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Pookie is very thankful for the new collar I brought her from Turkey and insisted to show it today to all visitors. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Today's Carnival is "Thanksgiving". Europeans, don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wish to everybody who is celebrating "Happy Thanksgiving" ! and my condolences to all turkies.

The alternative theme was "thankful". So here is what I am thankful for :

I am thankful to my neighbour who takes such good care of our cats when we are away and also to my friends when they drive me when it's dark as I don't see very well in the night. I am also thankful when somebody carries me some heavy stuff or when somebody does something for me.

But I am also very happy for things or events where people would be thankful for.

I am happy that our marriage lasted now for almost 37 years and we are still together even with up and downs while all our friends who married at the same time are divorced, except one other couple.

I am also happy that our son has become a nice grown-up man and that he is happy too.

I am happy about our house and that we were able to built it together and we still love it.

I am happy to live in a rather small but very nice town which is very international.

I am happy that we have no financial worries

and I am happy that we have our four cats and everybody (husband included) is in good health.

In short I am quite happy with my life now. I say now because it would be a lie if I would say that it has always been like that.

And yes we are this ridiculous elderly couple, although that doesn't really fit on us, as we are both tall have no grey hairs (my husband just a few) and are quite well "conserved", which is living with its four cats. Their only worry is, are they in, are they out, where is Kim, where is Arthur, why didn't you open the door, did you clean the litterbox and so on ......

And for those who really want to know why Thanksgiving is celebrated, there is a very nice explanation here.

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Norma said...

You have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks for posting.

mar said...

It is always a good mental exercise to think about what we have and what we are thankful for.
Because it is a lot easier to list what we don't have and what we would like to have! Nice list, it's so nice to hear you are satisfied at the moment, enjoy it!

And thanks for the thanksgiving link. Next thursday is a regular work day over here. Sorry we are thinking snow, but we are all skiers and will be skiing 4 weeks again this season! (if there is snow, lol)
Happy sunday with your loved ones :)

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina
alovely collar for Pookie.
I can see you have a lot to be happy for.I hope you stay like that for many years to come. I also had a very happy marriage 45 years with my Hubby He passed away Suddenly 2 years ago.

I was a bit slow posting as ive had a very busy few days....

Take care keep smiling be happy..


That was great! You really do have a beautiful cat. You made me smile and thanks for that.
Thanks for dropping by.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh, is that cat suit hot ;-)

We don't celebrate thanksgiving here either, but just like you I have a lot of things to be thankful for of course.

I changed my life in 2003, breaking up from a long, but not so good relationship and finally met my dream frog prince Mr Lifecruiser and we live happily ever after :-)

I keep missing the blogging chicks carnivals... Must put up a note by my computer to remind me....

happy and blue 2 said...

Nice post. I always thought it would be a mistake to teach any animal to use the toilet, ha,ha..

Moobear said...

I have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving but let me say I am thankful for you Ingrid, for being my friend, putting up with my nonsense and encouraging me along the way. Now if I can find your weather thingy, I am gonna steal it!!!!
Thanks for all your visits and comments. :)

Rachel said...

You do have lots to be thankful for!! So many of us do, and not just on Thanksgiving but all year long.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love cats too, and all animals. Your Pookie looks like my Chunky Monkey (mostly I call her Munchie though!). Cats are just so sweet!!

LOL at that cat cartoon!!!

Sue said...

Love the cartoon and your list of thankfulness. Sounds as though you're quite richly blessed..