her that we had started in Stockholm/Sweden, that my swedish blogfriend (Mrs.Lifecruiser ) had this good idea and had organized the whole thing. First I had to explain what a Blogfriend is. It would take too long to describe my description of a blogfriend. So I gave it up and went further. I told her that we are on an imaginated ship and had sailed from Stockholm to Oslo and then Waterloo etc schedule here.

The imaginated ship she could imagine, but the fact that we criss-crossed through the whole world without any logic sailing from Alaska to Canada and then to Rome and to the States she couldn't understand. Why didn't we follow the normal way and follow the geographical order as normal humans, staying on one continent, visiting everything and then going to the next ? I said that doesn't matter if we go from America to Europe and back there and then again Europe and then Canada and then, and then ... my poor friend got dizzy and I started to fancy about all countries I would visit in the whole world, when she brought me back to my seat in the Chinese restaurant.

She said : " and Mr. Gattino agrees that you would be away for such a long time "? In this moment I gave up and changed subject to something what she knew better "by the way how is Jacques ?" (her son) and enjoyed my chinese beef with noodles.

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One of our male cruise members on the beach

If you are interested in the cruise, see what Melli wrote today about her town in Maryland (USA)


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Very funny post about how you couldn't get your friend to understand. If people are not exposed to the internet, it is hard for them to understand personal computers and technologies and such.

I have a sister who is completely computer illiterate and a friend who writes out her emails by hand and her husband types them for her to send out! LOL

My Dad finally got himself a computer about 5 years ago but my Mum used to complain that he spent to much time on it but in fact he really doesn't. He now emails with a former childhood friend in England whom he had lost touch with for many years and I think that's kind of cool.

I think it's marvelous Gattina how you have become so computer savy in such a short time! Look at all you have done to your blogs!

I don't even know how to make buttons but would love to learn how. Any pointers?

TorAa said...

Ok, I admit it. It's me. After 12 bottles of bubble drinks, often named Champagne.
But to day, the Sun and 14 C in Oslo South, and shopping, I' again looks like a skinny teenager.

Great, amusing post.

DellaB said...

Hi Gattina, you have the best links of things to do, thank you. I will go and have a look at Melli.

Good story too, very very funny.

Captain Bubble Lifecruiser said...

Oh, Tor, the beach hank huh? *lol*

But the little pigs are just soooo cute, I love pigs! I know, I'm weird, but I just do :-)

Yes, how to explain the cyber cruise? If people don't get it just by themselves, it's almost impossible to explain so they understand. They do look funny at you....


JennyMcB said...

Hi, I am participating in a challenge to write about the five most interesting blogs that I read this past Thursday and included your blog. I always enjoy your comments on my 13's and reading your posts, plus I enjoy your cat pictures and stories.

BTW- your header is awesome, a collage of your interests.

Melli said...

ROFL! Gattina - you must be crazy to even TRY to explain the cyber world to a Non-com! I used to try to tell my friends too though - they don't "get it" either! LOL! At that point I decided it was probably better to just have friends in both places -- inside the "box" and outside of it! And never the two shall mix! Ahhhhh... but the drinks can mix! Did you get your t-shirt? Have you played volleyball? Oh... do I hear the captain blowing the horn? Is it ALREADY time to depart for Italy? I guess we should GO then!