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    Xmas Stocking
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    You always find something special on a blog ! And this cute stocking I found on Fleur de Lisa's blog and felt so free to steal it. Please feel free too ! I wanted to show you a little more of the things you could find on Waterloo's Christmas market.

    Delicious hand made chocolate

    Nativity scene figures

    Exotic things from Africa (Kongo, former colony of Belgium)

    My ceramic teacher also sold her masterpieces

    And other handmade things

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I have been in Brussels on Sunday morning at 6 am (!) to take pictures of the big anual Christmas tree which Belgium gets each year from Finland.

    If you want to see it it's

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    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    Whoa ~ 2 more days until Egypt!!!

    How grand for you!

    I hope you like your stocking stuffers. I figured you probably have everything else you need but sexy lingerie is not something we usually buy for ourselves. Also this gift is for Mr. Gattino too!

    Now Miss Lisa, in case she pulls that pee pee prank again, you had better be prepared with a spare backup laptop. You can never be sure!

    Who is looking after the cats while you are away?

    Thank you so much for the Belgian chocolates! The finest!! :-)

    mar said...

    I didn't realize you were up that early to take those beautiful pics!

    The chocolate looks too pretty to be eaten...

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    Looks like it has been a pretty interesting christmas market with a lot of unusual things!

    The brussels pics were magnificent!!!

    happy and blue 2 said...

    I would eat the chocolate. I don't care if it's pretty, ha,ha..