Pookie too, prefers to be a female cat ! She doesn't like to go from garbadge can to garbadge can and fight with other cats for females ! Customize your blog
there are 13 (and even more things) which I would have to do :

1. I would have to let go women and children first when my cruiser sinks and risk my life instead of jumping as first in the lifeboat and paddle away;.
2. I would have to change a wire instead of standing helpless and cute until a man does it for me 3. I would have to take the garbadge out and spoil my image for the neighbors
4. I couldn't make up my eyes to make them bigger, my nose to make it smaller, my lips to make them bigger etc. It would look suspicious
5. I couldn't wear a dress or high heels to make me taller (again suspicious)
6. I could not be a housewife and staying at home with my 10 children and rest the whole day.
7. I would have to give my seat to a woman (if I were polite of course) instead of lazily sitting there and observing people.
8. I would have to hold the door open and maybe pinch my fingers
9. I would have to pay attention to birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's and other festivities, not to forget them and buy flowers, pralines, diamonds etc.
10. I would have to shave everyday or look male, but dirty
11. I would have to cut out the hairs of my ears and nose after my 30th birthday
12. I would have to check if a burgler is in the house instead of hiding in a wardrobe
13. I would have to defend my partner even with my fists and risk a blue eye
there are much more reasons why I prefer to be a woman and not a man !
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Last but not least that's a reason too !


ancsweetnsassygal said...

Yeah, I reather hide in a closet than be the one to check out scary noises. Great list.

My TT is up also.

Tink said...

Better be a handsome cat then! I wouldn't want to be a man myself! :)
My TT shows a lot of pics of my two kittens growing up.

Sunflower said...

It is better to be a cute cat!

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog.

I will Exercise for Comments!

mar said...

Very convincing reasons indeed!!!
loved your list, happy thursday !

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I only recall this:

"I am so grateful that I was born as a women. And I know many men that agree with me at that point". (ANN-MARGRET)

Dragonheart said...

I agree with the others - it's best to be a cat! :) Besides, my mom says women have to shave every day too - they just have to shave different parts (legs and underarms.)

Anonymous said...

Hee! I agree about being a cat -- that would be my first preference.

Cute list, and the cartoon cracked me up! Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Janet said...

Cute list :)

Mercy's Maid said...

That cartoon makes me say "ouch!" Nice list.

Joy Renee said...

gasp. i can always count on you for a belly laugh. now to catch my breath!

my tt is 13 things i am grateful for

Mercy's Maid said...

I changed my background color, so maybe it will be easier to see now. Thanks!

Joan said...

A little perspective is a good thing! My TT is also posted.

Claire said...

I have to shave every day anyway!lol! (not really i am not a yeti, just part one)
You always have the funniest TT!

Robin said...

Too funny!

Happy TT.

Maribeth said...

Oh I love that comic! LOL

Christine said...

I enjoy visiting your TT postings. Always very cute and charming! My TT is up too. #4 for me. Take Care.

Sophisticated Writer said...


I'm a woman and very happy about it. I could think of things I would enjoy if I were a man and make that my next TT list ;) Thanks for the visit dear and let me read you again.

Marcia said...

I was meant to be a woman. . for all those reasons and more. . . I have to add that after all those years of seeing what eyeliner on a man can do to make his blue eyes really stand out, it's a shame it isn't acceptable for them. (my husband was a stage actor)