.... we drifted apart

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhen I first saw the words for "Manic Monday" a phrase came into my mind, "... we drifted apart" and there was nothing to do, I was blocked with these three words.

I remembered when I bought my first Elvis record in 1956 which was quite unusual for the rest of Europe, because Elvis became famous only very later. But I lived in a zone in Germany, which was occupied by American soldiers and therefore had heard it at the radio. All my friends loved his music and so did I. He was not at all my idol as a man, there the tastes drifted, I even didn't like him at all, he seemed so colorless to me (!) With my new record, at that time a big round thing (78t) I listened to his music whenever I had time.

My parents found this music awful and my father wondered how I could listen to this "nigger music" the whole day, although I have to say they have never been racists, it was just an expression. There also our tastes drifted In 1956 I just learned English and couldn't understand the words and the meaning of one of my favourite songs the only thing which I kept in mind was ... "we drifted apart" I don't even remember in which song it was.

When I moved to Brussels with my parents, I forgot about Elvis and listened more to french singing imitators. When Elvis died, of course his songs were played everywhere and I suddenly remembered my first record and the most wonderful thing happened, I understood the words and the meaning of ... "we drifted apart" !


Sanni said...

"Are you lonesome tonight... do you miss me tonight... are you sorry we drifted apart... does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day when i kissed you..." =)

I love your story, Gattina!

Wenn ich Deine Seite in Morgen´s Mr Linky anklicke, dann lande ich auf einer BIBEL-Seite?! Ich hab´s mindestens 3 Mal versucht... keine Ahnung, woran das liegen k├Ânnte!
Erst, wenn ich Deine Adresse per Hand eingebe komme ic zu Dir!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ah, I see that you have drifted to the GREEN ;-)

I've never been any Elvis fan, but of course, he was a bit before "my time".

(Oh, how I loved to say that *lol*)

CyberCelt said...

Elvis! One of the last innocents. Here for Click & Comment Monday, and I am so late it is Tuesday in some timezones.

Have a great week!

Meow said...

Oooooh, I love Elvis, always have, always will.
Take care, Meow

Skittles said...

I didn't become interested in Elvis right away. For one thing I was just young enough that when I'd see one of his movies and there was a kissing scene I'd say "ewwww!"

It was in the later years when he started doing songs like Kentucky Rain and In The Ghetto that I "discovered" him for the talent he was.

Great post!

Morgen said...

Great post -- anything that inspires an Elvis tribute is awesome in my book!
Thanks for participating in Manic Mondays!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

You know, I hate that screaming painting. Very much. Depressingly much.

I love your painting though, they're so filled with life :-)

PS. I have to check this Manic monday up - aren't they always manic without that blogroll? *LMAO*

Claire said...

I am glad i found your Manic Post eventually!
A very interesting post.
I keep trying to remember some of the German i learnt in school but alas it has all gone.