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For the moment I like mornings but this is quite new. Most of my life I hated mornings and only woke up around noon. Before that I walked around like a sleep walker and filled myself up with coffee.

When I were a child I had to get up for school and then for work but on week-ends I could sleep. But unfortunately there was my father who belonged to the persons locked in a corset full of principals and who forget to live.

Therefore I had to sit at the breakfast table each sunday at 9 am ! Even when I had been out and came home late, that didn't matter, sunday breakfast time was sacred. So for peace sake I got up sitting with them at breakfast table at 9 h (not a minute later) nibbled a little bit at the food, drank some coffee and disappeared in my bed again. I had done what was important for well educated people. My father didn't care at what time I came home or what I had been doing, it could have been 4 or 5 am, the most important thing was, being at breakfast table at 9 ! Useless to say that since this time I hate breakfasts !

When I lived alone I savoured the fact that I could sleep as long as I wanted to and before noon I wouldn't leave my bed. No breakfast at 9 and no principals. It was the same in the first years of our mariage. The only must in our lives was our work, where we had to respect time, but on weekends we just did what we wanted, getting up when we wanted, eating when we wanted there were no hours. My father found that a gipsy living way and was shocked, but I prefer to be a gipsy then being full of principals that would spoil my life.

But then came the baby and finished was the gipsy life ! Now I had to get up and very early ! And I started to dream about the time he would get older and let me sleep.

Indeed, he became older and went out, and he slept until 11 or 12 and as I had suffered so much with principals, I didn't say anything, just was jalous that he could sleep and I not anymore. I just had got so into the routine of getting up early that I couldn't sleep any longer.

I were furious about myself, because I woke up around 7 as if I were still working. It was bewitched ! Then I decided not to be angry with myself any more but to stay in bed until 10 at least and reading books. Which I did. I "ate" books like a tiger bolts his meal.

The worst thing was that my son made fun of myself because I got up with the birds ! Of course he didn't realize that somewhere it was his fault ! Now I am rubbing my hands silently with a sadistic smile and wait for my revenge ! The day will come when he will be a dad and then HE has to get up early and is not allowed to sleep any longer and even has to get up sometimes during nights. Hee, Hee !

Since I started blogging, now I appreciate the mornings I get up more and more earlyer so that husband and son are convinced that I am crazy. Maybe, but I feel good. Sometimes I am already sitting at my computer at 4 pm when others are just going to bed. I don't go to bed as early as a chicken, no it's always around 10/11h, but I can't stay in bed any longer.

And how people change during their lifes ! Mr. Gattino for example who never looked at a watch during the first years of mariage has become a walking watch ! Now that he is retired he became as ponctual as a train (are trains still punctual ?) . I don't care, as long as he doesn't bother me with breakfast and prepares the percolator in the evening and doesn't want to have lunch on the table at noon. I prepare supper at 7 because I am also hungry.

Maybe in a couple of years I will blog in the evenings and sleep until noon again who knows ?

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Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

yup we change as we grow up... and not just our sleeping habits... We had rules in our house too but I guess it wasn't as strict as yours seemed to have been... If we stayed out late the previous night... we did get to sleep in... nothing was that sacred... at the same time, my dad was extremely protective of us... he has 3 daughters... no sons... and very strict... so we did not really have too many late nights...

Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

you've been tagged...You've been tagged

Irish Church Lady :) said...

They say with aging we need to sleep less and less.

I was always an early to bed person but with blogging lately, I've been going to bed around 12 a.m. which is really late for me.

My hubby and I have reversed roles. He is in bed by 10:30! Uh oh!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

With the two children I am up early, but I remember the days I could laze around bed all morning. Some days I long to do that again, but most days it's fun to get up with the boys so early. They have so much energy. I just wish they would go to bed earlier at night:)

Maribeth said...

I laughed reading your post because I could have written it! Hihi!! My grandmother told me once that someday I would not be able to sleep until noon! She said I would be up with the birds and she was right. I think, sometimes that Grandma curse my sleeping!

CyberCelt said...

I stay up to after 3 pm and get up around noon. Then I pull my computer into my bed, plump the pillows and blog all day. Its the life...

Here for Click and Comment Monday.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh, sweet revenge time ;-)

Well, maybe we have switched clocks, because for me it's the opposite!

I've always been up early when I was a child, even before the others and sat and did drawings or played. I couldn't stay awake in the evenings no matter how much I tried. (so I hardly ever watched TV) And that went on for a lot of grown ups years too.

Then suddenly as I passed the 35-40 it has slowly changed and now at 47 it's the opposite! Luckily Mr Lifecruiser and I got the same clock :-)

We've even had staying awake records of 40 hours, but that was special circumstances of course :-)

Tonight I'll have difficulties to sleep since my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser phoned a moment ago to tell me that I shouldn't be worried, but she is on the way in to the hospital.... Terrible pain in the bowel area. Let's hope it's nothing bad, because it usually is when it comes to her. I've never meet any person with her bad luck!!!

I don't kow what it is right now, but it's a lot of bad things happening around me, so that's why I haven't been here as usual.

Though I find it a lovely thought that you miss me.... *s*

Deana said...

Funny I like mornings now too. Mainly because I can take my time, read my friend's blogs and check my email over breakfast. Fiddle with the cats and dogs, feed the birds. In the summertime I do my flowers in the mornings before it is too hot. All my life I hated mornings, and now I enjoy them! Funny how we can change over time! Of course you still can't speak to me before 8am but hey a girl can only change so much!

Melli said...

You know... I NEVER was a sleeper! Only when all my children had almost grown and I became depressed (seriously) then I started sleeping late! Not only late. I would sleep all morning, all afternoon, and get up just long enough to make dinner and clean dishes and go back to bed! But now I don't sleep anymore! I like to stay up late, get up early and have MANY MANY hours in which to play! But I still do NOT like to go to WORK! (only I like to go to Curves where work IS play!) *nods*

And SILLY SILLY Gattina ... do you NOT know that your son will NEVER know about having to get up early because of the baby? His WIFE will be the one! SHE will learn to get up early and during the night! HE will say... "oh honey, can you you get the baby please? I have to get some sleep so I can go to work in the morning" ... and then on the WEEKEND he will say "but honey, this is the ONLY day I get to sleep in!" ... never mind that SHE never gets a day to sleep in! Well... if she's SMART he will KNOW that she never gets a day to sleep in! LOL! Maybe they will trade off every other weekend! (you better train her though -- or else he will get away with everything!) *G*

Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ An interesting post.
I keep strange hours myself, I usually stay up until 2 am and then get up about 8.30 or 9 am. I used to get up earlier when my kids were little, and also for work. Now I have no one to please except myself.
I hope you had a lovely weekend with your son and his fiancee. I am afraid Melli is right, usually the mother gets up to a baby. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Gattina ~~ Good on you for defending your son. I am glad he is one of the good guys who WILL get up when they have a baby. Some men are great, but some leave it all to the mothers. Take care, my friend, Merle.

Nathalie said...

Hey, where did my comment go?

Nathalie said...

Here is this one...where was the other???
As I was saying:

Thanks for visiting my blog Gattina!!