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    If women ruled the world it would look different. Here are a few examples.

    Because we have more practical sense, we would split the parking places after colors and this way it would be very easy to find your car after shopping, unless you just used for once your husband's car.

    We would decorate the so naked looking bowling course and make it cosy and comfy.

    We would think of our partner's health and have him done the same we have to do almost every year, on the upper located part of our body.

    We also would pay attention to our sense of hygiene and make him sit down while he pees.

    To never run short with toilet paper, we would take care that there is always enough.

    Tool boxes are always looking so boring. We would create other boxes with a little more phantasy.

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    The pictures of course were not taken by me but stolen. I only wrote the comments.

    Conclusion : Women really should rule the world !


    Melli said...

    I definately believe men should have that "Manogram" EVERY year ... yep... and I HAVE a hammer almost like that! But that toilet paper thing kinda scares me! Because I KNOW that if I had 45 roles of paper, NONE would be replaced until the LAST one was empty -- and it would STILL be MY job! LOL!

    Jeanette said...

    Pookie sure looks comfy there
    love your jokes ouch to the mammogram i had one twelve months ago gees she hurt was like i was in a vice.

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    At least it would be very interesting to see WHAT the difference would be!!! VERY interesting.

    Or if Pokie ruled the world... *lol*

    Grammie said...

    You've got that right, Gattina....Women definitely should rule the world! : )

    Deana said...

    Those are hysterical.

    Merle said...

    Hi Gattina ~~ Great pictures and comments. It would be nice for women to rule the world, probably could not
    do any worse that the men.
    I was interested to learn that the U.K. has Safeway supermarkets. It was
    great of them to support the farmers in need through drought and fires.
    Take care Gattina. Love, Merle.

    Rose said...

    I have seen some of these photos before. They are just great.

    Jenny-gus' gang said...

    LOL!! I love the Manogram...way too funny!!