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  • Pookie also had to change her life ! From TV she moved to a Computer. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us About a year ago, I (already) discovered Internet. Mr. Gattino had a computer since ages, but to me it was an annoying thing, were he spent hours and was only there to collect dust. I used it from time to time to write letters and answer emails but nothing more.

    When I came back from Egypt a year ago I wanted to know more about Egyptian cats and I asked Mr. Gattino what I have to do to find some documentation in Internet. And there the battle began. Understanding first the computer, file and folders and then the whole Internet stuff, looking for things, in short everything. Google was somebody living in England or the States maybe an actor or a millionair, I didn't know.

    Websites, Homepages never heard. Webs I knew from spiders, and sites from historic places, but what has a spider to do in sites ? Spinning ? A homepage ! what a word, I have a home and I have pages in my books for example, but what should I call a homepage in my house ?

    While looking and learning slowly slowly I dropped on Forums. That this had nothing to do with the old romans or with justice I understood quickly. I used my new knowledge to create a username (also new) and a password (ok. that's like a credit card) and logged myself in in all forums which I thought were interesting. But I didn't know where to write, answered to the wrong people and mixed everything up. For a cat owner I would have given the following tip, "if he barks during your absence, put the TV on".

    When I stumbled over the word "Blog" nobody amongst my surroundings didn't know what it was and even Mr. Gattino who knows everything this time didn't know. Of course I asked my new friend old Google who gave me an explanation which even I could understand. I found this idea not bad at all and logged in once more, this time into Yahoo, there I got a blog ! I was very proud and without knowing anything I made up my profile and started to write. Without success, nobody found me, nobody read me and I didn't know at all what to do to get some visitors.

    I gave up and moved to another address Blog "something". Later I read in blogs where especially elderly people asked themselves what would happen to their blog if they died and if they could include it in their testaments. What a terrible thought ! I left at least two Blog cadavers behind me. I hope other bloggers put some flowers on them. After a while as I had troubles with the limited picture loadings I discovered Blogger, and I am still here.

    Now a year later I am the first to be surprised what I all have learned in a year !

    How did you discover blogging ?

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    Maribeth said...

    Yes, it was the same with me. My husband had the computer for his work. Soon I was trying things and then, yes, I became addicted to the computer! LOL!

    Melli said...

    Ahhhhhhh it was a slow progression for me! I have been on my computer for about 13 years. And then I have been on the Internet for about 6 or 7 years. I have built web-pages from the ground up - taught myself HTML from a course on-line. I joined a few "groups", got familiar with forums... and then last year -- just one year ago also - I started my weight-loss journey. My daughter encouraged me to keep a diary. I knew I wouldn't. But a friend encouraged me to "blog" it -- that way she could keep track of how I was doing too -- and so - like you -- I started with "other" blogs. I have a carcass at MySpace, and another at Yahoo, and yet another at Xanga. None of them was as user freindly as Blogger -- and so here I am! But over the coarse of the year, my blog has gone from being 90% about my weight-loss journey, to only about 10%!!! And I'm not really sure HOW I would define my blog anymore! LOL! ( a MESS maybe? )

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    I'm not really sure when I discovered the first blog.... It kind of sneaked up on me ;-)

    I've been on the internet since it started since I've worked within IT almost all my life. Even before that when it was big mainframe computers.

    I've had ordinary websites before the blog, in the end mostly for picture gallerys to share with family and friends.

    Lifecruiser blog started April 2005 and was actually from the beginning thought as being a poker blog for Mr L and reviews of things by me.

    It become neither of that... *lol*

    ...and I'm not sure of were it will end either!!!

    Heart of Rachel said...

    I started my blog several years ago but I only started posting frequently starting middle of last year. I realized that it's fun to keep an on-line journal because of the interesting people I meet. I enjoy the interaction and exchange of ideas.