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Foto Pherret & The Robins

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  • my cats are here
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    The above is PC Pookie's opinion and after having told me that, she collapsed. So what did I tackle this week ? First I finished this pastel painting which lays around for quite some time. It's our cat Arthur and this took me a few days.

    After that, I started to photograph old pictures which are in an Album and I can't get them out without damaging them.This is a long lasting work and I think it will keep me busy for the whole winter ! Here it shows my son when he was 6 years old in 1979 as Superman (see the muscles) and with two Goldorake very in fashion at that time. The other pictures represents me 23 years old with my very first cat Piccola.

    And not to forget what I did in my household ! I noticed since a few days that two little foil balls lay around. Of cours nobody (with nobody I mean my husband) picked it up. He had played with the cats, so he should pick it up.

    Finally I picked them up and you can admire the hard work I did here !

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    CyberCelt said...


    The BC Carnival next Sunday, which is November 12, will be hosted on CoolAdzine (http://cooladzine.blogspot.com).

    Send your entry to me at cybercelt at cooladz dot com

    Moobear said...

    hehe, I do NOT have a wasted life. Also, I am gonna put my name in that thingy and see what happens Ingrid. :) Hey friend!

    happy and blue 2 said...

    The last cartoon made me laugh. It's just so true. Well in my experience with ladders anyways..

    Liked the painting and the pictures..

    Anonymous said...

    Your cat looks very relaxed! Was he a big help cleaning??

    mar said...

    Your painting of Arthur is amazing, you talented,you!
    I have posted another Hamburg pic, I still have to figure out what to do with my photoblog since I found another host but can't keep two ...I need to find some sort of a host for albums to post city pics, I guess...

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    I soo agree with PC Pokie there! And I'm sure Arthur agrees too. He looks lovely on the painting. White and Blue like my window last saturday, but this is a cat window, isn't it? Oh, how interesting it would have been to see the world with a cat's eyes!

    And old photos... I love such stuff. It's just so fun to see all the old stuff, hairstyles, clothes and stuff...

    The Gibbletoons is almost cruel.... but I suppose that's why it makes us laugh.

    Great, fun tackles, I wish my were too!

    R'acquel said...

    555. I found this very very funny! Well done!

    Debbie said...

    I love your painting. Arther is really a happy cat! He is smiling. I am currently trying to redo my MIL photo albums. They are from the 1940's & 1950's. It is time consuming but worth it to see all the family history and to save it!

    Great job Gattina. Thanks for stopping by today!

    Jodi said...

    Great job! Thanks for stopping by!

    Have a great Tuesday!