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My language teacher would tell me not to start everyday with the same phrase. Yesterday .... for example. But what do I have to do then because it really happened yesterday ? It would sound strange if I started with : On December 16 I went ....

Anyway I went (see above) to a Christmas market near Waterloo which took place in a very famous school.

The school is not only famous because our son went there, but also because it had been once the best and most expensivest catholic private school. All nobles tried to get their children through that reputated school, not very often with success. Industrials and other rich people too. So if you said that your child is in "Cardinal Mercier" school, that was something ! But end the sixteeth it changed and became democratic and now all children could go there. But still you had to pay not so much anymore, while the other schools were free. (or should be)

Of course I had quite some souvenirs of this school, especially when I were summoned by the Director, because our son had (again) done something he shouldn't do. One thing I remember very well because we laughed so much about it.

The Director called me and asked me to come and see him as it were a subject which couldn't be discussed on the phone. That, of course, made me very curious. So I went to see him. His face was more than serious he almost looked as if he just had taken some vinager.

Then he told me about the awful crime our son had commited. He had a "Playboy Magazin" in his schoolbag ! I was a little astonished not by the magazine but by the Director and asked "So what ?" Mr. Director were scandalized "At his age ?" (our son was 11) I said, "yes apparently. But why are you so upset, it's not a pornographic one !" Now his eyes fell almost out of his face he didn't understand the world anymore. Of course most of the teachers were religious men.

What had happened was very simple. As our son was very tall already at age 11, and also looked much older (but only looked) the others had sent him to the shop to buy a "Playboy" because the guy in the shop had refused to sell it to the others, they were too young ! At that time our son was more busy with Basket and Judo and had no interest at all in "Playboy" magazines (there were only girls in) and he simply couldn't understand what he had done so bad because he just had helped his friends. That's what I told Mr. Director. He still didn't get it and were scandalized at the utmost of the behaviour of this abnormal mother. I didn't care, returned home and proposed to our son if he wanted to read a "Playboy" then I would buy one, he looked at me contemptuosly and declared : "NO, that's for girls" !

And with this souvenir I went to visit a fully packed Christmas market, but couldn't find anything special. But it was a nice afternoon.

The "Cardinal Mercier" school the old building still looks like in 1920 ! But other Buildings had been added behind.

The Christmas Market were inside in the big recreation hall.

I took the picture from the surrounding galery were the classrooms are located. They had put a net over the hall, I don't know if it was for possibly suiciders (but then the net was not strong enough) or to hinder people of throwing eggs, tomatoes or other objects down.

As you can see there were a lot of people.

I took some pictures of Christmas trees in Waterloo (Belgium) and shop windows decorations. If you wish they are

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    happy and blue 2 said...

    I wonder if the Director kept the Playboy for himself, ha,ha..

    The net is strange. Maybe they were going to have a circus the next day..

    DellaB said...

    Gattina, I just love your sense of humour, I have to laugh out loud very quietly because it is 2:00 in the morning and Noel is asleep.

    The net is very strange - you never found out why?

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    I'm sure that it's to prevent all the tomatoe and egg throwing that surely would take place otherwise.

    Especially if you got to see that vinegar guy again ;-)

    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    LMAO that is a very funny share. You sound like you were a very liberated parent, Gattina. Good for you! Are most Belgians very liberal like the Dutch? I know that school director was not but with the position he was in I guess he couldn't afford to let down his guard but I bet he kept the PB for himself like Happy said.

    CyberCelt said...

    Merry Christmas to you. May you have a safe and prosperous 2007.

    Grammie said...

    I wonder if they are still talking about that "Playboy incident"? I bet that you stirred things up around there.... Good for you, Gattina!

    : )