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1.My grandma was born in 1884 and celebrated 1900 as a six year old child and she still could remember the festivities.

2. She had 11 siblings but I don't know where she was situated, amongst the youngest or eldest. She only kept contact with two of her sisters, the other 9 I never saw or heard of.

3. She was a pretty woman, 1.70 m (5.5) tall, had a very strong character, an open mind and a sharp tongue, all qualities which didn't fit at all to a young woman in the beginning of 1900.

4. My Grandma wasn't afraid of anybody or anything and especially not of men and didn't think of marriage. This too was unbelievable and caused a lot of troubles to her father. At that time girls had no choice but marriage or being an old maid to make fun of or joining a convent. Studies were impossible for a girl, women were not allowed to vote and in fact had no rights at all but obeying their husbands or fathers.

5. Grandma decided that nothing would fit to her and looked for a job. She was 14 years old and had to leave school. Girls didn't go any farer.

6. She found a job in the kitchen of a very rich family and helped the cook. She liked it very much because she finally had her own room and didn't have to share it with her sisters.

7. Very soon she got so appreciated by this family, that they replaced the old cook by her and she cooked for big dinners, galas etc. And as the guests were so happy with what she had served she got a lot of compliments and were always called to the tables, where she stood much taller than the average guests.

8. Finally getting "old" she decided to get married because she didn't want to be called an "old maid" and also it was much easier for a married women in daily life.

9. She met my grandpa on the wedding of her niece, the daughter of one of her sisters. My grandpa was the older brother of the groom. He also had 11 brothers and sisters. With that she became the sister in law to her niece.

10. My grandpa was a very easy to live man. He consisted of three words, peace, love and food and before anything else NO PROBLEMS.

11. Grandma decided that this was the right man and they married. He was very happy to have such a pretty wife as he was quite short (a few cm less than her) and all round. Round head, round belly, round everything. That's like that I remember him. He also were already bald at 25, today in fashion, at that time not. They had a happy marriage.

12. As soon as she were married, Grandma took everything over. She ruled the household, ruled her husband, ruled her world. She didn't want children she always had in mind her mother who were pregnant her whole life. But as it happens, she got one girl. (my aunt who later married an american and moved to Madison/Wisc). 4 years later she was again pregnant and not very happy about it and that was my mother.

13. When I were born and she saw that my mother were unable to handle a baby and my father anyway didn't care, she took me over and I lived with my grandparents until I was 7. She was a great mother to me. She gave me the feeling of being a person, she told me to never be afraid of anything or anybody she formed my character. She made me like I am today. When my parents decided to take me with them because I had to go to school, it was too late, my education was done, and I became the "abnormal" daughter to my father. He was a real macho and became desesperated with that girl who did everything but not what she was told.

My grandma died watching her favourite soap on TV, she just felt asleep and didn't wake up anymore. She was 95 years old and had survived two world wars. And I always think she was born in the wrong century !

There are a lot of very funny stories to tell about my grandma and I will write about them sometime.

My grandma freshly married at 24

Here we are both 24 years old

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Anonymous said...

Now that was a really neat TT. I really liked that.

Happy TT!

I'm up!

Laughing Muse said...

How wonderful! It sounds like your grandmother was a wellspring of strength and confidence. There are so few, it seems - they make themselves great by making the people around them realize their own strength and greatness.

Thank you for sharing with us!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful lady she was! Happy TT

Gabrielle said...

wow. nice tt! thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful list of things about your grandmother. :)

mar said...

You look just like your grandmother! same features, it's amazing! and she sounds like an amazing woman, great tt, Gattina!
From an "old" blogger to another, lol!
I even have an emergency beta profile to help me out, blogger won't stop me!!!
happy tt!

Meow said...

What a wonderful list of things about your grandmother. Wow, you sure do look like her.
I've signed up to Blogger / Google, so I can now comment on all blogs again !!! Like Mar said ... blogger won't stop me, either !!
I am enjoying reading people's Thursday Thirteens ... perhaps I may join in one day !!
Have a great Friday.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list. :) Your grandmother sounds like an incredible woman! Great pictures of both of you at age 24 - beautiful!

It does sound like she was born in the wrong century, but that she had a wonderful, full, long life.

Happy T13. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list. :) Your grandmother sounds like an incredible woman! Great pictures of both of you at age 24 - beautiful!

It does sound like she was born in the wrong century, but that she had a wonderful, full, long life.

Happy T13. :)

Jeanette said...

Your Grandmother sounds like a wonderfull person Nice photo's of you both at the same age. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute and beautiful pictures!

Thanks for sharing this great list!

Happy TT from Germany,


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Di said...

Isn't it amazing the incredible world changes that occurred during your mother's lifetime? When she was born, a child who contracted strep throat was in danger of dying. No one had a car. All major travel was by steamship.

Now we have antibiotics that make strep a snap, everyone has a car and we can fly from the US to Europe in just a few hours!

Anonymous said...

That's the best TT I've ever read! Thank you for sharing the memories of your grandmother. The pictures are amazing. You look like twins. She was a beautiful woman, but it sounds like she was as beautiful on the inside and she was on the outside.

happy and blue 2 said...

That was just so nice. You do look like her. Glad you got to spend time with her..
The elf is quite naughty, ha,ha..

Moobear said...

May I ask what tt is? Hi my friend!!

Di said...

Oops....you don't look a day over 93! :)

I never said math or geneaology were my strong subjects!

Anonymous said...

That's really a great Idea for TT. Your granny is always with you!!

Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

Sweet like Kitty
Sonny's Xmas

Cheryl said...

That is the sweetest thing. I cannot imagine having 10 brothers and sisters. Wow.

Angelo said...

Salut Gattina! Wow that was a great T13, your grandma sounds like a great woman.... thanks for posting this, you helped me remember my own grandma again, yesterday was the 10th aniversary of her death.... Happy TT to you!

Ma said...

That was a great thirteen list! I too was molded into a self sufficient female and raised not to be afraid of anything or anyone, especially not a man! My father and uncles taught me to stand up for my rights, and I in turn taught that to my chidren. And now my grandchildren.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sue said...

Wonderful peek at your amazing Grandma!
She was truly ahead of her time, wasn't she?

Joy Renee said...

what a lovely, spirited, courageous woman your grandma was! thanx for sharing that.

my TT is about ways to compensate for the loss of our public library system if it has to shut its doors for lack of funding next month.

now if only blogger will let me post my comment. this is my fourth or fifth attempt to leave a comment on a TT today. before I saw your salute to blogger, i thought I was doing something wrong. arrgh! as Snoopy would say.

beth said...

What a wonderful TT list. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your grandmother. You have reason to be very proud of her.

You also look so much alike! Y'alls pictures could be the same person in different generations!

Thank you so much for sharing a little about your lovely grandmother with us. Also thank you for coming by my blog earlier. I hope you will visit again - I will certainly be here again.

Gabrielle said...

i like your animated elf! lol

Anonymous said...

It does sound like Pookie would have liked your Grandmother. She sounds like she was a wonderful human.

Thanks for stopping by my place. :)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I would have loved to meet your grandma! They always have so much fascinating to tell. It happened so many things during their lifetime.

My ex's grandma was very interesting to get to know. She become 103,5 years old! She was going strong until she was about 101 - still serving her daughter and others, because it was impossible to get her to rest :-)

I've never had any grandparents unfortunately. My mothers died when she was about 10 year and my fathers lived in another country and then passed away. I missed to have them around, you can get so much wisdom from grandparents.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh, and loved the pics :-)

Especially the mooning *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Your grandma was een amazing woman! I'm late with my TT round, but I'm glad I stopped by!
My TT shows the holiday decorations in my home.