The cruise continues and we are sailing from Barcelona to the Irish Church Lady who I hope will have left her church by now and has prepared everything to walk us around.

While I was enjoying my cigar on deck

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and Pookie had stolen a hat from Melli (I think it suits her very well)

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Arthur enjoyed the pipe of Sanni and to be sure had also lighted a cigare. While he savoured his champagne ....

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Suddenly !!! I heard Mrs. Lifecruiser screaming "Pirates" !!!

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And they were coming !

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Help ! a mess broke out on the whole cruise !

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They looked terrible ! Some of them were already dead and showed their skulls, we thought !

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But then we had a closer look, and realized that they still looked terrible but at least as humans.

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One of us women on board (I don't remember who it was) proposed generously herself to get rid of the pirates ! I was impressed, such a brave soul !

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But Renny and TorAa didn't agree with that and wanted to protect her ! Mrs. Lifecruiser our capitain started to negotiate with the terrible pirates !

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Poor Sanni, in her hurry to escape, lost one of her 6o (or were it more shoes ?) !

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Melli tried to make a seductive smile and asked them kindly to leave the ship. She was very worried about her 20 hats !

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The pirates looked very afraid when they saw this red hat and when Mrs. Lifecruiser showed up with a furious face, (below )

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they finally left ! Big sighs of relief went through the whole ship and we all saw them jumping in the water. The last one couldn't escape ! Renny and Tor catched him and ....

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just hanged a trophee on our ship, so that no pirates would dare to come on our cruise ship again.

For those who think that I escaped from a madhouse this morning, I can assure them, no ! I only described the cruise I am participating on.

Above mention cruise members and cruise schedule you can find here with our Capitain

  • Mrs.Lifecruiser

    mar said...

    And here I was happy we had left Barcelona since there are very strong polar winds today and look at this!!! I was hiding and looking at your cat's pics (love the blue hat!!) and was happy to hear the Vikings rescued us! cheers for them!

    RennyBA said...

    No problem Gattina: That is just normal behavior and reaction for us lustily Vikings you know! No one can take such goodies from us - and as gentlemen we always look for (after:-) the Ladies first;-)

    This is a thrill money can't buy - The Irish Church Lady has taken the Cyber Cruise to a new dimension!

    Hootin'Anni said...

    Oh my....well, 'tweren't ME that exposed myself!!

    Mine would hung lower than the picture you used. Truth be told!!!!

    RennyBA said...

    Update: Look what you did last Saturday; Lifecruisers emptied the shops in Oslo!. Do you have any money left LoL

    TorAa said...

    I remeber that woman very well. Someone offered me Captain Morgan, but I said: can I have Miss Morgan instead? I leave it with the Q-mark.

    Faboulous report of what happened this morning. I've tracked the pirates and also happens to know were they are heading. Press release at 22:40.

    Cap'n Jacquotte The Horny said...

    This must ben in yer dreams Gattina since th' buccanneers still be holdin' us in the'r grip!

    Keep diggin' deeper!

    Ya horn swogglin' bilge rat!

    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    Gattina ~ ye be a grand pirateer lass! Thank ye for reporting all then news that's fit to print on the Cyber Cruise an' then some!!

    Alas the ship is now gettin' ready to set sail to Germany where we be speakin' yer own language! Arrrrr Matey! Ich w√ľnsche eine Flasche Bier