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This is my car. Now you probably wonder why I say that, everybody today has a car and therefore it's nothing special. But mine is special ! It is yellow ! I didn't order a yellow one on purpose, but I needed a car immediately because my other car was stolen and I had to take the one they had in stock and that was a yellow car !

It doesn't look bad, I wouldn't say so, but it's not very descreet. I could never be a detective and follow a car with an unfaithful husband, a secret service agent or a spy. I am seen by everybody.

I meet people, friends or neighbors, they tell me "you were in the cinema", "you were shopping" "I saw your car in front of the City hall" "I saw your car in our street" "what did you do there ?"

At the very beginning as owner of a yellow car I wondered that so many people had seen me and knew where I had gone. But after a while I understood. It was because of my yellow car ! The worst was when I heard from my garage where I had bought my car, that I was the only person in the whole city with a yellow car !

So there is nothing to do, as long as I have my "descreet" yellow car, I have to behave correctly, I can't do anything or anything illegal : visit a lover secretely, robbing a bank, dealing drugs or only be a drunken driver !

I have to conduct an insconspicious life and drive my yellow car without attracting attention, which is (unfortunately) impossible !

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Crazy Working Mom said...

*LOL* Bless your heart...I've always hated yellow cars. I have never been able to figure out why someone would WANT one...like those pretty mustangs, etc. You poor dear!

Ryan Velting said...

Well Hello!!

You must have beaten me to my site before I had a chance to post my "yellow" Manic Monday posting..

Have a great day - I like the yellow car!!


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Your reputation preceeds you in that bright yellow car!

I like yellow cars, BTW!

Claire said...

That shade of yellow isn't too horrible! i have seen worse.
I love the thought of you trying to travel around discreetly! just don't park near any sex shops!
oh and i must try that smoke and fly stuff, sounds fun!lol!

Sanni said...

*LOL* - I like your cute Corsa and its colour and I love the story around. If you ever need a discreet car including a driver just drop me a line - Waterloo is only that <--------> far on the map from Düsseldorf =)

Ich habe unsere Wohnung wieder *grins* - der Besuch (incl. SchwiMu) ist abgereist! Ich habe wieder Platz, Zeit zu bloggen und noch wichtiger: Blogs besuchen =)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i had a yellow car once too and you are right, you certainly are "seen"!!

smiles, bee

Lizza said...

I think it looks adorable! But you're right, it would attract a lot of attention. :-)

Melli said...

LOL! I think it's a GOOD thing you have that yellow car! Keeps you accountable! Lord only KNOWS what you would be getting INTO if you didn't know people were watching! ROFL! Here in the states we have MANY yellow cars! You could get lost in the crowd over here! (but a little girl down the street has a PINK car -- we know why her parents got it for her -- everyone ALWAYS knows where she is!) LOL!

lisa said...

You are unique with your yellow car! It IS a nice shade too.
Enjoy your day.

mar said...

My friend had a little yellow car and she loved it because she didn't have to remember where she had parked at the mall: you could see the car from every corner!! I think it only has advantages (except of course the secret lover issue but where there is a will there is a way!)

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

I knew someone with a yellow van - a bright yellow van - same thing, she couldn't sneak around anywhere!

Hope you are recovering from all your yellow jacket stings at Empress Bees :)

Morgen said...

I love Yellow Cars!
Although, in the US someone would probably mistake me for a Taxi in a yellow car!
When I bought my last car, yellow and copper were the 2 "special order" colors, and I seriously considered both colors. In the end, I chose one off the lot (silver) because they gave me a "deal"
Thanks for participating in
Manic Monday
manic mo

Maribeth said...

I love the yellow car, but you are right! Now you must behave! LOL

Grammie said...

Hi Gattina....You are a riot! Your blog always puts a smile on my face.
: )

Imma ( Alice) said...

I love your "yellow post", Gattina. Great writing. I can see you would have to be very good, careful never even to run a stop sign or any little thing. I can see this as likely a good thing in most cases. If you ever want to sneak off to a secret rendezvouses, park the car at the grocery store and call a cab. Hahaha. Many people here don't want yellow cars because it's the color of lemons... and no one wants to drive a lemon (they always break down).

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning for my Manic Monday and a look at my new babies :o)


You have such a delicious sense of humor! I laugh my head off every time I visit your site!!!
When I was in high school, I wanted a hot rod and my dream was a bright yellow one with orange and red flames on the sides. To tell the truth, I'd still like one!

Neila said...

Love the yellow car! Luckily, you don't look like the type to deal drugs or rob a bank, so I think you're safe. :-)

But if you ever need any help following an unfaithful lover or disposing of a body, let me know. I drive a black car. ;-)

Catalin said...

Well written article.