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  • Pookie likes this new devider I found for her and watches it with pleasure. Deviders are very useful when you want that your text remains with the right picture ! Googleblogger develops a big phantasy in putting it just there where you absolutely don't want it to be
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Sunday's usually are very boring. Nothing at TV, and the weather always bad so I had enough time to dig a little deeper in different blogs. And then I started to look at "comments". Maybe because today it should be "Click & Comment" day or because I have got a comment on this blog for the "Photo Hunter" group, the only difference were that I had no picture here on the proposed word "technology" ! The comment said, that my pictures were very nice for this word. I agree that my pictures were nice, but I wonder where the technology is. Obviously this absentminded Blogger had clicked on a wrong link and had probably just pasted the comment he/she pasted on every participating blog.
    Now this I can understand, because you see 100 of pictures with the same subject or almost. The usual comments on "Photo Hunter" subjects are : Nice, beautiful, wonderful, great pictures, lovely shots etc. If you comment like this of course you will win the marathon comment and get in the Guiness book of Records.

    Fortunately amongst my readers there are only very few of the shorthand commenters and I have to admit I did it sometimes too, I mean, copy and paste ! But I think I always looked at the pictures before pasting my comment. On the other hand you cannot say that the pictures are bad that would be very impolite.

    But I noticed also with all these groups you really have no time to read everything especially when it is a long text. So you have to quickly glance it over and hopefully pick out something suitable to comment on, without reading the whole post. That mostly happens when the post seams boring to you. Which of course is also possible, not everybody has the same interests that would be awful.

    The hunting for comments is sometimes terrible, especially for professional or semi-professional bloggers. Of course they want to earn money. At least I guess so, because in reality I have no idea.
    A very funny idea is this game "I will exercise for comments" so if a Blogger remains corpulant, that means he doesn't get a lot of comments and if he looks anorexic then his blog is very much appreciated, because he has to do one exercise per comment !
    I also noticed in groupes people forget to read. One thing only is important, comment and comment and comment again, because then the Blogger who had the honnor to be commented, has to comment back and that makes a lot of comments, but not readers and then you can proudly say to whoever wants to hear it " I have got 50 comments today "!
    On the other hand it's also very disappointing when you don't get any comments especially when you have read a blog with pleasure and wrote an according comment in it and then you get never ever any comment back. You don't even know if this person is reading your posts.
    On one blog I found this text which resumes what I think too : "On the other hand, if you read everything I write and never comment, I must assume that your fingers are stuck in several pair of finger cuffs, and you can only operate the mouse with your foot. In that case I'd like to say, thank you for your sacrificial loyalty, and push your fingers together."
    Conclusion, comments are nice when they are true and not just a competition between comment hunters. And a little comment is better than nothing.
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    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Picture to comment for lazy readers.


    Melli said...

    FABULOUS post Gattina! I whole heartedly agree! And I must admit that I am very BAD... not about my commenting -- but about "returning" other's comments! However... I am MORE apt to return a nice comment when I GET a nice comment. Honestly, I don't even like to LEAVE a comment if I can't find SOMEthing worth commenting about! And in some cases, even on the Photo Hunt, or Friday Feast, or whatever - I will visit and leave without commenting. Some people answer the Friday Feast questions with so LITTLE information - one word responses - that they give you nothing TO comment about! True? Yes! So I don't! I rudely feel that if you can't take some time to SHARE a little something during the game, then WHY PLAY??? Not everyone sees it that way. *shrug*

    I DID LOOOOOVE your comment on my church post this time! I had NO idea that religion was still SO ... ummmm... ack! I can't think of the word! But I thought by now every country had more options! But, isn't THIS the main idea America was founded on -- religious FREEDOM! The right to choose a religion! It was obviously very important to our founding fathers, along with political choice... and so has carried through! Thanks to YOU, I am feeling VERY LUCKY indeed today - to be allowed so many choices! :)

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    Nice picture. Mine is up.
    *Giggles like hell*

    But it is a nice picture, or should I say pisscture, because piss = pee on Swedish.

    It reminds me of a couple of cleaning ladys we had in a working place of mine. They put up a sign one day in the men's room above the WC:

    "Stand a little closer, your .... isn't as long as you think it is!!

    Guess how popular they were after that! *lol*

    Personally I like a more competitive style, like painting a fly in the WC so they have something to aim at...

    In the beginning I too went for a lot of comments, but soon realized that they weren't worth it. Better to have real blog friends with real crazy content in the comments, like yours - and mine - I hope ;-)

    I love your sense of humor. It's as crazy as mine. And that's a compliment. Really.

    BTW: I've emailed you about the blogroll code.

    Susie said...

    I can see why Pookie would like that cute divider. I haven't been around much as life in my world has been spinning crazily.
    Also my bloglines has not been extremely reliable about showing new posts. Not sure what that's about..

    Linda said...

    It is a delight to meet you Gattina. I love to meet new people. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    I understand what you are saying about the comments. I have to admit that sometimes I do feel rushed and don't read as carefully as I should. Mostly it is because I don't want to miss visiting the people who have become important to me - and I am pressed for time.
    I always feel a bit guilty about that though. We all put our hearts into our writing and they each deserve to be read. I try to read every one as carefully as I can.
    I think it can become a sort of popularity contest if we aren't careful, but I think for the most part we just want to share with each other.
    Thanks again for stopping by.

    happy and blue 2 said...

    Oh sure. So now everyone is leaving long comments just to make me look bad, ha,ha..

    I liked this post on cereal. It is truly a great post, ha,ha..

    DellaB said...

    Gattina, I couldn't agree more, I love reading blogs as much as I enjoy working on my own. I do not have a blog-hit counter, simply because I don't want it to be any measure of how many people visit, I am much more interested in getting to know the people I am meeting around the world and here at home.

    I often go back and back again, to the comments, if there is a good 'conversation' going on in one of the blogs I visit regularly - it's good to see what others are adding to the discussion.

    And for me, it's about regularly, I cannot blog every day, so I try and do 2 or 3 blog posts a week, and that gives me time to visit properly and read and add comments that come into my head as I read.

    I have a lot of fun...


    Jana said...

    I LIKE to comment on your blogs, Gattina, and I try every time to do so, so you know I've been here and read with bated breath all your educated and wonderful words!!!
    But I can't write a comment on each blog, so I'll write all comments on ONE blog.
    Sorry you're losing your field and the cats hunting ground, I think it's wonderful that you blog and computer at your "age"!! Yes, I will use that arguement that women learned to drive, use a phone, use a bank teller machine, and a washing machine, computers not much different.
    Do I think you're weird? OF course, those of us with more cats than humans in the house ARE!!!