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  • Pookie helps me to find something to write about she is pondering as you see. Before Christmas two blog friends asked me to participate in a game called "what is weird about you " or something like that.

    As today I don't have an illuminate inspiration, I just thought about being weird. Being weird that's easy for me, but what is weird about me ?

    All what I listed below, could also be qualities, for me of course, not for the others !

    1. I always have to have the last word. Whatever it is. (that's bad for others)

    2. I talk too much (really ?)

    3. I don't like any authority as soon as sombody orders me to do something I just wouldn't do it. (that's better then being a sheep and follow everybody and everything without thinking it over)

    4. I forgive but never forget (this, I am afraid is my character, I were not born with a halo, I were bald)

    5. I am very absentminded ! I loose my glasses and as I am shortsighted, I can't find them without spare glasses ! I constantly misplace my car keys and chase everybody around until they are found. Last time I were looking for my slippers everywhere and found them in the fridge (I don't know why) (yes, this is weird !!!)

    6. I interfere in all problems others have and try to solve them, even when I am not asked for. (can be a quality or not, sigh)

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Is this weird ??

    1 comment:

    happy and blue 2 said...

    Ha,ha,ha. The joke is hilarious..
    I don't think you are weird. Just bossy, ha,ha..