The guy on TV got on Pookies nerves, so she switched it off. Question : which TV station was it ? Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Appetizer Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?

Good question ! but I have no scars on my body, not even at my head and even less in my brain. I don't even have an appendix scar. Very sorry !

Soup What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

Has ?? nothing I am still waiting for !

Salad Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.

What television do you mean ? The once of the 27 European countries or Russia, Japan, China Africa, Canada, Australia, America and the rest of the world ?? If it's the Belgian TV Alain Simons gets on my nerves. Do you know him ??

Main Course What was a funny word you said as a child (such as "pasketti" for "spaghetti")?

I didn't speak English when I was a child. But later I suggested to use more bones for the coffee to make it stronger. Mixing up coffee beans with the German word Kaffeebohne.


Fill in the blank:

I have always thought Elton John was a womanizer, but then he married a man.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

or he has troubles with the English language !


Ma said...

Great feast! Your dessert and that cartoon is funny.

Come and dine.

mar said...

Not a single scar? lucky you. My knees remind me of my childhood...
I do hope too for a miracle!!
Loved the cartoon. Happy friday, Gattina! and no, I don't know that Belgian guy...but it seems I am not missing a thing!

RennyBA said...

What a lovely feast!
Regarding the last one, I have another: When you double click on the elevator button going home, you've had to much over time:-)
Btw: I saw on your comments at Tor's that you've watched a little of your King's birthday on German TV. Your welcome over to my blog to greet him;-)

Caylynn said...

Very funny Gattina! :) As always, you make me smile. :)

You are fortunate to have no scars. And I can easily see how you could mix up the German "Bohne" with the English "Bones" - I know I've made similar mistakes with German!

Chris said...

Mmm I like coffee with plenty of bones ;-)

Connie said...

Elton was one of my favorites when I was young. He has always made it known that he had a significant other. He was such a character
back then with all his glasses.

Take care,
My feast is up.

Celfyddydau said...

Great feast. You can have one of my scars if you want I have plenty to share!

Love that cartoon.

Melli said...

NO scars??? Gattina! You've never cut yourself in the kitchen? Or burned yourself on the oven? Goodness woman - you've been ENTIRELY too careful all your life if you have NO scars! (not even a skinned KNEE?)

Sadly, I do NOT recognize who Alain Simons is... however... you could name numerous AMERICAN television celebrities too - and I wouldn't have a clue to THEIR identity either! ;)

I DO love today's cartoon though!

Hootin'Anni said...

HA. Coffee bones. I like that very much. Made me laugh.

And it's funny to have the cartoon just under the serving of Elton John....okay, so color me weird....but I laughed at that too.

Happy weekend Gattina.
Mine's served

Jeanette said...

Hello Gattina How lucky you are know scars. Oh your desert I enjoyed and laughed at your cartoon, HEHEHE.
Have a good weekend.

Raggedy said...

I enjoyed your feast.
The link you left at the hub takes you to your cat blog. I hopped from a blog where you left a link to get here.
Great Friday Feast!
My feast is served.
Have a wonderful day!
(")_ (")Š

Braden said...

great feast! Like your dessert best!

Thanks for stopping by my site!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I love the cartoon!! How cute!! Nice Feast too. Mine is up if you would like to come and visit...Sandy

Paperback Writer said...

Good feast!

TorAa said...

I'm way to soft in my head to comment this brilliant entry. But I think that intelligent Cat was fed up of you watching Animal Planet, 'cause that's how stupid twolegs looks at animals. he-he. We have our own secret TT Channel called: Twolegs Comedy Channel. Miehhe


the night owl said...

I love your cartoon.Come see me. I have my daughters cat up for SOFT !!