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  • As Pookie is out of work today, and prefers to sleep on a garbidge bag I have a leak of inspiration, but I have a good news.

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    Somebody in Blogger world inspired me to present my blog to 2000 BLOGGERS "55 million blogs... I'd like to showcase all of them, but I've settled on just 2000 bloggers. Bloggers come from all walks of life! Some are SEO experts. Some are writers. Some are sports enthusiasts. Some are affiliate marketers. Some are business professionals. Some are political. ALL HAVE OPINIONS!!! Some bloggers blog to make money. Some do it for fun .... "read more

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  • Unfortunately I don't remember who it was. I sent my picture and presented my blog and I was accepted ! Of course I was very happy about it and asked my son to "pick me out" of the crowd, because I didn't know how to do it. I sent the link to him in Amsterdam and he mailed me back the result. Isn't that nice ! Sometimes it's useful to have a professional photographer and graphic designer in the family !

    And this is one of the buttons to be put in your sidebar. There are also other models. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I really were surprised when my face jumped into my face ! I think this is a very good idea ! And then I also found a quizz which made me curious. I answered the questions and here is the result :
    Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]
    You are a FURRY!
    You are a sick, sick, individual. Stop lusting over animals! Take off that fursuit and quit yiffing. No-one likes furry art! STOP NOW!
    More Quizzes at Go-Quiz.com
    It's almost true !!


    TopChamp said...

    Hello Gattina,

    I saw that 2000 blogger thing on The Couch.

    I think you've forgotten - My cat can't blog any more coz she died on the 28th December.

    And to answer yesterday's question - Yes I most certainly do hate mornings! They precede work.

    TopChamp said...

    Hello - don't worry! Wasn't offended x

    Sanni said...

    Hi Gattina! It is so nice to see your picture in this large collage, too. I´ve had a look at the collage yesterday to have a look if I know someone else but me. I`ve had a huge smile on my face when I found you. I´m 921 out of 2000 =)

    I´m happy you wabt to join Monday Maniac. Morgen´s blog is always great fun and the new MEME has started well yesterday =)

    Ich habe lieber 10 Liegest├╝tze gemacht!

    Lisa said...

    Hi Gattina, I did the 2000 blogger thing too and it was hard to find my photo.

    You asked about my Manic Monday meme. Sorry that the subscribe button isn't working. Signing up for that sends you a message each week when new questions are up. But feel free to visit the site and leave a comment if you play along. No rules really, just have fun!

    Grammie said...

    Hi Gattina....what fun! I just added my picture to the 2000 blogger! I'm not sure where it will show up...but I did it.
    How did you get the html for the "2000 Blogger" button? I wanted to add it to my sidebar.

    TorAa said...

    Sometimes mornings are best when you sit up the whole night waiting for it. And then go to sleep. Simply the best way to have a loooong sleep.

    I posted a picture to 25peep weeks ago, and had almost forgot it, when I got an e-mail here the other day: i'm on. On what? I was told, that 25peep created traffic to blog-sites. But obviously I was not what was expected there: Ayoung, sexy, hardly dressed woman.
    I still learn - from cats an other charming creatures with two ore more legs.
    Then I come to think about: The tag rankings in Flickr.
    It's a 1-100 difference in visit if I tag f.i.: Woman beach summer and Sexy woman beach summer.
    Ever seen Flickr admitted "Sexy" is a popular search tag?

    Next time when posting a pic of one of my Cats the tags might be:
    Sexy kitten bed

    I join the cats tomorrow.

    crpitt said...

    I found you! well when it was loading your face just whizzed past!

    crpitt said...

    Oh just took that quiz and i am a trekkie! But honest i am not a nerd!

    Heart of Rachel said...

    Hi Gattina. I'm in it too and I have the 512 slot. How nice to see familiar faces among the sea of bloggers. It's such a great way to meet new and interesting people.