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For the first time in my life I celebrated Christmas in a muslim country and that was quite an experience !

The Christmas party took place in one of the 3 restaurants of the Hotel. It was the libanese one.

The room was very nicely decorated, with a big Christmastree and snowflakes on the ceiling. A very happy father Christmas hopped and joked around and looking a little closer at him I saw that it was one of the girls of the animation team ! We all got an apperitif, a fruitcocktail, with a lot of fruits and red egyptian wine, which is really very good. The music started and instead of the usual Christmas songs, it was a libanese group who scratched on guitarrelike instruments. The music was probably very good but to my poor European ears it sounded like if they would play the notes from right to left and not from left to right !

While we ate our starters, a belly danser swang her belly in all directions and then invited Mr. Gattino to join her. So he got up and joined her and tried (I say tried) to belly danse too, much to the fun of the public. Everybody admired his tie with a snowman on it who blinked with red sparkling eyes and sang "I wish you a Merry Christmas". Since his retirement he never wears a tie except for weddings and funerals !

During the main course we saw French Can Can and Egyptian shows. At the end guests who wanted to danse gave each other the hand and they dansed until they arrived on the stage. Everybody was asked to say "Merry Christmas" in his language and there I felt like in Blogville, but in real with people in flesh and blood and they were Canadians, Brasilians, Columbians, Frenchs, Germans, Dutchs, Belgians, Russians and Italians who all said the magic words in their own language.

This was a very nice moment and showed again that people of all countries and religions are getting very well together and it's only the politicians who create the mess (not to use another word !)

The only thing I missed were the Christmas songs !! I couldn't believe it ! I thought I had more than enough since beginning of December and suffered almost from an overdose, but no, I really missed it. You can surprise yourself ! So what did I do, on Christmas day, I watched 2 (!!) Christmas films with a lot of Christmas songs, a heart braking Christmas story and a happy end of course ! Then I felt better. But one thing is sure, it was a very nice experience, but I wouldn't do it again !

If there are any typing errors, sorry for that but I had to type on an Egyptian keyboard, which is similar to the English but I am used to the French !

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Melli said...

Ahhhhhhhh Gattina! It sounds like a lovely LOVELY time and I would SO enjoy to experience it! I bet watching Mr. Gattina TRY to belly dance was the HIGHLIGHT of everyone's day! I wish I could see it for myself! I do hope you took some pictures to share with us! And MY COMPLIMENTS on your typing! I think you did MAGNIFICENT! I can't even imagine to try typing on another languages keyboard! YIKES!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great update on your trip Gattina! I hope you are enjoying yourself and getting lots of rest and relaxation in!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

xmas songs huh? I must admit that I'd miss that too if I were abroad. I guess we're more used of habits then one would believe...

Belly dancing on xmas eve? I only want to see Santa do the belly dancing in that case! *LMAO*

Anonymous said...

Glad to read about the highlights of your vacation. Nice to know that you had a wonderful trip.