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Poor Pookie sighs "she puts again stuff around me, like at Halloween"

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Waterloo city had invited all "Seniors" that means each citizen from 60 years on to a Christmas party at the City Hall. And as I also belong to the "third age" now, and everything was free (very important) I went there too. First an imitator should make us laugh and then Champaign, cakes and hand shakes from the mayor and some VIPs from the city should put us in a Christmas mood. All peace and love together.

The imitator indeed was very good because he imitated our politicians and made them say very nice promises, which didn't make any difference with the real politicians. They do it too. But it was funny to hear.

The second part was for a lot of them even better as most of them had suffered from hunger during the second world war or even the first. So they threw themselves on the Champagne and consumed a lot of bottles and also the cake who disappeared quickly under my eyes. It was amazing that suddenly disabled people were moving so quick ! A wonder.

Father Christmas was also there and had little gifts in a nicely wrapped package. So everybody, remembering childhood, ran over to him, pushed everybody aside to get their gifts. I started to feel younger and younger, it just remembered me my time in Kindergarten.

Once having the gift and a glass in one hand and the cake in the other, everybody seemed to be very happy and chatted about "old times" where everything was much better, forgetting the two wars of course.

The guests of honor, where an old couple, the oldest citizens of Waterloo, 101 and 100 years old ! They really were amazing ! They had a good laugh with the imitator and posed proudly with Father Christmas for us youngsters and then chatted around like in a Cocktail party. I got jalous thinking about my (six) teenager age and how far it was since they had the same age !

And here are some pictures of this nice feast.

The Christmas tree in City Hall, with a silver Father Christmas

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Rushing to Father Christmas to get the gift

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The eldest couple of Waterloo, 101 (him) 100 (her)

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and the (six) Teenager me, with Father Christmas

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Meow said...

Looks like a fun gathering. The photo of you and Santa is cute.
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Ma said...

That is just awesome that they have that there! And that couple do not look their age at all. They look so sprye! I see her walking on her owwn, no walker, nothing. Amazing! I'm glad you had fun.

And I'm glad you agree with me on Bush. No President has ever turned me totally off then he has.

Grammie said...

What a fun evening!
Great photo of you and Santa...
: )

happy and blue 2 said...

Did you have to shove the 100 and 101 year old out of the way to get your picture with Santa..

tiggerprr said...

Cute Picture of you and Santa! :) Pookie has a bit of a grumpy face though. LOL