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"What you've learned from blogging." is the question of today's carnival. Indeed I have learned a lot. Why and how people blog and about what they write. It is a very large range of all kind of subjects. The best way to find it out and to have fun is : click on "next blog" . That's what I have done last weekend, and you can read here the result.

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I don't know why, but last weekend I became curious about my "neighbor's" blog. I had never done this before and so I clicked on "next blog".

My neighbor was a 29 year old guy who asked the whole world why nobody loves him and even his girlfriend had left him. Sadly I had to admit, that I didn't know either.

Now my curiosity woke up, and continued

Next blog : a girl writing about a shopping day in New York. Quite nice, I even know now, when she had to go to the toilet ! After 3 shops. That is exactly what the world wants to know.

The next blog was a just freshly baked father who wrote and showed pictures about his new born son. Very cute indeed.

A very religous black template jumped in my eyes. I admired a beautiful dressed Mary with a lot of jewelry holding a man-baby with a crown on one arm and a scepter in the other hand. Apparently a very rich one. I didn't read it though.

On the next one, a girl wanted to be Loïs and making love with Superman. OK, why not but with which one, the old one or the new ?

The next blog informed me about what a blogger all would leave behind. I noticed it was nothing special not even a few € or $ but she was very worried about what her blog would become the day she died. Honestly, I never thought about it. Now I worry.

On the next blog a guy wrote that he often dreams of trains. Of trains his age ? He was 26 years old. I wondered if it wouldn't be better for him to dream about Paris Hilton for example ? Even she is less boring than trains !

And then somebody wanted to convince all of us bloggers that Jesus really exists. Had he doubts ? His template was also black. Did all religous blogs have black templates, I wondered and then why ? An interesting question for a psychiatrist !

The following blogger described how he mowed the lawn and how good he did that and that a sparrow watched him. He didn't mention the height of the lawn or the length of one grass blade. But he added that he always did this job with a gun in his pocket, because "you never know".

Then came a blog about elephants. Very interesting, he writes about elephants and I write about cats. The only notable difference between us is that elephants take more space and are not sitting on your lap.

I clicked "next" A nun !!! I didn't know that nuns are blogging. She wrote in her blog milewide prayers. I gave up and went to the next, where I learned how to knit a shawl. I don't wear any and don't like knitting, so I switched to the next . The next one was extremely interesting ! I learned that ultrasons affects a pregnant mouse's brain ! Didn't know that, must be a lack of my general knowldedge.

Then another black template, this time a priest, informed the whole world that the catholic church is the best and we should all go to Rome and see the Pope. OK I will think about that. Although I have already been in Rome, I never thought about such an important thing as visiting the pope ! It's a shame, I only visited the city and the monuments.

Then I arrived on a blog of a depressed person, (she said so), who only could live with and support mice. Yes, that's exact, mice. Quite unusual but when you are depressed why not mice ? I prefer cats.

But there also were very touching once. A young woman who wrote about her fear against men because she had been raped at 11. Or a 60 year old nurse who had been in Vietnam and Libanon during the wars and the horrors she had seen there or another who suffered from feeling excluded because her father was black.

After a while I had enough and started thinking. Why the heck people sometimes are talking about subjects which are not even subjects ? The knitters, recepee writers, elephant lovers (or cats) lovesicks or depressives even the religous once I can understand. I should ask Freud. But he is dead and in his books bloggers were not yet born.

You see sometimes it's very interesting to click on your neighbor's blog. But I have to admit, it takes time !

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A good tip for those who live in very cold areas.


Jeanette said...

Hello Gattina
Ill have to try going to next blog to see what comes up. Dont Shit outdoors very funny.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Very interesting. I haven't done the next blog thingy for awhile either. Are you saying that it's always the same neighbours? I assumed it was random.

I'll let you know if I confirm that or not.

the night owl said...

Good Morning Gattina,
I enjoyed reading your blog and will visit other blogs.Iam new to blogging ,so come to my site .The cartoon is ahoot!!!

Grammie said...

Good morning, Gattina....just stopping by to say hello and read your most recent post!

Great idea to meet our blogging "neighbors"!

Have a nice day,

TorAa said...

Hi, I'm here at last.

The cartoon joke, is no joke, I can tell. Every man in Norway knows that after doing military service during wintertime. Hard to swallow? Just joking.

In fact, my curiousity often led me to look at the next blog, and the next, next, next.
And I agree with you, it's long between the real interesting ones. I have thought about it: It might help for a variaty of people to loosen up their frustrations and longings and boringness by just write it down. May be the really asks for help.

The most interesting I've found, this Next-way method, is a woman who's blog is called: Journey to a new life. She started after her husband unexpected died. She is a great writer - and you really feels her fight back.

PS. Our two cats have eaten 800 gram of pollock fillet in 8 hours.
We to. I bought it from "The Fish Van"-man who came here on Thursday.

And later to day I'm gonna present a post, with a new kind of content.... (for me to be)

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

That made me laugh - the whole thing! Very funny stuff. My boyfriend will love the poo humor in the cartoon.

Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ Interesting post and you found some strange people. I rarely have time to look for others,
by the time I answer my regulars and sometimes visit some of their people.
Thanks for the visit. Glad you enjoyed the English Language thing,
but you do very well.
I hope you enjoyed the visit with your son and his fiancee. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Maribeth said...

I used to cruise for blogs to read and found some good and some bad. I now try to read people who share my positive view of life.
I enjoy your blog because you think about life in a wonderful way! And of course because of your beautiful kitties!

quilldancer said...

Hi, Gattina -- I don't know how you found my blog, but I am sure glad you stopped by. I am a cat lover, too. I've enjoyed looking at your photos.

I made most of my blogging buddies by clicking "next blog" after I first started with this venue. There are some interesting people -- and some real nuts -- out there. I find there is room for them all, but not necessarily in my day.

Mert said...

I haven't done th "next blog" thing in a while, good idea though! I am a Christian, and don't get the whole black blog thing, Weird. Your post cracked me up, I think iIwill go check out some neighbors!:O) Here from the CBC.

Erin said...

it's interesting to see that many religious blogs are black. I like that a nun is writing!
I like that about blogs- there is some anonymity (spelling?) so you can write about things like rape.
But your blog-browsing reminds me of a dream dictionary that my husband and I keep beside our bed- maybe it would help provide insight? (Here from "CBC" LOL!- actually here from my blog and don't you know, I've come here before because I actually look sometimes at the blogs on that long roll!)

CyberCelt said...

Did you comment on any of these? I would have had to post: "Why black?" on all the religious blogs; given oodles of advice to the depressed person; shared my experiences with the rape victim; outdone the gory stories of the nurse...

Here from BC Carnival. Have a great week.

Rebecca said...

I seldom get blogs written in English when I hit the "next blog" button. In fact, I'm lucky if I can recognize the language - is there a conspiracy to blog in pig Latin? Just wondering.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Sounds like I'm lucky not being on Blogger ;-) Just kidding, I've been there surfing around from my mothers blog.

I think the whole blogosphere is like that, very mixed up and it's very difficult to find the interesting ones you like yourself. It takes lots an lots of time. Phew.

You almost got me to forgot all about what you wrote when I came to the cartoon! THANKS for making me spraying my keyboard with milk (eating cornflakes)...

This is a hilarious cartoon. Just in our shitty taste of humour! I had to show it to Mr Lifecruiser of course, since he wondered what I was laughing at and he said that he's liking you more and more :-)

In fact I think I have to send that one to Miss Ass. Lifecruiser later, she will love it too!


Deana said...

OMG, that joke!

I didn't know nuns blogged either. One day I accidently came across a young woman of 38 with 2 little girls that had gotten over breast cancer but it was back and they didn't think she had another year to live. It was in her lymph nodes. She told about how she felt on that train ride home from the doctors. No one went with her, she was divorced and her parents lived far away. I cried and cried over that lady.

Melli said...

ROFL! That cartoon! *G*

You really had NEVER visited your neighbors before? Do you know that they change? The one to the left, and the one to the right? They never stay the same! I have journeyed through the blogosphere many a time like that! *click* next *click* next *click*... MOST bloggers are very boring people! (but not ME!) hehehe!
And certainly NOT YOU!!!

Biker Betty said...

Hi, here from Blogging Chicks. I once clicked the "Next" button. I find it more interesting visiting Blogging Chicks that I haven't met yet and all the Saturday Photo Hunt people. Thanks for sharing all the people you recently visited with your next button. Great write up.