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Pookie is not interested in feasts (not yet) and therefore cleans her fur.

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Have you ever flown in a helicopter?

Oh yes, and it was very nice ! A friend invited us to make a tour above the Belgian coast and we could watch people running, playing or just resting on the beach. The flight itself was a little strange when we turned around.


What color is your warmest coat or jacket?



What is your favorite rainy day activity?

Bad mood, TV, books, computer and hanging around (your choice)

Main Course

Describe your hands. Small, long fingers (for stealing in shops)


If you could eat only one nut for the rest of your life, what nut would you pick?

A coconut in the hands of a cute little ape

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graymama said...

Cute dessert. Nice meal!

Barb said...

Love the pictures! Great Feast. My first one is up! (Skittles Place)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. :) Lovely appetizer - sounds like it was a great tour!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend. :)

Wystful1 said...

I laughed hardily with your hand description.

And coconut!!! Very intriguing!

Lovely feast, as always Gattina.
Hope to see you come dine with me soon.

Chateau said...

That's a fun feast! :D What a cute monkey, hehe. happy weekend!

happy and blue 2 said...

Did you post this on your brand new laptop. And did you steal the brand new laptop, ha,ha..

Melli said...

LOL Gattina! You are crackin' me up today! Rain puts you in a BAD mood? Not ME! I loooove a nice rainy day! I love storms and the sound of rain... and especially thunder and lightening! Your hands -- perfect -- for stealing! ROFL! And I never would have thought of a coconut! (isn't it really a fruit?) LOL!

mar said...

My winter coats are dark because I don't want to go to the cleaners every other week, lol! at least I think they would get dirty too soon.
He, he, a coconut! I love walnuts. In fact I eat walnuts every day for protein intake as I seldom eat red meat... Love the little ape but won't kiss him!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

You may be able to guess my answer to "What is your favorite rainy day activity?" LOL

Carol said...


You are a riot today....loved your rainy day answers..

Kitty is charming as always..

Have a nice weekend.


KnicKnac said...

Great feast! Thanks for visiting! I love your main course, too funny!

Anonymous said...

haha cute~!

check me out if you have the time

Sue said...

Pookie looks like he's already had his feast and is cleaning up!

Moobear said...

Hey my friend,
Just checking in. A bit late, I have not felt well today. Hopefully will be better tomorrow. You are doing so good with all your blogs, I am mighty proud of you! Take care!