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    The following wisdoms are also valid for unmarried couples.
    Fights happen in all marriages. Couples who never fight are lying or they are indifferent and that is even worse. Fights in a marriage can be very positive, as they usually are followed by a nice reconsiliation.
    Freshly married couples are fighting about such important things like

    you didn't buy me any flowers this week end", "Why always your parents first" "Where have you been" etc.

    In short nothing very special . Followed by a nice reconsiliation.

    Later when the first child is there it starts with

    "No ! now it's your turn to get up !",
    "why did you forget to pick him/her up",
    "I had said no and you say yes"
    "I have already given him/her pocket money" (Meanwhile little darling had pocket money twice)
     "Why did you allow him/her that ?" (Little darling is happy, parents fight)

    Nothing very special but reconciliations are not so easy, as the children are around.

    Then comes the moment when children are out of house and the couple is retired. And this is the nicest time to fight as they have nothing to do. And then it comes to the following discussion.

    Him : You forgot to clean the percolator, the filter is still in.

    her : Then take it out !

    him : why ?

    her : Instead of discussing make the coffee !!

    him : But the filter is in !

    her : TAKE IT OUT

    him : you see, you are always shouting at me !

    her : I don't shout !!! take the filter out I want some coffee !

    him : See you are again shouting

    her : I am not !!

    him : yes you are

    her : I want my coffee !!!

    him : me too

    her : then take this damned filter out

    him : OK, but this is the last time

    her : "sigh"
    him : why are you sighing ?

    her : I didn't

    him : yes you did, it's always my fault I can do what I want for you, you are never satisfied.
    her : what does that mean now ?

    him : yes you are bitching the whole day !
    her : Me ?? Never ! you are !

    him : I am not
    her : yes you do, only yesterday you told me I put the plastic bottle in the wrong garbadge bag !

    him : but you did

    her : maybe, but then, why didn't you take it out ?
    him : Why should I ? you put it in.

    her : But you saw it !
    him : yes, I saw it, you never see anything, I have to do everything in this house !

    her : that's not true ! Do you do the laundry, fold it and put it in the wardrobe, switch the dishwasher on and do the shopping ? You just do nothing, tell me what you do !

    him : Everything I told you !

    her : Nothing, you do nothing !

    him : You see, you are always agressing me, you are bad tempered !

    her : I am NOT ! you always just sit around
    him : I don't sit around.

    her : OK then you lay around that's the same
    him : it's not the same

    her : yes it is
    him : no, it is not !

    to be continued until they are laying in the graveyard. Not side by side, because then they probably would argue about the coffin's comfy.
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    Sunflower said...


    Have a nice weekend!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

    AMAZING GRACIE said...

    Thanks for visiting me! I love Pookie - he's a big boy! I have two dogs and two birds, so I no longer have any cats, but still love them!
    Love your blog...

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    Considering both yours and my story, we'll understand more why he is saving the clubs before the wife... *lol*

    BTW: This was another way of washing them!

    Jeanette said...

    Pookie looks very content watching the birds. love the golf club cartoon. I hate fights (((Hugs)))

    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    It's so true! LOL

    My parents fought like this constantly but then when my Dad took sick with a brain tumour, my Mum was so worried and fawning over him. In the end he pulled through that with surgery followed later by a hip replacement (unrelated, of course) and then she died suddenly with no warning, of cardiac arrest. Go figure - and he was seven years her senior! He will be 82 next week.

    elementaryhistoryteacher said...

    Dear Hubby and I fuss over silly things like who got the last potato chip, etc.

    Thanks for visiting my WW the other day. I finally posted the story behind fwinke and binser.

    marianne said...

    Bickering back and forth is just universal, I guess! I love your Pookie - such a pretty kitty.

    Thanks for stopping by - oh, btw - if you want to turn the music off on my blog, just scroll down a bit, the control is there in the sidebar - there's a note at the top that tells you.

    Have a nice weekend!