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Now, this will be the last part of my Egyptian holidays at the red sea and I wanted to show you the way how all 5* hotels are built. It sounds a little snobbish with my 5*, but if you want to be in a nice, clean hotel with no danger for our feable health, you have to take that and the prices anyway are the same as if you would book a 2 or 3 * here in our western world.

Tourist security is n° one rule in Egypt. Since there had been this terrible attack in 1997, where 58 tourists and 4 Egyptians were killed at The valley of the Kings by Islamist militants, a special Tourist police has been created. Some bad tongues say that there is almost one policeman for one tourist. But it is nearly true. You see them everywhere and when you need something they would help you and are very friendly in general.

You have to keep an eye on your bag and things when you are in a restaurant or at the beach, but not because of the Egyptians at the Red Sea (I don't know about the others), they don't steal, they only cheat on you when you don't huggle well enough, but because of tourists, who help themselves if there is something they like. Last year one of the Ukrainian (russians) stole me a thermometer which was attached at a keyring !

All hotels are very big and extended, they are not built in heights. Land is not missing, there is the whole Sinai desert at your disposal. Once we have been in a hotel, where a little bus drove along the whole day and night,on which we had to jump on because the way was so far from the rooms to the restaurant !

We had two security controls to pass before you could go into the hotel. The first one was located very far from the entrance, at least 500 m (1640ft)

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Here the taxis were controlled and the driver had to give his driver licence and leave it there until he returned.

Mr. Gattino chats whit the security guards.

and here the second entry, like in an airport, where everybody had to go through. They also checked your bags, even amongst guests a crazy guy could be hidden ! I found it very good. Some people complained about that, but I thought they are stupid, better controlled than dead !

After the control you arrived here at the entrance of the hotel. It really looks like a palace and the architecture is wonderful.

Our "living" room where people sat and chatted waiting for others or for the restaurant or playing. I am sure our King has a smaller one !

The entrance to the bar, where you could get everything of course.

The Egyptian bread we used to eat was baked here. It just tasted wonderful when it still were warm and blown up. Once cooled down it shrank to a pancake.

Grilling were done here outside. Fresh fish, meat or chicken it tasted very good.

The whole hotel was built around this place here you can see a bridge who led to the other side of the buildings.

The elevator to the beach. The elevator was outside out of glass so that you had a great view on swimming pool, beach and sea.

You also could use the steps !

One of the two big swimming pools. This one was heated which was necessary now in this period of the year. The sea was much warmer.

The garden. That day I saw this strange bird. Can you believe that we are in a desert ? Only a little water is sufficient to let everything grow.

View from to sea on the hotel

Mr. Gattino's view every morning.

Here is the place where I used to go for Internet connection. It was a suspicious looking little street, but the room was very nice and had very new Computers and programms. Even IE 7 and Firefox. For one hour I payed 1 € (in the hotel 8) and he always served me the traditional Karkade tea.

So if you see the beauty of this hotel and then pigs as guests, you won't agree either. Apparently it's only since half a year they accept Ukrainian guests. It's a pitty, but we won't return there unless the management and the guests change.

I als saw a lot of young women (25 - 30) with very old men of about my age ! I had never payed attention to that but here it was so obvious. And the "old" guys behaved "young" which made me laugh, because there is nothing to do, nature is nature and at 60 you can't hop around as at 30 ! Some of them were really nice, but some broke almost into pieces.

Every day they went shopping and of course jewlery. Gold and silver is a lot cheaper there, sometimes (it depends on your country's prices) half of the price. I don't know why, but some of the girls loved us. They came with their husbands or partners to us, to show me their new acquisitions. One of these couples had even bought new diamond wedding rings. Now, I don't know if it was a coincidence or not (I don't want to generalize) but all these young women were Ukrainians.

When I were ready to leave and waited for the bus to take us to the airport, a young Egyptian waitress ran behind me and offered me this beautiful silver chain with a cross in cristals. I were so surprised at first and then kissed her to thank her and asked why ? She said because I always smiled and were so kind (ask Mr. Gattino) It was so touching. I hadn't done anything, not even given her a tip, I had only seen her serving. And she as a muslim offered me a cross !

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and last but not least the truth ! (I am suspicious minded)


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Great post as usual Gattina! Love your photos and descriptions - even when it comes to the less enjoyable ones like the young women.

Well, we get to see that everywhere these days, but thankfully not that extended like there.

Actually these kind of matters make me not wanna go to some places. I hate to see it. I feel both sorry and contempt for both sides actually. For being so foolish, naive, selfish, sometimes greedy and yet exploited.

Oh, I know that some of the women have no choice, but too many of them say they don't have any choice, but they have, even if it's no nice choices.

And I frankly don't believe the ones that claims that they want this themselves, they deceive themselves. Probably they have a lot of other problems.

I would rather die before going through these kind of things myself, but I'm terrible stubborn ;-)

Oh, and I bet Mr Gattino loved his view every morning... *lol*

Debbie said...

Not knowing Ukrainians I can only say that the trip was beautiful. Full of sights and sounds I have never seen. And to find your technology served with a cup of tea! How nice!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Saturday!

TopChamp said...

Hello - sounds like you had a pretty amazing time over there!

**coughs and splutters loudly**

I did pop by to see you after the hols but it seems I've posted anonymously... Sorry!

How is it being back?

(Don't worry - don't think I'm contageous x)

Janet said...

absolutely gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing! As for the last one, i'd be suspicious minded, too :-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great post Gattina! How nice of that lady to give you that cross!

Great tour of the beautiful hotel. The pictures are beautiful and the sky is so blue. I loved the one of the pool.

So what's with these Ukrainian chicks marrying these older geezers and holidaying in Egypt?!!

BTW I'd like to introduce you to a CAT blogger The Calico Girls. I've left your link to your Cat Blog on her site so hopefully you guys may connect. I should start a blogsite "Blogger introductions R US!" ha ha ha

Sunflower said...

They are all great shots! I wish I could visit there sometime.

I will Exercise for Comments!

Teena said...

Cool pictures!

Mine's up too!


The way technology is advancing now-a-days, pretty soon many people will be unemployed.
Thanks for stopping by.

Karen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. There was a problem with the new blog program so some commenters were coming through as anoymous. I hope the problem is corrected. They were all regular visitors.
I have, contrary to your snide remarks, been out of my country and have lived on foreign soil, too. Sorry to show your close-mindedness while you are accusing me of the same. My husband has traveled the world for 25 years on business and I would venture has been to many more countries than you!
No matter. Dissention is welcome as long as it is civil and respectful, not resorting to snide remarks. If your views are educated, there is no need for such behavior.

Margaret said...

Very interesting read and lovely photos. Seems as though the men are getting older and the women are getting younger. Thanks for visit to my site. Cheers Margaret

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina
wonderfull and Interesting Photo's of your holiday.The wedding Photo the old man must have plenty of money I think its terrible.Take care keep warm (((hugs)))

Karen said...

As you are not American or a student of our history, yes, we have had presidents who have been lampooned with the same vengence as now.
I suggest you read "Blogs of War", it is excellent.
My husband was in Iraq in 2003. We have hosted friends from Iraq, as recently as a few months ago. They deserve freedom, too.
My husband is far better a traveler than me. He began traveling the world at the age of 13. He is 59 now and has friends all over the world. We have lived other places.
You are entitled to your world vison. So are we.

Julie said...

It is always interesting to see photos and hear stories of different places. My Granny's stories didn't touch on any of this. Thanks for sharing!

mar said...

Mr Mar would be envious of Mr Gattino's morning view, lol!
I will miss your posts while I am away, I'll have a lot to catch up.
Happy blogging!

Pamela said...

where did you get the wedding photo?

Was your vacation restful? With all that other stuff going on, I wonder if I'd be happier just reading a book on my patio.

Melli said...

Gattina! You always have such an enlightening description of things! I love it! That hotel is very gorgeous and if the 5* charges the same as the 3* then I have NO idea why ANYone would EVER go to the 3* hotels! How ridiculous! However they should insist that their guests behave "appropriately"... *sigh*

I can BET that Mr. Gattino enjoyed HIS vacation very much - with views like that! LOL! And the young waitress was very sweet to give you such a lovely gift - just for being YOU!